New Moon in Aquarius: Cycle of Unpredictability

On February 1, 12:45 AM ET, a New Moon in Aquarius takes place, and we begin a lunar cycle characterized by unpredictability. During the upcoming weeks, we will have opportunities to become aware of our conditioning and liberate ourselves from its shackles.

The Sun and the Moon join Saturn, the ancient ruler of the sign, and square Uranus, the modern ruler of Aquarius, now transiting through Taurus. This Aquarius New Moon magnifies the tension of the Saturn-Uranus square, the characterizing alignment of 2021, which will continue to be active for several months, even if the angle won’t be exact again. Throughout the lunar cycle ahead, the spotlight will be on social dynamics that need to change.

This New Moon also marks the beginning of the Lunar New Year, which corresponds to the Chinese New Year. According to Chinese tradition, 2022 is the year of the Tiger and is associated with the element of Water.

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New Moon in Aquarius: Exploring the Role of the Individual in the Collective


When the Moon joins the Sun in the heavens, a seed is planted. The Moon is now emerging from her phase of darkness and in the upcoming days will be, once again, visible in the night sky. New Moons are about fresh starts and new beginnings. They represent the first phase of the lunar cycle, a moment to set intentions for the future. During the two weeks leading up to the Full Moon, we will have chances to act on them in a spontaneous, intuitive fashion.

The activation of the sign of Aquarius emphasizes the need to reflect on the role of us as individuals within the collective, and reconsider our duties, our responsibilities, and our rights. Throughout the upcoming lunar cycle, we have an opportunity to find links between our personal aspirations and a socially relevant purpose, offer tangible values to others, and make our contribution to the advancement of civilization. We will have chances to reflect on what we want to manifest, what we want to build, and whether that is relevant only for us or is also valuable for the collective.


Aquarius: Objectivity, Detachment, and Paradox


Aquarius is the detached observer looking at life through the glass of a window. It is the opposite sign of Leo, which is about participating in life wholeheartedly. Through Aquarius, we understand existence objectively, we have revelations about life that can only occur when we are not engaged in its drama.

new moon in aquarius

This sign is about self-discovery: it can be considered a paradoxical archetype with many seemingly contradictory facets. Aquarius is both the group and the individual, the rebel with a cause and the rebel without a cause, peer pressure and peer support, the human need to belong to a community, and the danger of losing our individuality into it.

This New Moon in the sign of the Water Bearer may bring up contrasting tendencies. On the one hand, the impulse to differentiate from the majority and take our own path. On the other hand, the temptation, more or less conscious, to conform to what the mainstream or others expects from us, in order to feel safe, accepted, and loved.


New Moon conjunct Saturn & square Uranus: Clashing Desires


We have become very familiar with the friction associated with the Saturn-Uranus square, reflecting the tension between the forces wanting to maintain the existing systems and the forces trying to break them down. We are traversing a period of social, political, and financial instability: witnessing surprising global shifts and unexpected developments remains a possibility we can’t exclude.

Saturn tries to maintain predictability because it feels secure. So far, Saturn’s transit through Aquarius has been showing us how the forces of order and control wanting to preserve tradition have been trying to keep everything as it is with the aid of science and technology, and by increasing the pressure to conform to specific social norms, rules, and expectations.

Meanwhile, the forces of chaos and renewal keep working in the background. Uranus in Taurus has been threatening the foundations of the existing systems by generating a massive shift in our collective values and facilitating a slow revolution that is bringing us back to Nature, to our bodies, and simpler ways of living. Uranus is pure unpredictability: the Great Awakener wants to wake us up to the possibilities that the unknown can offer us and help us overcome our fear of it.


Learning from Mistakes & Remaining Open to the Unexpected


Uranus is about nonconformity, while Saturn is about conformity. Uranus is about liberation from existing forms and Saturn is the crystallization of form. Saturn is how the individual integrates into society, Uranus is how the individual breaks free from social norms, values, beliefs, and expectations that don’t resonate or that prevent growth from happening. Both archetypes are necessary, and the tension generated by their interaction brings forth evolution and progress.

While Saturn needs to know what to expect and aims to control all the processes, Uranus teaches us to learn from the unplanned, from mistakes and setbacks, and remain open to the unexpected. Uranus strikes like lightning, it acts quickly and flashes brightly. The discovery of the planet itself happened accidentally and created disruption in the scientific community, as it was the first celestial body discovered with a telescope. The Solar System suddenly became much more vast than what we originally thought it to be: Uranus’ discovery destroyed our certainties and brought up a lot of questions. This is precisely what happens when this planet is activated by transit.

