Jupiter Conjunct Pluto: A Celestial Stargate is Opening

On April 4th 2020 at 6:11am UTC Jupiter and Pluto are opening a stargate. By tuning into ourselves and cultivating some time to connect within, we can be a part of this epic shift.

We’re living in extraordinary times. We are learning that being human is far from ordinary. We have been sold on a bogus version of reality and what it means to be human. We have bought into systems unknowingly, seemingly without a choice.

In order to make a choice about who we are as individuals and what it means to be alive at this time on Earth we must be informed.


Information expands and illuminates. Information is light. When we are in a dark room we cannot know what surrounds us, we cannot perceive our environment correctly. Light allows us to see the bigger picture. The lights have been turning on across the planet. This connection of Pluto and Jupiter, with nearby Mars and Saturn joining in, is a celebration of information. 

In order to better understand the relevance of our current astrological cycles, let us take a look back through history…


Jupiter Conjunct Pluto and History


Pluto is the planet of power and transformation. Like everything, there must be change, and power is no exception to that. Capricorn represents the systems, establishments and authorities. We are currently experiencing Pluto’s transit through Capricorn from 2008-2023. During these times the rules, regulations and organizations of our planet are shifting.

The last time we experienced the energy of Pluto in Capricorn, was 1762-1778. During those years there were distinct shifts in power. New systems and authorities were established. The world saw the American revolution, the Declaration of Indepence and “The Wealth of Nations” by Adam Smith was published. This book marked the start of economics as we know them and had an emphasis on “free-market forces”.

Also established in 1776 was the Illuminati. According to an article on Vox.com, the Barvarian Illuminati that was a secret society “founded by Adam Weishaupt, a German law professor who believed strongly in Enlightenment ideals, and his lluminatenorden sought to promote those ideals among elites.

Weishaupt wanted to educate Illuminati members in reason, philanthropy, and other secular values so that they could influence political decisions when they came to power”. (link to Vox.com article)

This group was focused on self-rule and they wanted to influence and infiltrate organizations like monarchies. They used many symbols and participated in rituals. These groups were outlawed in 1784 and they consequently became hidden from view.

Regardless of whether or not we choose to believe that there are secret groups influencing political decisions is ours to make, however we can continue to look at the symbols and patterns of the celestial bodies to gain more information and in turn, illuminate our awareness.


Some more resources and information about “deep state” you can find below (this is a red pill and there is no going back to sleep after, so if you are not ready don’t open these links):

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“Covid-19 Part 1, 2, 3”

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“The Event 2020, A Powerful Awakening is Underway on Planet Earth”

Jupiter Conjunct Pluto: Illuminating Our Inner Worlds


If light informs, dark creates ignorance. Light and information does not only come from outside of us. Within each of us is an epic library waiting to be discovered. There’s an immense inner space that is just as real as our external world.

As we’ve read our current systems have roots dating back to Pluto’s last transit in Capricorn 1762-1778. Everything that has been established since then, even the dynamics we have been ignorant to, is up for renewal.


This is an epic rebuilding


The last time Pluto was in Capricorn we saw wisdom becoming “secret” and we saw power given to some but not others. We saw an institution that was built upon the idea that some will rise to the top and others will carry their weight below us. We saw elites working in secret to influence political decisions.


We were sold on a 3D reality that is shaped like a pyramid. There’s a few on top of everyone else. There are elites and unfair advantages. There is oppression and inequality. This system has fed off of our collective ignorance. Control, fear and misinformation has been the name of the external reality game.


Jupiter and Pluto in Capricorn in 2008


The last time Pluto and Jupiter were in Capricorn was in 2008. Jupiter’s energy is extra. It’s the largest planet in our solar system and works in a larger than life type way. When Jupiter is involved there is more than enough for everyone. But, on Earth there is free will and those who get there first can take it all, and choose not to share.

When Pluto and Jupiter were in Capricorn in 2008, although then they did not come together exactly. Then, we were witnessing the fall of a system and the effects of this free-market pyramid style structure. Jupiter’s abundance came in the form of bailouts and resources were given to a few instead of shared with many. The institutions deemed too big to fail were held up with bailouts and those at the top managed somehow to maintain their place in the pyramid.

It was the masses at the bottom that took the hit. The housing crisis, financial crash and economic impacts of 2008 are still felt today. However, there are some key differences and planetary players at our current party that are not allowing these corruptions to continue.


