Venus square Neptune: Lifting the Veil of Illusions

On July 27 at 1:47 PM EST Venus in Gemini forms an exact square to Neptune in Pisces.

Venus has been in Gemini since April 3, and she is entering Cancer on August 7. Neptune, on the other hand, has a much longer cycle since he’s further away from us. The planet of Spirituality and Mysticism is in his home sign Pisces since 2012 and will enter Aries only in 2026.

Venus and Neptune have been squaring on and off for a while. We are now witnessing the last of three exact squares. The first time the two planets aspected each other, on May 4, they were both moving direct. When the second square happened, on May 20, Venus was retrograde and Neptune direct. Now, Venus is direct while Neptune is retrograde.

This celestial alignment represents the completion of a cycle. It is likely to bring clarity around issues that have been going on since the first square took place. Reflecting on the events that happened since then can offer us very relevant insights around the themes coming up during the next few days.


Gemini and Pisces: Contrasting Energies


Neptune is at home in Pisces, and he is now in its yearly retrograde cycle, another factor that increases our need for solitude and introspection. Neptune in Pisces is meditative and elusive, soft and delicate: the God of the Oceans inspires us to hide from the world, to seek refuge and solace in our inner sanctuary.

Venus in Gemini, on the other hand, brings up completely different energies: extroverted and curious, she invites us to be out and about, meet new people, exchange ideas and thoughts. Venus in Gemini is a social butterfly who wants to communicate, have fun, and experience life through human interactions.

venus square neptune

Any square reflects some amount of inner conflict and tension: we need to find a compromise between contrasting energies. In this case, we are trying to balance our necessity to introspect, dedicate time to our spiritual practices and personal growth, and our desire to expand our social circle, interact with people, and learn through relationships with others.


Venus Neptune Aspects: in Love with Love


In Astrology, Neptune is considered the higher octave of Venus: this means that it is the higher vibration of a denser expression. Venus correlates to romantic love, relationships, beauty, and art. Neptune brings beauty and artistic expression to a spiritual, pure, sacred level: it corresponds to divine inspiration, transcendence, as well as unconditional love.

A danger with Venus-Neptune aspects is falling in love with love. Idealizing people and situations during this transit is extremely common, and daydreaming is an ongoing temptation.

venus square neptune

As the archetypes of unconditional love and romantic love are coming into contact, it is easy to focus only on potential positive outcomes. During these days, we may forget to take into account someone’s flaws, we could have some difficulties grounding into an objective perspective of reality. When we make choices, we may forget to consider possible obstacles and challenges, or neglect some important details.

On July 27, when the exact square takes place, the Moon is in Scorpio: she invites us to dig deeper, to ask questions, to investigate. The Moon reminds us not to be satisfied with superficial explanations and emphasizes the need to understand the real motivations and intentions of other people, the actual meaning behind situations and events.


Lifting the Veil of Illusions


The square between Venus and Neptune inspires us to become aware of our assumptions in relationships. It encourages us to let go of the need to know what to expect from our partner, friends, and family members, and to ask ourselves: What are we doing together? Do I really want to be with this person? What do we have in common? Is this relationship supporting my growth?

The purpose of these questions is to inspire us to invest our energy, time, and undivided attention in our most meaningful connections. For this to be possible, we need to let go of the relationships that are not supporting our personal evolution anymore.

We now have the chance to see people’s true colors and make decisions accordingly. Our biggest challenge is overcoming the sense of confusion and disorientation that all Neptune aspects often provoke.

Venus square Neptune is a planetary alignment that has the potential to help us lift the veil of illusions for our highest good. This transit can reveal to us the real reason why certain people or situations keep showing up in our lives, and give us the opportunity to break the pattern.


Venus square Neptune: Trust the Universe 


Besides being the planet of relationships, Venus correlates to what we value, to our level of self-worth, and to what we do for a living, to our form of income. The square to Neptune may bring up some confusion and disorientation in these areas of life. 

The tension of the current square implies a crisis in action: while Venus in Gemini wants to know it all, Neptune in Pisces keeps reminding us that we have no idea of what’s actually going on.

