5 Things You Need to Know About the Super Full Moon in Leo, February 9th

This first Supermoon of 2020 is showering us in heightened cosmic energy awakening our deepest passions, emotional connections, and preparing us for a year filled with endless possibilities and opportunities. We invite you to read two of our latest articles about this Super Full Moon, tap on the images below.

This celestial shift is ushering in:


1. A Need to Find Balance in the Chaos


There is an influx of chaotic energy that has been spiraling around the collective as mental fear patterns have been running amok. This Full Moon is here to remind us that we can choose to opt out of this chaotic energy and instead turn our focus to centeredness and connection to the present. We are being taught that where we focus our energy dictates what we manifest. Move forward with your heart center and allow this divine energy to flow through every fiber of your being, grounding you and helping you feel more connected to the earth than ever before. As we breakdown old constructs and patterns, we learn to find peace and harmony within ourselves and the world around us. Maintain neutrality and allow your energy to become present in the here and now.


2. Major Timeline and Paradigm Shifts


We are being blessed with the opportunity to shift our trajectories, not only on an individual scale but also on a global one. Every challenge that we face presents us with an opportunity for profound growth. Everything we are experiencing in the present is supporting higher levels of awakening within ourselves as we tune into our divine truths and begin to live in alignment with why we are truly here. We are the creators of our reality and have the incredible opportunity to free ourselves of our self-imposed shackles, fears, limitations, and allusions and set our souls free. As you take action with pure love you begin to manifest positive outcomes and change. Everything happening now is helping to place you on the path towards your most vibrant, joyous, and fulfilling timeline.


3. A Time for Awakening Your Authenticity


Your divine truth has always been present at your innermost core. As you peel away the layers of fear and masks of allusion, you go beneath the surface of your mind and choose to live unapologetically. Let go of your perceived reality as you are blessed with the divine clarity to see things as they truly are. The truth of who you really are is rising to the surface of your consciousness and allowing you to receive abundance. This is your moment to unleash your divine light and come into harmony with your present self, your inner child, and the world around you. You are the embodiment of infinite divine presence and as you let go of that which has been holding you back, you unleash your awakening.


4. Heart Center Activation


You are being reminded to allow your heart energy to lead you on your journey. The divine light codes and downloads that are pouring down onto this Earth during this Full Moon are an opportunity for your heart energy to truly blossom. As you receive this profound energy, you will notice your own sense of self strengthen as you empower your soul. This is a time dedicated to uniting the mind and heart. As this heart light energy flows through your mind and then downward to activate your solar plexus chakra, your mind and heart unite and activate, creating a portal of pure magic and divine clarity. As this energy activates, you become unstoppable and realize your own limitlessness. This is a time for deepening your connection not only to your true self but also to those around you.


5. A Time for Alignment with Divine Will


We are being reminded that life is not meant to be controlled; it is meant to be experienced. As we surrender to our highest divine timeline and trajectory, we welcome our greatest possibilities and opportunities. We cannot force anything in this world. If it’s meant to be it will happen. As you align yourself with your inner core of truth and who you really are, you move past the surface of your awareness and awaken to your infinite wisdom and cosmic connection. This intricate connection will show you the divine and beautiful plan that life has in store for you. The divine is not here to create for you. It is here to connect with you and through you, inspiring you to take action, and helping you get on the path of divine will and fulfillment.


Guided Meditation & Self-Reflection Journal


To support you along your journey and to help you harness the energy that this powerful Super Full Moon is bringing in, we have created a guided meditation and a full Moon journal.

For those that feel overwhelmed with mind-chatter, self-doubt, and uncertainty, these self-care tools were channeled to assist you in discovering the peace and clarity that this incredible Full Moon is inviting you to experience. Tap here or on the image below to learn more πŸ™‚

Comment with what resonated with you the most πŸ™‚

Sending infinite love & blessings your way, Happy Super Full Moon Soul Family!!

The Moon Omens Team

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