New Moon in Taurus: Honoring our Nature

On May 11, 2:59 PM ET, the Moon joins the Sun at 21°17’ of the sign of Taurus and a New Moon in Taurus takes place. New Moons represent the start of the lunar month. They happen when the Sun and the Moon form a conjunction, a 0° angle from our perspective on Earth. Their alignment inaugurates a two weeks phase of spontaneous action, experimentation, and instinctual expansion. The intentions we set now and the efforts we make will culminate and blossom at the time of the Full Moon.

This New Moon in Taurus opens the Eclipse portal: during the current lunar cycle Eclipse season starts unfolding. The upcoming Full Moon is a Supermoon Total Lunar Eclipse in Sagittarius, happening on the Moon’s South Node and bringing up past patterns, assumptions, and beliefs that need to be cleared, purged, and released.

To celebrate the arrival of this New Moon in Taurus, on May 11 at 9:45 PM ET, we are hosting Global Live New Moon in Taurus Meditation on our YouTube channel. We invite you to join us, and invite others to meditate together with us. Tap here to find our scheduled live meditation.


New Moon in Taurus: Attuning to Abundance, Simplicity, & Natural Rhythms


Taurus is about simple living, and the Moon is traditionally considered to be exalted here: she feels very comfortable in this slow, stable, homey sign. Taurus, archetypally speaking, doesn’t need much to be satisfied. Once our basic survival needs are met, we have the chance to feel happy and fulfilled and to enjoy what life offers us without the need of grasping for more. Through Taurus, we have a chance to intentionally slow down, take in, and savor what is being experienced in the present moment through the body and the senses.

new moon in taurus

The New Moon in the sign of the Bull invites us to attune with abundance and to open up to receive what is available. Taurus encourages us to connect with our personal capacities, skills, and resources, with our resilience and inner strength, in order to generate something of lasting and practical value. We now begin a new cycle relative to how we relate with ourselves: we are encouraged to cultivate self-sufficiency and to approach life from a place of self-trust. Through Taurus, a Fixed Earth sign, we gather material resources, develop our self-esteem and self-worth, and establish our system of values.

The Taurus New Moon offers us a chance to build a new foundation for our lives. For many of us, this may be a time to adopt new values and detach from those that no longer resonate with our purpose, or it may be a time to find a new form of income, more aligned with our talents, skills, and capacities.


New Moon conjunct True Black Moon Lilith: Honoring our Primal Nature


The True Black Moon Lilith is the point of the Moon’s orbit farthest away from the Earth, also referred to as the lunar apogee. We can think of Lilith’s energy as the wildest, most instinctual, and untamed aspect of ourselves that has been suppressed and distorted due to heavy social and religious conditioning. Lilith is correlated with raw feminine sexual energy, with the wisdom of the body, and with our most primal impulses.

The New Moon in Taurus will be conjunct True Black Moon Lilith and this is particularly relevant because the True Black Moon has a very erratic and fluctuating orbit. Their conjunction will emphasize the need to connect with our physical body, our senses, our sexuality, our instinct, as well as with deep raw emotions, such as rage, pain, and grief. Embodiment will be a key theme of the upcoming weeks. The New Moon in Taurus conjunct Lilith encourages us to trust our guts and respect the wisdom of instinct, even if we don’t rationally understand it. Their alignment invites us to find ways to express impulses, emotions, and sensations we would normally suppress or deny, and to reflect upon the internalized judgments and shame around how we express our instinct.

new moon in taurus

Meanwhile, Uranus is also in the sign of Taurus, at 11°. Even though it is not in tight conjunction with the New Moon, we are likely to feel its rebellious influence, which may be perceived as disruptive to our sense of stability. We may feel inspired to look for ways and solutions that help us reclaim our right to live according to our natural rhythms rather than conforming with the unnatural rhythms and expectations imposed upon us by how society is structured.


