Mercury in Capricorn: Structuring our Thoughts

On December 20, at 6:08 PM ET, Mercury entered Capricorn, after transiting for approximately three weeks in philosophical Sagittarius. Mercury will be in Capricorn until January 8, giving us the chance to make some order in our brains, structure our thought processes, and plan for the new year ahead.

Mercury in Capricorn is very down-to-earth and pragmatic. Its influence will allow us to ground the expansive ideas we had while Mercury was transiting Sagittarius, and will help us integrate the strong energy shift brought about by both Saturn and Jupiter entering Aquarius within days one from the other.


Mercury: the Thinking Mind


In Greek mythology, Mercury is associated with Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods. Hermes ruled over communication and commerce and was the patron of travelers, merchants, and thieves. Guiding Souls to the afterlife was among Hermes’ responsibilities: the Messenger and Persephone were the only ones allowed to enter the underworld and come back.

In Astrology, Mercury is the natural ruler of Gemini and Virgo, and it is associated with the third and sixth Houses. Mercury has a Yin and a Yang side. Its Yang side, corresponding to the Gemini function, correlates with the gathering of information and data, with how we classify and give names to the reality around us, and with how we communicate our internal experiences to the external world.

On the contrary, its Yin side, corresponding to the Virgo archetype, correlates with how we discriminate and discern what type of information to consume and gather, according to what is more useful and relevant in any given moment. The Yin side of Mercury corresponds to critical thinking and self-analysis, which promote self-knowledge and self-improvement. Being Capricorn a Yin sign, the Yin functions of Mercury will be most active during the upcoming transit.


Capricorn: Beyond Work & Money Making


Capricorn is the archetype related to the process of aging and maturation, which implies taking responsibility for oneself. It correlates with our social function, our public role, our career, and our reputation. It is commonly mistaken for a boring sign, that never finds time to have fun as it is only concerned about work and money.

However, the evolutionary purpose of Capricorn is not simply to work and make money. It is about finding a balance between public and private life, and a social function that reflects our authentic vocation, aligned with our sense of purpose, and that honors our personal qualities. Through Capricorn, we reach the level of self-mastery we need to have an impact on others and to offer a concrete and valuable contribution to the collective. This is everybody’s task for this lifetime, whether or not we have natal planets in Capricorn.


Mercury in Capricorn: Silence is Golden


Feeling more introspective than we usually do is common during this transit: Mercury in Capricorn in itself is not very talkative and extroverted. Many of us are likely to feel the need to be quieter than normal, and to speak only when we have something meaningful to say. Mercury in Capricorn reminds us that silence is golden and that saying nothing is better than talking just to hear ourselves talk.

Mercury in Capricorn

This energy is structured and practical and naturally tries to make sense of reality through rationality and logic. Capricorn aspires to self-mastery and achieves goals through incredible perseverance, even when things get hard. Mercury’s transit, together with Capricorn season, will help us be more disciplined and stoic, plan for the year ahead, and organize our days and our time in a more constructive manner.


Mercury conjunct Pluto: Transforming our Mental Structure


During its transit through Capricorn, Mercury will meet Pluto, the Lord of the Underworld. Their alignment is perfecting on January 4 or 5, according to timezone. However, we will feel the influence of their alignment for a few days before and after the exact date.

Mercury is also the planet ruling the North Node, transiting through Gemini until 2022. The North Node is a point in space correlated to our personal and collective evolutionary path. For this reason, the Mercury-Pluto conjunction will be even more relevant for all of us.

When a planet meets Pluto, the need to transform the way we express the functions of the celestial body involved comes to surface and becomes impossible to ignore. In this case, we are encouraged to transform the structure of our minds, how we perceive the world, how we communicate and share our inner reality, how we talk to ourselves and process the information we get. 

Mercury conjunct Pluto is a highly intuitive force, naturally attuned to subtle undercurrent and undertones. The Mercury-Pluto connection may reflect an increased curiosity about dark or taboo topics, as well as a stronger desire to reveal secrets and discover something previously hidden. Under the influence of their alignment, we have the potential to understand something crucial about ourselves, others, and the nature of reality.


Mercury in Capricorn: Structuring our Thoughts & Decluttering our Minds


This transit will support us in generating a solid framework and an action plan for the ideas and visions we had while Mercury was in Sagittarius. Capricorn is always in for the long haul: this archetype seeks to create a long-term legacy, to have a meaningful impact on society, and to offer practical and lasting value to others.

Mercury in Capricorn will help us set intellectual boundaries. This transit will help us discriminate and discern the type of information we choose to consume and the data we are open and willing to receive, according to our moment to moment state and needs.

Throughout its journey through Capricorn and its alignment with Pluto, Mercury will remind us, once again, that our thoughts have power. By consciously structuring them and decluttering our minds, generating order in our reality will be easier.

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February 2020 Forecast – Energy Update

As we recover from some of the anxiety and restlessness that came from the influx of energy and several heavy alignments this past month, we enter into a month dedicated to harmony and balance. February will be a much lighter month for us energetically as we are asked to have patience and faith in all that the Universe has in store for us.

With this being a leap year, we will have an extra day this month on February 29th. The numerology code associated with this day is the number 8. This code represents abundance and balance. It represents the divine and infinite potential of the soul. Through every cosmic alignment and celestial shift this month, we are reminded of this – we are infinite. This is a month of powerful spiritual growth and awakening. 