Jupiter Conjunct Pluto + Uranus in Taurus: A New Exchange


Uranus is currently in Taurus from 2018-2026. Uranus brings innovation and change; Taurus rules wealth, abundance and exchange. Let’s look back and see how this current transit is ridiculously relevant.

Uranus was in Taurus in 1717 when another secret society was established, the Freemasons. Although this organization was most likely operating for much longer, this was when the first lodge was built. Again, we see a society of elites forming. This is the energy that is up for renewal as Uranus is currently transiting Taurus from 2018-2026.

Uranus was in Taurus from 1934-1942 which was when the world saw the end of the great depression. Currently, we are seeing massive bail outs occurring even larger than 2008. The question of how the economy will recover is daunting to say the least. Uranus’s energy asks us for change and innovation. The only way we can experience the true abundance of Taurus’s energy is to move towards something of value.

We have the cycle of Uranus in Taurus ushering us towards new economic exchanges based on value; while we are also seeing the transformation of institutions and elite organizations thanks to Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn.

We are moving away from the 3D reality that benefits those on top while the masses do all the work.

Those who have taken the place on top have a better view. There is more light on top and therefore they’ve got a lot more information. They’ve had an advantage on the masses, but that is now changing.


Jupiter Conjunct Pluto: The Lights are On


The lights are now on for all of Earth. Those masses at the bottom of the pyramid can see what’s going on. We can step out of the perpetuated ignorance of darkness and move into a whole new experience of reality.


This 3D matrix is going down with a timber. Old mechanisms like fear, control and misinformation are going to come flying at us. They will be flailing to hold onto the old. But it simply does not matter anymore, because now in 2020 the lights are on. The people have access to information.

It’s like that scene from the Wizard of Oz where Dorothy and friends get to see who the Wizard really is. Once we see it, there’s no going back to singing “the wonderful Wizard of Oz”. Once Dorothy stops searching for the Wizard to send her back to Kansas she discovers that she’s had the power all along. We too have had the power all along. 


Jupiter Conjunct Pluto + Mars and Saturn: Committing to Our Potential


Mars is the planet of individuality and personal power. Saturn is the planet of investment and commitment. They are both near Jupiter and Pluto during this opening. 

This means that we have to commit to ourselves and our potential. We are witnessing an opportunity to experience life on Earth without the Wizard pulling the strings behind the scenes.

There is a cleanup happening and we are each a part of the clean up crew. Our power lies within. As we commit to cleaning up ourselves, illuminating our darkness and clearing our energy; we will see a shift in external reality.

We’ve been told to focus on what’s realistic. We’ve been sold that 3D reality is the ultimate experience. We are now seeing the fall of those systems. The establishment may have told us that the 3D reality matrix is real but actually, it is 100% an illusion. There is a storm occurring on the surface, but there is calm within each of us.

jupiter conjunct pluto

Because we access this inner peace, it exists on the Planet. As we embody a frequency we become the stargates through which it takes form. We are now free to know what it means to be alive on Earth. Through each of us knowing what we are, and feeling the frequency of our inner light; we are shifting the collective.


Jupiter Conjunct Pluto: Global Conscious Cohesion


On April 4th 2020 at 6:11am UTC Jupiter and Pluto are opening a stargate. They are inviting us on a journey of global conscious cohesion. Can we feel it? Can we tune into the frequency? Can we understand that our willingness to turn within on April 4th 2020 and every day here on out is a revolutionary act?

Whether we meditate on peace or simply go for a walk in nature doesn’t matter. However we anchor this energy is up to us. All we must remember is that the lights are on and transformation is an inside job.


The Million Human Meditation



at precisely 10:45 pm EST WHEN Jupiter and Pluto come together in the sky!

Millions around the world are going to be meditating, and we are too going live and will be hosting guided meditation on our Instagram page @MoonOmens

Comment below if you are going to be joining our LIVE meditation!


5 Things You Need to Know About the Super Full Moon in Leo, February 9th

This first Supermoon of 2020 is showering us in heightened cosmic energy awakening our deepest passions, emotional connections, and preparing us for a year filled with endless possibilities and opportunities. We invite you to read two of our latest articles about this Super Full Moon, tap on the images below.