New Moon trine Pluto & sextile Neptune: Emotional Growth & Transmutation


The New Moon in Taurus is forming two harmonic aspects with Pluto in Capricorn and Neptune in Pisces. These alignments will support us in the transitions happening throughout the rest of the lunar cycle.

The 120° trine between Sun, Moon, and Pluto represents a supportive flow of energy between our unconscious material, our emotional body, and the conscious part of our personality. These aspects are beneficial for the transmutation of intense feelings: they may help us confront and integrate repressed and buried emotions. Insights of a psychological nature are likely to emerge, yet we need to put in the work to apply this information in a way that can improve our current conditions. The previous Aries New Moon was also in aspect to Pluto, yet their alignment was a square, reflecting a tense and challenging communication between planets aimed at forcing change. The current trine between Sun, Moon, and Pluto implies less friction and more flow, potentially facilitating transmutation, yet requires an active effort from our part to make tangible change happen.

The 60° sextiles between Sun, Moon, and Neptune represent other supporting alignments. We may experience triggers that inspire us to explore how we can integrate an increased emotional and energetic sensitivity without getting overwhelmed by it. These two sextiles loosen our psychic boundaries, increase our imagination, and open us up to a deeper perceptive awareness. Neptune represents the collective emotional body and correlates to all mass phenomena. During these days, we will be more susceptible to the feelings of others and more likely to feel personally invested in or affected by collective dynamics. This Neptunian influence can increase our level of confusion and the sense of not knowing what is really going on, yet it offers us a chance to adopt a spiritual perspective of life and detach from mundane concerns.

To help you harness this energy New Moon in Taurus brings we have created New Moon printable channeled “Building New Foundations” journal and guided meditation audio. We invite you to use these New Moon Ritual tools: journal and meditate together with Moon Omens Soul Family. Tap here to learn more and gain access to ritual tools.


Mercury conjunct the North Node in Gemini: Fact-Checking & Critical Thinking


As the New Moon takes place, Mercury forms a conjunction with the North Node of the Moon in Gemini. Mercury is the planetary ruler of the Gemini North Node: this increases the relevance of their alignment and the importance of consciously connecting with constructive and supportive expressions of the Gemini archetype.

This aspect highlights the need for critical thinking, fact-checking, and discrimination relative to what we take in during the upcoming lunar cycle and Eclipse season. Mercury on the North Node invites us to keep a beginner’s mindset and see everything as a learning journey, to question what we think we know rather than being excessively attached to our existing beliefs, perspectives, or viewpoints. Keeping our minds open, communicating clearly, gathering information from a variety of sources, and sharing our thoughts and feelings with others will speed up the pace of our growth.

Venus, the ruler of the New Moon, has recently entered Gemini too. This speaks about the importance of embracing diversity, being versatile, and approaching relationships as learning experiences. Venus is in an out-of-sign separating square to Jupiter, currently on the last degree of Aquarius. Their alignment increases our generosity and our desire to have fun, yet we need to be mindful of potential overindulgence, overspending, and excessive optimism.


New Moon in Taurus: Back to our Roots, Back to the Earth


Taurus is a Yin or feminine sign: it is about receptivity and openness, pleasure and indulgence, fertility and abundance. It is devoted to generating conditions of security and stability that allow life to unfold and blossom. Some Astrologers believe that the second archetype of the Zodiac is ruled by the Earth herself. The Bull reminds us of our connection to Nature and to the rhythms of our planet, inviting us to get back to our roots, back to the Earth. The Taurus New Moon invites us to attune to our body’s natural clock and to honor the messages coming from within even if, logically, we don’t understand them fully.

We have a chance to ground and center, to reassess our priorities and our intentions for the future. We are encouraged to think about whether or not what we want to create has lasting value and to reflect on how to give form to our vision and purpose and make them tangible. Being a Fixed Earth archetype, Taurus inspires us to seek practical and long-term solutions that help us generate a solid foundation for the future and allow life to flourish safely.