We are in a moment of history where our value system and our financial situation are under pressure. We may need to find another form of income or to learn new skills, in order to adapt to the new socio-economic conditions. Right now, we may have the feeling we don’t know where to start and what to focus on: it is perfectly normal.

With Venus in Gemini, the mind is always active, while Neptune in Pisces is trying to switch it off. This transit encourages us to become comfortable with uncertainty, to explore creatively any tension, nervous feelings, and uneasiness coming up. 

Neptune is about allowing Source to express through us. He invites us to connect with a divine source of inspiration, something bigger than ourselves, rather than trying to solve our problems through logic and rationality only.

venus square neptune

Neptune reminds us that all is well. The God of the Oceans helps us to consider the larger picture, to trust the Universe and be ok with not knowing. The current transit invites us to cultivate a sense of faith, and the belief that whatever happens is what we need for our growth.

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Decoding The Spiritual Meaning Of 7777 – 777 – 77 & 7

In this article we are going to decode spiritual meaning of the number 7 and it’s sequences 77, 777 and 7777. In previous article we decoded number 6, if you haven’t we invite you to read it (read article about number 6)


Solitude and Contemplation 7


The number 7 in numerology indicates a period of solitude for spiritual growth. This is the number of discovery through inward contemplation.

When this number is appearing for you, it is time to become quiet so you can hear the voice of your soul. By disconnecting from the hustle and bustle of life, your inner wisdom can be heard more clearly.

Your intuition can be quiet and subtle, and it is not always easy to discern the messages in the busyness of daily life. The Universe is calling you to take the time for personal reflection. Remove distractions and step away from the hustle and bustle of life.


7 is a number of retreat and you will instantly feel a profound sense of peace when you do as your soul is seeking. Contentment and calmness allow you to engage in activities that help to draw out the voice of your intuition, such as painting, gardening, journaling, and taking long walks in nature.

Seeing this number means it is time for you to take a hiatus. Your spiritual path requires time spent alone in order to recharge. Creating this quiet time for yourself helps you to reconnect to the deepest levels of our soul. When you take your sacred pause, the Universe will bless you with clarity and peace.


Meditative Transformation 77


The number 77 is one of meditative transformation. When this number appears you are meant to put yourself in a cocoon in order to dissolve and blossom into something new.

77 is a significant number because it signals you are having your own personal revelations that will alter the course of your life. At this time, the Universe is guiding you to keep what you are discovering private, until you are ready to share.

Through your meditative and spiritual practices, your psychic senses are rapidly expanding. As these shifts in consciousness grow, it is important to take the time and space to integrate them.

While it can be exciting to be gaining these new perspectives, the number 77 urges you to continue on your path of solitude for the time being. You are in a very sensitive stage, noticing subtle energy patterns and seeing the greater picture. Sharing your insights with someone who mocks or judges you has the ability to shut down these developments.


When noticing the number 77 on your spiritual path, it is best for you to enjoy the secrets of the Universe, the mysteries of nature, and the blissful feelings of interconnection alone for now.

Big changes are on the horizon and you will be grateful for having created the space to truly feel the depths of your soul before moving forward. This resting period allows for the reflection you need to do in order to make changes with spiritual assurance of your path.


Sacred Wisdom Keeper 777


777 is a sign of secret wisdom. You are the keeper of sacred spiritual knowledge. This has been revealed to you because of your dedication to your spiritual path and the Universe’s trust that your soul will share it with others as needed for their personal evolutionary journey.

If you are seeing the number 777, it means that you are a great spiritual teacher. Through your introspection, you’ve come to see how the spiritual and material worlds are perfectly intertwined.

You’ve studied the spiritual principles that underlie the material world, and discovered that spiritual transformation leads to transformation in the material world. 777 is a sign that you understanding the true alchemy of the soul. You’ve learned how to transform lead into gold, spiritually speaking.

The Universe is signaling that you are guide for other spiritual seekers who long to refine their spiritual nature the way you have done. By discerning the voice of your intuition, contemplating the unknown questions of life, and applying what you discover, you’ve truly made noteworthy spiritual developments.


Now, it is time for you to be a sacred wisdom keeper and teacher for others who wish to follow the path you have taken. You will be noticing more people are coming to you for spiritual advice, and being receptive to the insight you have to share.