This celestial shift is ushering in:


1. A Need to Find Balance in the Chaos


There is an influx of chaotic energy that has been spiraling around the collective as mental fear patterns have been running amok. This Full Moon is here to remind us that we can choose to opt out of this chaotic energy and instead turn our focus to centeredness and connection to the present. We are being taught that where we focus our energy dictates what we manifest. Move forward with your heart center and allow this divine energy to flow through every fiber of your being, grounding you and helping you feel more connected to the earth than ever before. As we breakdown old constructs and patterns, we learn to find peace and harmony within ourselves and the world around us. Maintain neutrality and allow your energy to become present in the here and now.


2. Major Timeline and Paradigm Shifts


We are being blessed with the opportunity to shift our trajectories, not only on an individual scale but also on a global one. Every challenge that we face presents us with an opportunity for profound growth. Everything we are experiencing in the present is supporting higher levels of awakening within ourselves as we tune into our divine truths and begin to live in alignment with why we are truly here. We are the creators of our reality and have the incredible opportunity to free ourselves of our self-imposed shackles, fears, limitations, and allusions and set our souls free. As you take action with pure love you begin to manifest positive outcomes and change. Everything happening now is helping to place you on the path towards your most vibrant, joyous, and fulfilling timeline.


3. A Time for Awakening Your Authenticity


Your divine truth has always been present at your innermost core. As you peel away the layers of fear and masks of allusion, you go beneath the surface of your mind and choose to live unapologetically. Let go of your perceived reality as you are blessed with the divine clarity to see things as they truly are. The truth of who you really are is rising to the surface of your consciousness and allowing you to receive abundance. This is your moment to unleash your divine light and come into harmony with your present self, your inner child, and the world around you. You are the embodiment of infinite divine presence and as you let go of that which has been holding you back, you unleash your awakening.


4. Heart Center Activation


You are being reminded to allow your heart energy to lead you on your journey. The divine light codes and downloads that are pouring down onto this Earth during this Full Moon are an opportunity for your heart energy to truly blossom. As you receive this profound energy, you will notice your own sense of self strengthen as you empower your soul. This is a time dedicated to uniting the mind and heart. As this heart light energy flows through your mind and then downward to activate your solar plexus chakra, your mind and heart unite and activate, creating a portal of pure magic and divine clarity. As this energy activates, you become unstoppable and realize your own limitlessness. This is a time for deepening your connection not only to your true self but also to those around you.


5. A Time for Alignment with Divine Will


We are being reminded that life is not meant to be controlled; it is meant to be experienced. As we surrender to our highest divine timeline and trajectory, we welcome our greatest possibilities and opportunities. We cannot force anything in this world. If it’s meant to be it will happen. As you align yourself with your inner core of truth and who you really are, you move past the surface of your awareness and awaken to your infinite wisdom and cosmic connection. This intricate connection will show you the divine and beautiful plan that life has in store for you. The divine is not here to create for you. It is here to connect with you and through you, inspiring you to take action, and helping you get on the path of divine will and fulfillment.


Guided Meditation & Self-Reflection Journal


To support you along your journey and to help you harness the energy that this powerful Super Full Moon is bringing in, we have created a guided meditation and a full Moon journal.

For those that feel overwhelmed with mind-chatter, self-doubt, and uncertainty, these self-care tools were channeled to assist you in discovering the peace and clarity that this incredible Full Moon is inviting you to experience. Tap here or on the image below to learn more 🙂

Comment with what resonated with you the most 🙂

Sending infinite love & blessings your way, Happy Super Full Moon Soul Family!!

The Moon Omens Team

Sagittarius New Moon – Embrace Who You Truly Are

We enter into our final New Moon of the year before the December 26th Solar Eclipse on November 26th as the Moon moves into 4 degrees Sagittarius. This New Moon will bring about major shifts for us as we come face-to-face with new changes and challenges.

As we come out of the energy portal created while Jupiter entered the Galactic Center from November 19th-24th, we will still feel the radiating energy of this celestial shift that is only seen approximately every 12 years. This is an incredible opportunity for us to connect to the cosmic consciousness that flows through the Universe and to really hone in on our innermost truths.

Jupiter is the planet of abundance and expansion. Under the right cosmic alignment, Jupiter has the power to expand our hearts, minds, and souls and bless us with divine clarity and understanding of the big picture of our individual journeys. As Jupiter moved through the Galactic Center, we were showered in this incredible abundance as we entered into the threshold of a new era. This celestial shift means that it has now become easier than ever for us to tap into the power within ourselves and to feel the vibrations of the Universe deeply within our beings.