The invitation of this New Moon is to connect with our innate resilience, personal resources, and self-worth. Embracing simplicity, attuning to the cycles of Nature, respecting the ebbs and flows of our energy levels, and listening to the requests and signals of our bodies will help us navigate the upcoming Eclipse season from a grounded and self-secure place.

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New Moon In Aries, March 24th 2020 – New Ways Of Being

Aries Season New Moon occuring March 24 at 9:28 am UT.


Aries Season New Moon is Especially Potent


Every New Moon ushers in a sense of new beginnings and fresh starts, but this year’s Aries Season is especially potent. This New Moon is activated by Black Moon Lilith, has connections to the legendary transits of 2020 and will continue to play out throughout the remainder of the year. 2020 is a turning point, and this New Moon is part of the pivot. Let’s break it all down with an open heart and an open mind…

A New Moon occurs when the Sun and the Moon come together at the same point in the sky, which happens every 28 days. Aries is the first sign of the Zodiac and in many ways Aries Season (tap here to read our Aries Season article – it’s mind blowing and powerful) is the start of a new year.


Aries New Moon is the Start of a Whole New Chapter


We’ve undergone some serious energetic shifts recently, which we will dive into below, but let’s begin by imagining that not only is this Aries New Moon the start of a new lunar cycle or a new zodiac year; but that this is the beginning of a whole new chapter of Earth’s history.

Something is Happening


Before we get any further let’s check in with ourselves. Let’s acknowledge the fact that we can feel something is happening. We can all sense that this is a time like no other on our planet. Of course, this will bring all sorts of emotions to the table, and we’re not asked to deny ourselves personal opinions about what’s occurring.

We can all choose to make up our minds about the details but there is a collective agreement that something is happening here. 

marthin luther king

This agreement is huge. The fact that all of planet Earth can agree on this palpable shift is significant. This energy is a big deal and because we are all incarnated at this point in time, we are a part of this too. It’s crucial to remember that each of us holds a potent potential. We’ve been living on a planet that has numbed us out and sold us on an underrated version of who we are and what we are capable of.


Aries New Moon is Asking Us to Remember Our True Value


It’s like a pawn shop that undermines the true value of a piece of jewelry. The pawn shop gives us a small amount for the piece and because we don’t know any better we accept it and go on with our day. The shop owner turns around and benefits off our unawareness.

It’s not our fault, but the systems we have been living under have low balled us. Whether we want to associate the pawn shop owner with a specific individual or simply see it as “the powers that be”, is up to us. The point is we are now learning to know our true worth.

We are discovering what it means to be human at this point in time. 

This awareness is cascading through the ethers and we are waking up to something being “off”. The systems that have served us and shown us the way are no longer reliable. Stories and truth have surfaced around the institutions that our world is built on and it’s hard to keep accepting that low price the pawn shop is offering.


Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter Conjunction in Capricorn


This is all part of the symphony orchestra that is our Universe. Let’s begin with the planet Pluto. This mighty celestial body entered the sign of Capricorn in 2008 where it will remain until 2023. Pluto is the planet of transformation and change. It ushers in these shifts through exposing the truth of a situation. It’s kinda like finding out what’s really in those chicken nuggets and consequently not being able to eat them anymore.


Pluto in Capricorn – Power Shift


Capricorn energy is the systems, the control, the rules and regulations we are asked to follow. It’s the collective establishment. Pluto in this area of the zodiac means the way we organize as a planet is transforming. This shift has been happening since 2008. Can we think of information that has surfaced since 2008 which has shifted how we see the power dynamics on the planet?

Let’s imagine the structure of power and authority on the Earth as a pyramid. There’s a few on the top who are looking down on the masses holding them up. There is a hierarchy and an order to who belongs where.

Since 2008 Pluto has been eroding this pyramid. Thanks to Saturn and Jupiter joining the party, 2020 is the year the pyramid infrastructure falls on an energetic level. Maybe we’ve heard the astrological hype around the year 2020. It’s got everything to do with Pluto, Saturn and Jupiter coming together in Capricorn and during this New Moon it’s all on the table.