The current emphasis on the archetypes of Aquarius and Uranus could inspire many of us to rebel against lifestyles, conditions, and ways of being that don’t honor our true nature. We may finally find the courage to detach from the past and allow the future in.

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Mars & Venus trine Uranus, square Chiron, sextile Jupiter


As the Aquarius New Moon takes place, Mars and Venus are in Capricorn, and they both trine Uranus in Taurus. These aspects facilitate action and artistry and remind us that disruptions to our plans can be a doorway to genius and brilliance. As we are dealing with the two relationship planets, unexpected encounters and changes in our relationship status are possible. This is even more the case considering that the upcoming lunar cycle will culminate in a Full Moon in romantic Leo happening simultaneously with the exact Venus-Mars conjunction.

On another note, both Mars and Venus are forming a square aspect to Chiron in Aries. This alignment may bring up wounds relative to self-assertion, taking action, and taking initiative. Feelings of rejection linked to the sensation that the expression of our desires and our feelings is not being well received or correctly interpreted by others could emerge. We may have chances to overcome the drive to repress our spontaneous impulses in order to be accepted, loved, or fit in, and resist the temptation to conceal from others what we truly want, feel, and need.

Mars and Venus are also in a sextile to Jupiter in Pisces. These harmonic aspects bring opportunities to make progress and move forward, support our creativity and energy levels, and promote the growth of those relationships based on a foundation of truth, honesty, and shared values.


Retrograde Mercury conjunct Pluto: Deepening our Perceptions


On this New Moon, Mercury is still retrograde and is conjunct Pluto in Capricorn. Their alignment is bringing up information previously hidden or secret, deepening our psychological analysis of ourselves and of the structure of society, while reflecting a tendency for compulsive, obsessive thinking. Mercury and Pluto sextile to Neptune reflect an openness to receive information from subtle channels and dimensions and deepen our intuitive understanding of reality.

new moon in aquarius

Mercury stations direct in a couple of days. For the rest of the lunar cycle, the Messenger will promote the integration of what happened during the retrograde, facilitating mental clarity. Mercury comes back to Aquarius on February 14, shortly before the Leo Full Moon. During the rest of its journey through the sign, it will join Saturn and square Uranus. Mercury will inspire us to embrace out-of-the-box, innovative ways of thinking, and detach from conditioned, distorted ways of perceiving and interfacing with reality.


New Moon in Aquarius: a Cycle of Unpredictability


We are entering an unpredictable lunar cycle that could be colored by feelings of alienation, of being out of place, of being misunderstood. The activation of Uranus will inspire us to question our core motivations and values. It will challenge us to deal with the unexpected and ride the waves of change, while inviting us to root into our bodies and into the present moment.

The presence of Saturn conjunct Sun and Moon indicates the need to manifest and give form to something unique in the material reality. It invites us to build new, innovative structures, aligned with the systemic changes we want to see. This configuration encourages us to move away from those structures that have lost their purpose and function, that have become obsolete and restrictive.

The Aquarius New Moon conjunct Saturn and square Uranus will remind us of the link between freedom and responsibility and of the importance of accepting the duties and the commitments that our desires imply.

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2020 Chinese Lunar New Year – Year of the Rat & What This Means for Your Zodiac

According to Chinese astrology, the Rat is the first sign of the zodiac wheel, indicating a new wave of energy and a fresh start to a new cycle.  As we move from the year of the Yin Earth Pig to the year of the Yang Metal Rat, we enter into a year of pure renewal, one filled with the opportunity to come into alignment with the truth of who we really are.

From January 25th through February 11th we will be in the bountiful Year of the Rat, ushering in powerful vibrations that will reverberate through every part of our being. As we set our resolutions for 2020 and enter a year of new beginnings, we allow ourselves to start something new, listen to our heightened intuition, and plant the seeds that will continue to grow abundantly even through the year of the Ox in 2021.


The Year of the Rat will affect us all, but each zodiac will feel this energy differently. Here is how this Chinese New Year will affect you: 




The Year of the Rat most closely aligns with the Sun sign of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. This year is going to be incredible for you as things begin to fall into alignment you start to manifest your grand vision. Be sure to keep setting big goals and intentions and continuing to strive to get better. You will receive recognition and success this year but do not take this for granted. Continue to work hard and cultivate all you have sowed.




