Aries Season March 20th – April 20th

On March 20 at 3:49am the Sun Shifts into the Constellation of Aries. Welcome to the Aries Season!

What is Aries Season?


The Sun spends 30 days in each of the Zodiac signs, from March 20 until April 20th the Sun will be transiting Aries. We can call this Aries Season.

The Sun represents our conscious awareness. We can imagine that this solar energy is like a big spotlight shining on an area of our psyche. The themes associated with Aries energy are highlighted and brought to the surface during these times. If we were born during Aries Season or have other personal planets in Aries we may feel this in a heightened way. However, in this article we are looking at Aries Season through a collective lens which means regardless of whether or not you are an “Aries” this is still relevant information.


Aries Season is the Start of the Zodiac Year


Aries Season is the beginning of a new astrological year. Although we celebrated a new calendar year in January, now is a time when things really start to feel new. Up until now we may have felt as though there was a thick fog or sleepy energy around us. We may have felt as though we are tying up loose ends or focusing on conclusions.

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As the Sun shifts into Aries we are invited to start fresh. We are asked to leave the past behind and move forward with an open heart. This takes courage. Aries season is not for the faint of heart. We are asked to be brave and move forward in new ways that may be unbeknown to us.

Aries is the Spark


Aries energy is the spark that starts the fire. It’s vulnerable to be the first flame, however if we tend to the fire and kindle it we know the energy can grow. This is a time of taking care of ourselves and listening to our needs. This energy is passionate, warm and exciting. It’s thrilling and gains momentum quickly.

Things in our lives may start to take off. Things may start to come together and we may experience a snowball effect of our actions. This is awesome! However, it’s very important to remain grounded and not allow ourselves to get attached from an ego driven place. Even if things are working really well, our best bet is to stay neutral and open.

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Conversely, if things are not working out for us, trying hard to force our agendas will leave us frustrated. If we are faced with a brick wall our best bet is to take a rest or try an alternate route. It’s not wise to attempt to break down that wall. Although Aries energy is very associated with action, it’s key to remember sometimes the best thing to do is rest and release. 


Aries Season, Embrace the Trailblazer Within


Since this is just the start of the new zodiac calendar it’s important not give into any sense of urgency. There is no need to rush and if we feel like we are behind, remember there’s a whole year ahead of us. Aries is the trailblazer and while it may feel like it wants to sprint to the finish line, conserving our energy is what can help us to win the race. 

Aries is on the front lines of creation. This means we are being asked to envision where we want to go, or what we want to create. It’s a good time to sit at the drawing board and catch hold of a vision. It’s a time of feeding the fire of creation that exists within each of us. Starting fresh can feel overwhelming at times which is why it’s important to remember life is not just a sprint.


Aries Season: A Cracking Open


Imagine we are a little chicken hatching from an egg. The egg has cracked open and we find ourselves looking out at a whole new world. This is very much the energy of Aries Season. We know it is not an option to collect the broken egg shells and try to rebuild the egg. Instead, we have to move away from the shell’s security and boldly step into the world.

We are being asked to show up. To stand up. To speak up. This can really set us off. It’s a challenge to feel confident and we are working to heal on many levels.


Chiron in Aries


The asteroid, Chiron, is in Aries from 2019 until 2027. Chiron represents the wounded healer. It’s our personal healing journeys. Each of us is on our own path, with our own wounds. It’s not that we are broken but we are asked to become aware of our soft spots. As the Sun’s light moves through Aries it will illuminate the energy of Chiron. Our wounds are coming to the forefront in order for us to heal.

Now imagine we have a cut on our hand. We do not need to know the science behind our skin in order for it to heal. Our bodies naturally heal. Our skin knows what to do. Our job is solely to keep the wound clean and let nature do the healing.


Chiron in Aries Throughout History


It’s safe to say we are living in extraordinary times. It feels like everything is up in the air and nothing is certain. There’s a collective sense of not-knowing and while we can’t pinpoint what exactly is going to happen and when, we can take a look back at these cycles throughout history.

Looking back can help us to move forward with wisdom. Instead of history repeating itself, we can expand our awareness and break the patterns. Chiron was in Aries 1918-1926; let’s take a look at some of the happenings from that age.

The Spanish flu pandemic occurred in 1918 and 1919. This time period also saw the end of World War 1. The roaring 20’s came into effect which led to economic growth and widespread prosperity. This decade was a time of individuals expressing themselves and acting in ways the generations before them had not. This was a time of celebration and living life in the moment.

Of course at this point in time, with what is happening in the world, it is easy to fall into despair. We are facing unprecedented times and the economic impact of current events is a very real threat for many. Like the generation of the Jazz Age, it’s important to embrace our sense of individuality and creative expression. It’s time to do things differently and challenge pre-existing societal norms. 

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It’s time to become those trailblazers. It’s time to carve out a new path for ourselves and the generations who will come after us. 

Like the beginning of Chiron’s transit in Aries transit back in 1918, we are facing another pandemic. The key of Aries is to remember our own potential and personal power. Of course, we must acknowledge how our actions impact others. However, at times when we feel hopeless and pulled into collective despair, let’s remember what it means to be an individual. 


Chiron in Aries: Reclaim Individuality


Individuality is the cornerstone of transformation. If we don’t look in the mirrors and reclaim our Selves, we can never move forward in a world that works hard to tell us who we should or shouldn’t be. Chiron in Aries is that reclamation of individuality. 

We can look back to the 1969 and once again see Chiron transiting Aries. During this cycle we see war, this time the Vietnam war. We can see masses of people standing up demanding change in the form of the civil rights movement. We witnessed Woodstock that brought thousands together in the name of a counter culture.