Saturn in Capricorn – Stay Awake


Saturn’s symbolism is associated with physical reality. It’s energy takes manifestation in a real world way. This means what has been bubbling below the surface since 2008, what we’ve all felt but perhaps not acknowledged, is now in our faces. It’s time to take an honest look at the systems and how we are players in them.


Pluto in Capricorn Throughout History


The last time we saw Pluto in Capricorn was between 1762 and 1778 when the world saw distinct shifts in power and societal organization. During this time was the American Revolution and America’s Declaration of Independence was written. Further “The Wealth of Nations” was written by Adam Smith and marked the start of modern economics. In a way these historical events represent the enactment of the pyramid structure that is now up for renewal.


Jupiter in Capricorn – We have hope, good luck and a chance to turn things around


This is overwhelming. This can feel like we are facing Mount Everest with no clue as to how to move forward. This is where we can celebrate the energy of Jupiter. Jupiter is the planet of good luck, serendipity and things working out in a larger than life way. Jupiter is the largest planet of our solar system and its energy is mind blowing. It’s like the fairy godmother turning our pumpkin into a carriage. Of course, we can’t sit back during these intense times and wait for a magical fairy to make it all better. But with Jupiter participating in these alignments throughout 2020 we can have hope.

new earth

That hope comes from learning. If we choose to sit back and stay the same hope will elude us. We have to be active participants in these energies. We have to synthesize with these changing times and a way to do that is to expand our understanding of what it means to be human. Just by reading this article we are doing that. By sharing it with a friend we are creating a ripple effect. By choosing to learn or see life through a new lens we are breaking free from the perpetuation of our unawareness.


Mars and it’s Retrograde


The energy of this Aries New Moon is also activated by Mars in Capricorn conjuncting Jupiter and Pluto. Mars is the planet of action and its energy is personal. We are feeling these organizational shifts in a very intimate way. This can kick start our survival mechanisms. We can feel as if our safety is threatened and our instincts can be to fight back or defend ourselves.

Action is always a part of the transformations occurring on the planet but these energies call for strategy. Acting impulsively is not the best investment. This is because in November, Mars will be experiencing a retrograde in Aries. All the energy that is coming to the surface right now will be reworked throughout the coming year. This is not a sprint, it’s a marathon. We will be triggered and we will get upset but lashing out is not the answer.

“I have learnt through bitter experience the one supreme lesson to conserve my anger, and as heat conserved is transmuted into energy, even so our anger controlled can be transmuted into a power which can move the world”. ~Mahatma Gandhi


Aries New Moon Asking us to Create New Ways of Being


This does not mean that everything in the physical is going to change over night. However, it does mean that what used to work isn’t going to be able to function as efficiently. It means we need to create new ways of beings, organizing and existing on Earth.


Black Moon Lilith


Let’s thank the Universe that Black Moon Lilith is connected to this Aries New Moon. She is our innate abilities. She is the force of creation that pulses through each of us. There has been a war on Lilith for centuries. She’s been repressed, locked away and shut out. We’ve been told being an individual means we have to obey and accept certain dynamics on Earth.

black moon lilith

This Aries New Moon and moving into the future let us remember what it means to be human. That we are this sweet spot between heaven and Earth. That we have the capacity to create. We are each here for a reason and we each make a difference. We’ve been sold an outdated version of what it means to be alive. We will receive what we believe and having been told we are powerless, our energy feeds into that. We are then isolated from our own potential.

This duping of humanity is part of a larger plan that has been flying under the radar. Now is the time to call the bluff. Now is the time to remember we can make a difference. Now is the time to reclaim our sense of self. To use our voice. To create and move out into the world as the force of creation that we are.

Change will occur through each of us. It’s okay to feel afraid, it’s a part of the process. We can take time to rest and cater to our needs. But at the end of the day may we know there is a hero’s journey unfolding on Earth and we were made for these times.