Seeing 777 on your spiritual path indicates you’ve ascended from student to teacher. You have been divinely given hidden knowledge that is only accessible through meaningful spiritual contemplation. The Universe trusts you will use this knowledge for the highest good and continue to share it for the betterment of humanity.


Life of Mystic 7777


The number 7777 is a very sacred number, which is a sign of mysticism. Seeing this number indicates that you are meant to live the life of a mystic.

The Universe is guiding you to this path by showing you the number 7777. While it might be something your ego doubts, your soul intuitively understands this to be true. You’ve always felt a little bit different than others, which lead you to exploring your spiritual nature.

Seeing the number 7777 means you inherently understand there is something more to life. You are a spiritual seeker that was born to question the big questions of human existence. You don’t accept superficial answers, and the only real truth you’ve found has been in the substance of your soul.

You prefer the company of others who share your affinity for exploring the fathomless depths of spirituality. The energy of 7777 often means you’d rather be alone with the freedom to let your spirit roam than be constricted by meaningless social engagements.


On your spiritual path, the number 7777 is a sign that you are at home in the inner realms of soul. Introspection is a part of your nature, and you seek tranquility to have the space to explore within. It is in these times spiritual moments of joy, creativity, and a true understanding of Universal truth overtake you.

Channel the sublime energy of 7777  into creative work, allow it to heal you from within, and cherish your sacred time of heightened spiritual connection. Sense the energy flowing through you and all living things. The web of connection is a reminder that you are never alone, even in solitude.

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Decoding The Spiritual Meaning Of 5555 – 555 – 55 & 5

In this article we are going to decode the spiritual meaning of number 5 and it’s sequences 55 – 555 & 5555. Now that structure has been formed through the number 4 (read article about 4), the number 5 seeks to bring life to it. The order of number 4 gives way to the mutability of number 5. 5 seeks to create, change, and rearrange matter in order to infuse it with life.

This drive for change is often seen in nature, where species and plants are constantly evolving. Through adaptability, new forms are created that are suited for the present moment. 5 teaches about the importance of being flexible and aligning with the present moment.


Rapid Change 5


The number 5 in numerology is a sign that major change is on the way. This is the number of flexibility, adaptability, and rapid transformation.

When this number is appearing for you, it is time for you to actively participate in fostering change in your life. This is the best way to avoid being caught off guard.

The Universe asks you to break out of outdated, stagnant situations. Your soul is craving the unseen and unknown. Adventure, exotic foods, and interesting people are your spiritual nourishment.


5 is a karmic number of attraction. When this number appears, you are magnetic for drawing things into your life. You have great manifestation powers and can quickly create opportunities for prosperity and growth.

The Universe’s message for you is to take a risk. You are safe, protected, and guided and will succeed when you have the courage to emerge out of your comfort zone. Boldness and fearlessness are the best traits to cultivate when you are noticing the number 5.

There is no need for remaining stuck any longer. You have a lot of potential around you right now. Take your time to enjoy life and many pleasures of the physical senses.

Seeing number 5 tells you that its time for you to live in the moment. Follow a path of bliss and you will see rapid transformation. Indulge, enjoy, and feel the magnetism of your spirit.


New Horizons and Expansion 55


The number 55 is one of new horizons. This number calls you to stop playing small and expand into your full spiritual potential.

Your radical authenticity is a breath of fresh air. For too long you’ve been denying yourself the true pleasures of life. Seeing 55 is a reminder that to truly be in alignment, you must shake things up from time to time.

Changing things around, exploring new places, and doing on new hobbies allows you to discover new aspects of who you are. Being stuck in a repetitive pattern of comfort only indulges your ego.

Seeing the number 55 is a call to trust you spirit and listen to how it wants to grow. You are calling new energies into your life that will push you towards the person you want to become.


55 represents a major turning point in life. It is time for you to decide how you want to grow and expand, otherwise the Universe will force situations in life that break you out of patterns.

This is the sign you get to initiate the changes yourself and awakening to your power of reinvention. The Universe is waiting for you to use your co-creative energy, and this is your chance to shape the life you have always dreamed about.