Full Moon in Leo – Abundance and Culmination


On February 8th, we are blessed with a bountiful Full Moon in Leo. This Moon is also referred to as the Snow Moon. Compared to the incredibly heavy and potent Full Moon Eclipse that we experienced in January, this Full Moon in Leo is going to feel light, easy, and breezy. This is an alignment completely surrounded by loving energy as we are being supported by the Universe in all of our endeavors.

We will feel stronger than ever before and will feel a confidence we have been praying for. Sometimes all we need is that innate recognition that we are enough just as we are. That recognition that we are on the right path and we are right where we are supposed to be on our divine journey.

This Full Moon will carry with it strengthening vibrations and abundant energy and is a culmination of all that we have been working to accomplish since August of last year. We are being guided to release that which has been weighing us down and holding us back. This Full Moon will allow us to bring closure to past issues that continue to linger. We are being led to feelings of complete inner peace as we appreciate just how far we’ve come and where we stand at this very moment. 


Mars in Capricorn – Time to Pause and Reflect


Mars moves into Capricorn on February 16th, adding to the growing number of planets aligned with earth signs. Mars is the planet of motivation and while Capricorn traditionally exudes ambition, the sheer number of planets carrying earth energy during this time will make us feel a bit sluggish. We may feel as though we are dragging our feet and struggling to find motivation.

While this alignment can sometimes feel heavy, this heaviness is reminding us that sometimes we must take a step back and reflect rather than moving forward blindly towards what we think we must do. We get so caught up continuously trying to stay in motion, believing that if we are not taking major strides forward that we are depreciating any effort we have made thus far.

This is not the case and this alignment is here to remind us to give ourselves permission to pause. Taking time to stop and reflect can ultimately bring us the motivation that we desire. Remember that Mars in Capricorn is here to support our greatest ambitions. If we remain patient, we will be blessed beyond belief.


Mercury Retrograde – Listen to Your Intuition


On February 18th, we are faced with Mercury Retrograde. This alignment will last until March 10th and will see Mercury go through Pisces and Aquarius on its journey. While most people tend to shy away from Mercury Retrograde energy because it can sometimes bring about big changes, the Retrograde this month is here to offer divine guidance along our journey.

Similar to the lesson we are being taught by Mars moving into Capricorn a day prior to this Retrograde, we are being encouraged to slow down and not act out of impulse. We are being guided to rely on our more subtle senses as we navigate the heightened energy that Mercury Retrograde brings.

Our gut feelings and intuition will be our most powerful tools during this time. We are reminded not to doubt ourselves. Everything that we experience, think, and feel is our soul’s way of communicating with us our deepest truths. Listen to that inner voice as you allow the abundant energy of the Universe to flow through your being. We will be showered in inspiration and increased creativity as align with and express who we truly are.


Sun in Pisces – Completion and Celebration


As the Sun moves into Pisces from February 18-19, we enter into the twelfth and final sign of the zodiac, signaling the end of a cycle. We have gone through all the phases of the Sun and have reached a time of completion and culmination. As we tie up loose ends and begin to harvest all we have sown during this last zodiac cycle, we enter a time of celebration.

Reflect back on all you have been through during cycle, all the lessons that have been learned, the challenges that you have preserved through, the blessings you have received, and the progress you have made. Pisces season is an incredibly spiritual time that asks us to look back on the past year as we get ready to welcome a new cycle. 


Jupiter sextile Neptune


With Jupiter sextile Neptune on February 20th, we continue this journey of reflection and spiritual work. Neptune is the planet of spirituality and Jupiter is the planet of abundance. Therefore, it is only natural that this is a time of incredible spiritual growth and powerful messages from the Universe guiding us along our paths.

2020 is a year dedicated to spiritual awakening. This is evident by the fact that we will experience this Jupiter sextile Neptune conjunction three times during the course of this year. The frequency of this conjunction is incredibly rare, meaning that we are being asked to really pay attention to the strong and powerful message that the Universe is sending us.

Jupiter sextile Neptune carries with it a beautiful energy. It is a reminder that we are always being supported and guided. It brings about peace and the deep healing of old wounds. We are being protected on our divine journey as we are guided to not only raise our vibration but also our collective consciousness to incredible new heights. This energy will be felt for quite some time to come.


New Moon in Pisces – Sensitivity is Power


On February 23rd, we will experience a New Moon in Pisces, ushering in soothing vibrations. We will feel a heightened sensitivity to all that is around us and will feel our normally hard exteriors soften. We are reminded to be pliable. As we conclude one lunar cycle, we enter a time of grand new beginnings.

This will be a powerful time for intention setting as we will see with complete clarity where our heart is guiding us. Pisces energy awakens a gentler way of being. It shows us that not only is it okay to be in tune with our softness but that there is also incredible power in this. As we surrender to the Universe, we will be overcome with the acceptance of self and deep self-love. This is a New Moon filled with hope.


February – Time for Being


After two months filled with heavy alignments and eclipses, February will feel magical. This warming month is here to shower us in light energy as we begin to soften some of the harsher energies that have surrounded us. We are reminded to take time to pause, listen, and reflect as we walk along our true life’s path in pursuit of our Higher calling.

This month, the Universe is guiding us to get in touch with our inner worlds. We spend so much of our time in a rush. This is a time for being, not doing. Allow the outer world to fade away as you get in touch with the seemingly slight pulses of the Universe that are often the start of grand ripples. You are an infinite light being with the power to manifest your wildest dreams.

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The Moon Omens Team

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