Comment below if you can feel the change that is taking place. Are you ready for the New Earth? We are! Sending infinite love and blessings your way. Remember – we are all in this together! -The Moon Omens Team

repeating numbers

Super Full Moon in Pisces Season – March 9th

This Super Full Moon is occuring on March 9th 2020 at 5:46pm UT. The Sun will be transiting the constellation of Pisces and the Moon will be in Virgo.


What is a Super Full Moon?


A Super Full Moon occurs when the Moon connects to “the perigee”, which essentially means the point of the moon’s orbit that’s nearest to the Earth. A Super Full Moon means that we will have a stunning display in the sky. The Moon will have a larger than normal presence in the sky at dusk. Basically, this a chance to get up close and personal with the Moon. 

march lunar calendar

What if the planets weren’t “doing” anything to us, but instead we saw them as currents of energy flowing all around us?


When we know which way the energy is flowing, we can choose which way we want to swim. Having an awareness of the cosmic currents is an opportunity that connects us to this exciting journey playing out in our Universe and simultaneously on our Earth.


We can think of the Celestial Bodies, the Constellations and their astrological significance as a gateway to understanding the divine plan or matrix.


It’s not only that these energy centres are outside of us, since we too are energy, let’s imagine that they are reflections of movements, motions and shifts occurring within each of us.  Some people are going to choose to become aware, others will not. Through embracing energetic astrology, a thought form that sees astrological happenings as energetic currents playing out around and within us; we can receive clarity during intense times. 


A Super Full Moon is an opportunity to bridge our physical and non physical senses.


Just looking up at the super full moon shining in all her glory is powerful. It’s something none of us can deny, because we see her rising in the sky. It’s a fact and it’s a meeting point.

Now when it comes to understanding the energetic significance of a Super Full Moon there is no one right or wrong way. This is because within each of us is a deep knowing, a primal force and an interconnection with all that is. If we spend time during a full moon sitting under her light or listening to her within ourselves we can receive our own artistic understanding of her energy. However, there are also some collective highways of energy to jump on.


Super Full Moon in Pisces Season: Being the Bridge


This Super Full Moon is happening as the Sun transits Pisces, these 30 days which began on February 18 and ends March 19th, is also called Pisces Season. During every Full Moon the Sun and Moon are in opposite sides of the sky. Essentially, the Sun is shining a direct spotlight on the moon, which illuminates and builds her up in the sky. This Full Moon is in Pisces’ opposite sign, Virgo.

To understand the collective message for this Full Moon let’s first look at the significance of Pisces and Virgo. Pisces is spiritual energy. It’s our sensitivities, our intuitive sensations and our inner knowings. Pisces energy does not make any logical sense. It’s felt and experienced; not thought out.

Pisces is about connecting to our innate abilities and aligning to the force of life. We could experience this as a spiritual energy by meditating or creating a sacred space for ourselves. Or we could feel this cosmic pulse by acknowledging the magic that keeps our hearts beating and the sun Rising.

yoga full moon rituals

Virgo energy is the exact opposite. Virgo is all about the rational, logical and realistic sides to life. It’s the plan, the details and where we are investing our physical energy. Although Virgo energy is grounded in physical reality, it has an innate ability to heal. When we are able to assess the details, diagnose the situation or face the reality of things; we are then able to transform. Ignoring the facts may feel comfortable for the time being, but at the end of the day it will not support us on our individual or collective evolution.


This Super Full Moon is inviting us to get real. To take our spirituality to the streets. To embody and align with Source Energy, the Divine.


In many ways Pisces is representative of the heavens, the dreams, the astral and the magic. Virgo is connected to 3D reality, matter and what is playing out right now in a literal sense. Since the Sun and Moon will be opposite one another this can create a contrast. It could feel like a tug of war between the Sun’s energy, which represents our conscious awareness and the Moon’s energy which is connected to our feelings. We might feel uncomfortable if our actions and feelings are not on the same page. However, if we are embracing our emotions and acting upon them in a grounded way this Super Full Moon can be very empowering. 