If the changes feel overwhelming, always return to spirit. The number 55 can make things tumultuous, but your soul is ready for growth and knows how to ride the waves of change.


Freedom to Move in a Different Direction 555


555 is a message of sacred freedom. You can free yourself from all the limiting beliefs, false identities, and disheartening situations that have kept you feeling stuck for too long. Your spiritual journey is about to take a major twist.

Seeing this number is a sign that it’s time for you to liberate yourself from things that are not truly aligned with your soul’s journey. When things aren’t aligned, you feel drained, anxious and tired when thinking about.

555 is your invitation to follow your bliss and move towards what is truly meant for your soul’s journey. There is so much abundant waiting on the other side of this transformation.


The energy of 555 works very quickly and therefore these changes will come on fast. It may look as though things are falling apart on the surface, but underneath the chaos your soul is waking up.

The Universe is signaling that it’s time for you to pivot and move in a different direction. Find the one spiritual practice that keeps you centered, and let it be your source of support as everything else shifts.

You have unlimited potential right now. You spirit is soaring and all you wish to be is attracted to you. Take advantage of this opportunity when the energy of 555 is guiding your spiritual path, you are magnificently lucky and blessed.


Achieving Your Dreams 5555


5555 is the energy of manifesting the things you’ve always wished for. Seeing 5555 is a sign that you are going to experience the incredible experience of living your dreams out in real life.

You have mastered the ability to manifest your imagination into the world. More importantly, you’ve unleashed your ability to co-create with others.

Seeing 5555 indicates that you are overflowing with potential and open to receiving the blessings of living in the flow of the Universe.


Rather than imposing your will on the world, you’ve surrendered to spirit. By trusting that you will be given what is for your highest good, you’ve achieved the freedom that comes from allowing the Universe to be your guide.

5555 is your confirmation that synchronicity and miracles are natural occurrences. You do not have to strive to call in what is yours; all you need to do is truly find your joy in life and dedicate yourself to living in bliss.

In this high vibrational state, you unlock doors to new levels of ecstasy. On your spiritual path, 5555 is a celebration of your authentic, pleasure filled existence. You truly have learned to live the good life in sync with spirit.

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In the next article of number series we are going to decode spiritual meaning of number 6.

Decoding The Spiritual Meaning Of 2222 — 222 — 22 & 2

In this article we will decode the spiritual meaning of 2222 by breaking it down to 222, 22 and 2. As we follow the path of spiritual ascension, each number builds upon the one before it. However, ultimately, the numbers 1-9 dissolve into 0, and then the cycle is repeated.

Emerging from the frequency of 1 (read article about number 1), individuality and self-initiative action, the number 2 invites the experience of co-creation. This requires a softening of energy that makes room for others in our spiritual experience. You are learning to evolve in relationship to the “other.”


Unity and Partnership — 2


The number 2 in numerology indicates blessings in your relationships. This is the number of cooperation, balance, and unity.

The Universe asks you to seek connection with another soul on your evolutionary journey right now. You’ve mastered all your lessons of individuality, and now you will experience the most growth with someone by your side.

When this number is appearing for you, it is time for you to cultivate partnerships that aid in you knowing yourself on a new level. The frequency of 2 brings in a relationship that 2 mirrors your qualities. Through this relationship, your authentic self is mirrored back for you to see.


There is no need for you to go-it alone anymore. You can open your heart with full trust that you will be received in love and joy. 2 indicates you are tender, caring, and dedicated, traits which make relationships thrive.

You have special talents within you, which will shine the most while in a relationship. These include your gift of compassion, sensitivity, and loyalty. This number is confirmation that your sensitivity is a gift. Being able to feel everything allows you to experience the full range of human emotion, which heightens your compassion.

Through honoring your feelings and being in relationship with others, despite the flaws you both have, you learn to love unconditionally. Allowing others to mirror you in a way for you to learn more about who you truly are as a spiritual being.


Foundation Through Co-Creation — 22


The number 22 is one of co-creation. This number calls you to build a spiritual foundation through relationships that transform the material dimension too.

22 is a sacred number because it is a building block energy. It is symbolic of strength. The number 22 provides structure to keep a foundation sturdy.