This is a year dedicated to planning and organization. As you put the effort into carrying out 2020 with greater intention and purpose than prior years, you will see the Universe reward you handsomely. This is a time for letting go of that which no longer serves you, of that which deserves to be left in the past, as you create a game plan and set yourself up for success in the near future. Dedicate this year to taking care of your body and mind and build a strong foundation for all that is to come.




You will finally feel like you are in control of all that is around you during this bountiful year. You will be able to handle any challenges that come your way with grace and feel compelled to rid yourself of any negative energy around you as you instead embrace divine light, positivity, and inspiration. You will be able to handle your relationships and career incredibly well and will remain persistent and committed in achieving all of your aspirations and goals.




You have things from this past year that you did not follow through with and that’s alright. This is a new year of honing your skills and accomplishing your goals. Use this time to create a solid foundation as you take the next steps in your life towards the future that you desire. Take the time to figure out what is and is not working for you. This level of awareness will help shine a light on the path you are meant to take as you begin your journey.




Your past anxiety and fears will begin to melt away this year as you move towards an innate sense of serenity and peace and enjoy the simple magic of the present moment. This is time to remember that the past is in the past and you are here at this very moment for a divine purpose. Push past any lack of motivation that may arise and tackle anything that comes your way. You are being supported and unconditional love is flowing through you.




This year will be one of resolution. The problems of your past will soon be resolved, and your energy will begin to lighten as you are able to set down the weight of the burdens you have been carrying. This is an incredible time for taking care of yourself. You know you have a tendency to put too much on your plate and you can often feel overwhelmed. Take time for self-care and self-love and let the worries of the world melt away.




The ultimate lesson for this year is to embrace the concept of “new year, new me.” You are the creator of your reality. Don’t be afraid to try something new or exciting and instead let your fears subside. Watch how quickly the Universe rewards your boldness. This is the perfect time for releasing bad habits and making the choices that you know are going to lead to a healthier and better you. You will feel drawn to investing in your relationships with those around you as you work on strengthening your bonds.




This is a year of transformation for you. Things are changing and you may feel overwhelmed at first. Remember that every change is for the best, release your grasp, and watch the blessings pour over you. You may have stayed in certain situations that you know aren’t right for you out of convenience. Get ready for newfound determination and motivation as you release that which is no longer serving you. So, take a chance. Pursue that job, that relationship, that home, that opportunity. You will be rewarded.




This year is full of bright, light energy. You are being supported in everything you do and every decision you make. As you awaken to the divine in you, you will notice incredible abundance flow into your life. Financial stability, career growth, and bettered health are on the horizon. This is a year of heightened energy as you feel a pull towards socializing and meeting new people. The people that enter your life will stay with you and bring unbounded joy.




Even though this zodiac sign is ruled by logic, the Year of the Rat will allow you to begin to feel more in touch with your emotions. You will feel motivated to speak your truth and express yourself which will be incredibly liberating. Ask for what you want and don’t be afraid to walk away if you are not receiving what you need. Make sure not to act out of pure impulsivity. Simply allow yourself to trust in the divine process and take action along the way to fully align yourself with your true life’s calling.




This is a year dedicated to open-mindedness for you. You have been mentally stuck for quite some time and something has simply not felt as it should. You will be blessed with a fresh and new perspective that will allow you to see things as they truly are. Let yourself go with the flow and watch the possibilities and opportunities pour into your life. Make the most of this heightened awareness and embrace the opportunities that arise.




For you, this is a year of productivity. There are a lot of things that you wish to accomplish this year and you have already set some intentions. This is the time to tackle your projects head on as you feel a heightened sense of focus. You have your eye on the prize; move forward with purpose. This year will bring you a lot of joy and happiness so embrace all that is to come and enjoy this time. Make sure to pay attention to any minor shifts and changes that may arise as this is the Universe pushing you in the right direction.

The alignment of the Chinese Lunar New Year with the Aquarius New Moon showers us in powerful cosmic energy giving us newfound determination, heightened creativity, and the confidence to move forward on our true life’s path with divine light. You are the creator of your own existence and are now open to receiving infinite possibilities and opportunities.

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Sending infinite love & blessings your way!

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