This Super Full Moon is inviting us each to become the bridge between the cosmos and Earth. As humans we are this sweet spot of physical and spiritual energy. We have tangible bodies, we eat and are grounded on the planet; while at the same time we have dreams, intuitions and non physical senses.


Now is the time to bridge the infinite potential of the cosmos down-to-Earth. Astrology is a tool that helps us achieve this.


We don’t have to know all the details and understand all the terms. All we need to have is a willingness to look up at the moon, open our minds and feel. Bonus points if we can then take action on those feelings. Moving from our hearts and making a ripple of impact out into the world is what this is all about.

There are some other guests attending this Full Moon party. Mercury retrograde, Neptune and Black Moon Lilith are all in the constellation of Pisces adding their unique flavour to this Full Moon’s energy. The Universe is like a symphony orchestra with many instruments playing notes which come together to make the song. The following themes are unique tunes adding to the music ringing through the collective.


Mercury Retrograde: The Potent Power of Perception


Let’s start with Mercury Retrograde. This gives us a chance to rethink the bridge between heaven and Earth. It’s giving us an opportunity to see where we are escaping and where we are choosing to be down-to-Earth. 

Yes, things are foggy and potentially unclear, but there is magic in this. Mercury retrograde is showing us that all is not as it seems, sure this can be frustrating, but it can also leave room for surprises. It’s important to be aware of the stories we are telling ourselves and remember these narratives may not be happening exactly as we think. At the core, this transit is teaching us that our perceptions either connect us to the force of life (aka Divine/Spirit/Goddess/whatever-we-want-to-call-it), or disconnect us.

mercury retrograde

The latter will feel uncomfortable but separation is a part of life on Earth. Our words and thoughts are magic and this time period is inviting us to get real with how we are using that power. What kinds of webs are we weaving? The invitation here is to be open, be compassionate and mostly importantly be kind. Read more about this Mercury Retrograde, tap here


Neptune in Pisces: Discovering our Deep Selves


Neptune is in Pisces from 2011 until 2025 and this is an era of connecting to our deep selves. We no longer have to think of the divine as something outside of us.  There is a lot of delusion, confusion, mixed messages and outdated versions of power floating around. The key is to embody a down-to-Earth approach to spirituality. Using buzz words, following a guru and only keeping things positive chains us to the shallow self. These are years of embracing our inner mermaids and mermen; diving deep into the waters of ourselves and embracing our unique path which is unlike anyone else’s. 


Black Moon Lilith in Pisces: Unleashing Our Creative Capabilities


Finally, we have Black Moon Lilith in Pisces. Technically speaking she is the “apogee of the moon” which is a fancy way of saying the point where the moon’s orbit is the farthest from Earth. Symbolically she represents the repressed divine feminine. She’s the parts of us who have been told we are too much. It’s the place where we have been silenced or told to obey.

black moon lilith

This Full Moon is igniting her, unleashing her and asking us to embrace every corner of our powerful, potent and innate creative capabilities. It’s important to note that she is not meant to be pretty. She is angry, she is sad, she’s in ecstasy. She’s the full spectrum of emotions. She’s always changing. 


Ebbing and Flowing like the Tides


When we are able to allow our emotions to flow, just like the tides of the ocean, becoming aware of the highs and the lows; then we are living the current astrological transits. We do not have to understand, but we do need to remain open and willing to transform. This Super Full Moon, along with the influences of the other Celestial Bodies, are showing us the power of energetic awareness.

The power of a world that aligns and then acts. The power of individuals who are synthesizing with these changing times. The power of those who choose to grow. The power of those who are connecting to their deep selves and transmitting their magic to Earth. There is no expectations or one size fits all. 

All we have to do is become willing to look up at the Super Full Moon, look within ourselves and listen. 

Comment below if you can feel this wonderful energy too and please share with others 🙂 Happy Super Full Moon! Sending infinite love and blessings your way ~ The Moon Omens Team

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