The numerology of 22 represents two people combining their unique strengths to create something long-lasting and sturdy. When noticing this number, it is wise to keep in mind the old saying, “two heads are better than one.”

Seeking out partnerships with people who will compliment your weaknesses allows you to manifest more than you could on your own. This requires a relinquishing of the ego to admit skills you lack and a self-inventory of what you have to contribute.

There is a longevity associated with the numerology of 22. This number also calls for you to reflect on your long-term plans. It is good to question what truly makes you feel emotionally secure when seeing the number 22.


The Universe wants you to put your energy into relationships, projects, and ideas that can truly stand the test of time. This number is one of endurance and commitment.

22 asks you to create a life that is built about your soul’s inner knowing. You will be able to achieve great heights when you make sure your spiritual truth is at the foundation of all you do.

If something isn’t fulfilling for you, a relationship or job situation, 22 is a message that it is time for you to let go. You can gently release what you know isn’t meant for you.

Trust what is truly best for your future will be created through soul-based relationships.


Community Balance — 222


222 is a message of balancing your goals with that of a larger community. This is a sign that you will benefit greatly from joining a community of like-minded people.

When you see this message from the Universe, you will soon be creating an important partnership with someone you need in a group setting. This person will shape your spiritual journey with their own experience and open you up to receiving new revelations.

You are learning the lesson of how to balance your needs with the great good when you see 222. The key is holding your own personal power, while also being open to the experiences of others.

This is an opportunity for you to see how well you can remain true to yourself, without being swayed by the pressure of group dynamics. Being able to remain connected to your center while being a part of a community opens the door for others to truly know you on a deep level.


Being seen for who you truly are and valued by your community is extremely spiritually fulfilling for you. The Universe is encouraging you to reveal yourself in this way so you can be a guide for others.

Seeing 222 shows that you naturally want to care for others and make sure everyone fits in and has a place. By using your ability to bring unity to a group, you can expand a social circle to invite in those who may have otherwise been too timid, shy, or nervous to reach out.

Your spiritual path with the number 222 is one of unified community. As you evolve spiritually, your community of kinder souls also expands. Through forming and maintaining relationships, your soul gains valuable lessons about friendship, love, and compassion.


Karmic Unification — 2222


2222 is a karmic number of unified dualities. When this number is appearing for you, it is reminding you to embrace the polarities in life. There is good in the bad and bad in the good – just like the yin and yang symbol.

The number 2222 reminds you that both shadow and light hold wisdom. Seeing this number is a sign that you are ascending in your spiritual journey and coming into energetic balance. You are integrating all aspects of who you are, and in doing so becoming whole.

The Universe’s message for you is to honor the differences and seek union through acknowledging how the two opposites fit together with perfect harmony. Using the energy of 2222, you are able to discern the polarities that compliment one another.

You’ve gained the understanding that mirror reflections always come from a unified source. You may sense otherness, but now know this is an illusion when you see 2222. All is in perfect balance and harmony.

This number also indicates that karmic is being balanced and cleared. Every action taken naturally will be balanced out. It is not for you to make a judgment on the action of others. You must trust in the fairness and unity of the Universe.


When number 2222 is guiding you, you are meant to take the middle road on your spiritual path. By finding balance in life, you learn to unified different polarities and achieve peace. Moderation teaches you how to only take what you need and give to others what you have in excess.

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New Moon Solar Eclipse In Capricorn – December 26, 2019

On December 26th at 12:17am EST, we will experience our last eclipse of the decade as the Moon passes between the Earth and the Sun and showers us in powerful celestial energy that is here to help propel us into an abundant 2020.

A solar eclipse occurs when the Moon, Sun, and Earth align, and a portion of the Earth becomes engulfed in the shadow of the Moon as it blocks sunlight from touching down on its surface.


A portal of completion and resurrection


This Solar Eclipse falls in conjunction with the Capricorn New Moon, creating a portal of completion and resurrection. We will be stepping into a great awakening making it easier to level up and move forward and providing us with the clarity that we need to see and learn from the world. This Solar Eclipse marks the end of a cycle that began on July 2nd and is one of the greatest eclipses we have experienced in a long time due to its deep-rooted connection to Jupiter. The effects of this are incredibly powerful and will last approximately six months instead of the usual four weeks.