Galactic Center energy is connected to our root chakra and possesses kundalini energy. This provides us with an incredible opportunity to connect with our inner selves through things like meditation, breathwork, kundalini yoga, and journaling. It is important to utilize this cosmic portal to truly tune in with ourselves at our deepest level. This energy grants us the ability to receive downloads and omens from the Universe, shift our perspectives in order to view the bigger picture and the grander story that is unfolding, and align with our Higher selves in ways we’ve never seen before. 

While Jupiter’s influence continues to linger over us, we are also still reeling from the past few weeks of Mercury Retrograde which saw us go through a significant period of internal growth. From November 20th through December 7th, we will experience the celestial remnants of this Retrograde through cosmic storms that will have us revisit old wounds. This period is known as Mercury Retroshade and is a time for nothing but forward motion. We have gone through several tumultuous weeks of brutal honesty with ourselves and we now have the tools that we need to notice our patterns and the things that we take for granted, and to make the changes that we need to help us move forward with confidence. With Mercury direct in Scorpio, we have the divine courage to embrace our innermost truths and belt out to the world that we are no longer afraid.

Jupiter and Mercury’s recent cosmic shifts still have a heavy bearing over our energy as we move into this Sagittarius New Moon on November 26th. With Mars stationed opposite Uranus, we may feel some heaviness and as though there has been a disruption in our lives. This alignment can sometimes provoke people to lash out with anger, resentment, or hostility over things that would normally not phase them. This can lead to rash decisions and can make some of us act out in ways we may have during childhood temper tantrums. While this planetary alignment may seem daunting, the lesson we are being taught is to have patience and to take extra care in thinking before we act or react. With our heightened sensitivity and emotions, it is important to bring awareness to how we act and how those around us may act. This is a great time to use tools to help you release any tension you may be harboring. Unexpected changes can happen and we must remain flexible and level-headed. 

The thing we are truly seeking during this alignment is independence and free will. Remember that you always have the power to change all that is around you. If you remain open-minded and channel divine clarity, you will be amazed at the opportunities that will present themselves seemingly out of the blue and the solutions that will allow you to discover new ways of doing old things.

With this New Moon equinox Uranus, we may feel some tension and anxiety as we feel a huge influx of energy. The best way to navigate these feelings is the make sure to weigh your options carefully before acting. While it may feel like it is difficult to relax, take the time needed for self-care and self-reflection. Allow any blocks or restrictions in your creative self-expression to be a thing of the past as you gently move past them. Adjustments and changes are a necessary part of life and of this New Moon in particular. Remind yourself that it is okay for there to be changes in your routine, plans, or behavior. Change keeps us from remaining stagnant and is the gatekeeper to our next level of abundance and prosperity. This does not mean we need to make drastic changes. Minor changes and alterations will serve us greatly as we move forward in ways we never thought possible. 

This New Moon is one of uncovering the final pieces to the puzzle as we unlock a new era in our lives as we enter 2020. This is a time for planting new seeds and setting new intentions that will allow you to align yourself with what you want to manifest in your life. As the Moon enters Sagittarius, we are greeted with the positivity and optimism that surrounds this sign. We feel a pull towards new horizons, exploring metaphysical things, and raising our consciousness. Our vision has never been clearer and we are being lifted into our highest vibration yet. 

We sometimes feel like we are grappling with trying to understand why certain things have yet to come to fruition or why certain things are the way that they are. This New Moon is breaking down any remaining barriers keeping us captive and holding us back from self-actualization. Old structures and habits will fall as we begin our incredible shift into 2020. If fears that you do not deserve happiness or fears of making the changes you need in your life are holding you back, fear no more. The energy around this New Moon is here to provide us with the mental clarity to move past these blockages and attain the confidence that we need to make leaps and bounds towards our true life’s purpose. 

Change can stir up feelings of anxiety and irritability. This is a normal response to the unknown and is our body’s way of protecting us from harm. However, this New Moon is about trust. It is about trusting not only those around us, but also trusting ourselves and our innermost truths and intuitions. This New Moon provides us with the self-confidence that we need to make the changes necessary to see our visions come to life. Listen to yourself and trust that the Universe is here to help you realize your highest form. We are being pulled to revolutionize our lives, knock down any walls or blockages standing in our way, and jump over any hurdles trying to keep us content with the status quo. This New Moon gives us the power to be and embrace who we truly are. 

To help you harness this extremely powerful energy & support your spiritual and overall growth we have created powerful tools channeled specifically for this time. To access these tools tap on the image below, we will see you on the inside. Love & Blessings, Moon Omens team.

Sagittarius New Moon

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