This Eclipse is surrounded in growth, abundance, and good fortune and blesses us with the opportunity to make the positive changes that we need to make in order to move into 2020 with confidence and excitement. We are being asked to reflect back on all of the progress that we have made this year and this entire decade and radiate our gratitude back into the Universe. Real change has happened for us and we no longer have the time to harbor that which no longer serves our souls or humanity. With each passing day we are getting more and more in sync with the divine timing of our physical reality. 


Time to spread the wings and fly high towards new exciting and magical beginnings


With this Solar Eclipse conjunct Jupiter, we will be blessed with newfound enthusiasm and happiness. Jupiter is the planet associated with growth, prosperity, and good fortune so with its conjunction to this cosmic shift, it will feel like pure magic is in the air. The Universe is providing us with the energy that we need to spread our wings, soar to new heights, and experience all that life has to offer. This is a time for expansion of self and starting something new.

We will feel a tug at our heartstrings to grow spiritually and develop a deep understanding of our soul’s true nature. Every possibility and opportunity is at your fingertips and the cosmos is aligning for you. Believe in your divine connection to everything around you, believe in the magic that radiates from your being, and watch the world unfold before you in perfect synchronicity.

The aspect of this Solar Eclipse trine Uranus further amplifies this abundant energy by heightening our sense of intuition and providing us with the flashes of insight that we have been seeking. All that you have been praying for is about to come to fruition and you are about to experience the most exciting and uplifting time of your life. This celestial aspect is incredibly powerful because it helps to unleash your true self into the world.

You’re going to surprise yourself with just how much love and prosperity you can bring to this world and everyone around you when you allow yourself to freely be just as you are. The Universe wants to help propel us into this next decade with the increased self-confidence, self-love, and sense of adventure that we need in order to realize our wildest dreams. You are about to leave your comfort zone behind and revolutionize your life. Chance encounters often lead to our greatest blessings.


Surrender. Trust. Flow..


Jupiter plays an incredibly powerful role in this Solar Eclipse New Moon. With Jupiter trine Uranus, we will get one final push from the Universe to let go of our expectations and trust in the divine path before us. If you tend to be a more conservative or shy person, this planetary aspect will help you loosen up and go with the flow. You do not have to always be in control of everything around you. Give yourself permission to just be. To just exist as a soul wanting to experience as much as possible while you inhabit this body.

Think of all that you have already accomplished. Think of all of the beauty that surrounds you and the incredible people that love and care for you deeply. Think of all of the progress you have already made towards deep self-love and self-actualization. Once you let go of how you expect your life to go and loosen your grip, you learn to trust in the power of the Universe and you begin to be led not by your mind, but by your heart and your Higher self.


Turn inwards, reflect, define yourself, lighten your soul and open yourself up to channel the abundance that this next year brings.


If you have been feeling any recent stagnation and have been experiencing anxiety, now is the perfect time for meditation and journaling as these can help provide you with a burst of newfound energy and bless you with a spiritual growth spurt and expanded awareness. 

During this final Solar Eclipse and New Moon of the decade, movements, changes, and shake-ups can unfold before us quickly as we are being asked by the Universe to define ourselves, figure out what we no longer need to bring along with us on our journeys, and set our intentions for the following year and decade.

This planetary alignment is all about completing the chapter that we are in, closing this book, and beginning to write our next one. We are being asked to turn inward and reflect. What have we mastered this year? How have we grown?

With the start of 2020 upon us, we are being taught our final lessons of the year. This is the perfect time undergo significant endings, question old habits, and make a fresh start as you do what is needed to lighten your soul and open yourself up to channel the abundance that this next year brings.

This is the right time to set your intentions for the year and watch the Universe present you with just what you need. We are making the last-minute changes that are needed to set us up for an incredible new year filled with promise, good fortune, miracles, and pure joy. 

To assist & guide you through this season of endings and new beginnings, closing 2019 and stepping into 2020, we have created a New Moon Solar Eclipse channeled guided meditation and reflections/intentions journal. Tap to Access.

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Love & Blessings,

The Moon Omens Team

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