The birth of a new counter culture is the theme of Chiron in Aries, which we are experiencing now until 2027. Throughout Aries Season the Sun will be illuminating this transit. When everything we know is changing what other choice do we have? This is about owning who we are as individuals, creating and sharing that sense of self with the world.


It Takes Courage


This is a season where some tender wounds could emerge. There will be times for us to play an active role in our healing and other times when it’s okay to just let it be. Both action and inaction takes courage. This Aries Season the more we can give ourselves room to breath, the stronger we will be.

Comment below if you can feel this energy too and if you’re ready to be a part of this wonderful new world that emerging! We are sending infinite love & blessings your way, let stay united, lets love one another! – The Moon Omens Team

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Uranus Sextile True Node March 19th

Uranus Sextile True Node March 19th 9:43pm UT

When it comes to interpreting the energies of the celestial bodies and the Universe through an astrological lens, it’s important to understand that nothing is happening independently of something else. In some way, shape or form there is an interconnection. 

On Earth, this shows up as a random act of kindness making a ripple effect into the world. Or perhaps it can look like someone causing harm by choosing to remain silent.

When it comes to the cycles of the cosmos this interconnection shows up through the aspects. Aspects are a way of understanding how planets are aligning and creating angles to each other. This conversation can get technical, because mathematics is a huge part of our Universe.


A Symphony Orchestra of Energy


We can think of the Universe as a symphony orchestra of energy playing together. The same way we have many instruments in a band, each Planet is bringing something unique to the song that is life. Today let’s look at an upcoming transit that’s sure to create some waves.


On March 19 the Planet Uranus sextiles the True Node


To understand what this all means we first have to break down the components. Once we understand this individual significance we’ll piece it back together and get a view of the larger picture.


Uranus Shakes it Up


Uranus is the planet of revolution. It’s radical change. It’s the mover and the shaker. It’s not here to fit in, be quiet or obey the status quo. It’s actually the exact opposite. It’s wanting to do things differently, rebel and change the world. We can think of Uranus’s energy as electricity. Electricity can be a good thing, it is a huge part of our lives and we don’t fear turning on the lights when the Sun sets. However, there is a volatile side to this energy which is important to be aware of.

First, let’s ask ourselves if we know where the power that lights our nights comes from? Are we aware of what we are using? Are we aware of the impact it could be making on our environment? This is not to say that we all have to go off the grid and give up our electronic lives. The point is simply to become aware so we are taking action and consuming from a place of understanding. Uranus energy comes in like a force. We see the light and we are blinded. It can be hard to take a step back and adjust our focus, but doing so can curb some of the volatility.

Secondly, we know electricity can shock us. This energy is shocking. If we put our finger in a broken socket we will feel the effects. Uranus energy must be free to flood through that open outlet. If we are not open to change, which includes seeing things in a different way, then we may have our stubbornness shocked. We have to be willing to adapt and change course.


Uranus in Taurus


Uranus is transiting Taurus from 2018 to 2026 and this is shaking up life on Earth to say the least. Taurus is associated with our physical realm, it’s the surface and our human experience. It’s our connection to the Earth and her resources. Taurus is connected with what we receive, consume and acquire.

During these years we are facing volatility and upheaval in regards to our connection with Earth. We are being asked to take a look at our lifestyle, consumption, habits and nearly every facet of our human lives. In many ways Uranus is here to lift the veil and show us what is no longer sustainable or acceptable.

Owning, acquiring and consuming are a huge part of being human; but they are not the only things. This energy is asking us to transform our priorities from solely our physical desires, and instead appreciate the simple things life has to offer. Instead of watching TV could we enjoy a moment of stillness with ourselves? Instead of buying something new do we own something we can reuse? Instead of throwing something away can we repurpose it?


Uranus Asks us to Be Open to Change. This energy is asking us to adapt and change, which is not always easy for humans. But there is hope that can come from thinking differently and learning new ways of being.

This is where we can talk about the True Node, which is also known as the North Node. This is not a physical body in the sky, but instead a point. It is the point where the Sun and Moon’s orbit intersect. It’s a spot of alignment where energy lines up.


Our True North


The True/North node is associated with the direction we are collectively heading. It’s the chapter we’re studying. It’s the lessons we are learning. Right now this energy is in Capricorn. This transit began in November 2018 and ends in May 2020.


True Node in Capricorn


Capricorn energy is associated with responsibility, authority and control. It’s the boss and who we believe we must obey. It’s the rules and regulations. During these times we have many planets transiting Capricorn and in a sense we are collectively rewriting our inner constitutions. A major theme is self responsibility. These are times of taking control of our lives, while still being open to the Universe’s flow.

We are learning to move away from the rigid expectations others or society have put onto us. We are learning that it’s okay to want to go in an alternative direction or do something untraditional. We are learning to give ourselves permission to be who we are.


Sextiles Create Harmony


These two cycles are joining together through the aspect of a sextile. A sextile occurs when a 60 degree angle is formed. Symbolically this is a positive aspect that provides harmony and growth. What this means is that Uranus in Taurus and the True Node in Capricorn are working together.

There are some surprise left turns in the forecast but we may discover these are the best detours ever. It’s that feeling when you have no idea where you are but feel a sense of adventure. This is about being open to a change of direction and not knowing where we are headed. To get to this point we need to be okay releasing control.


There is a force moving through us. This force is opening us up to the Universe and all sorts of experiences. But, if we think we are the only ones steering the ship, we may feel uncomfortable or stressed out. Not being open to change is what will leave us unsettled.


Becoming Aware of Our Impact


We don’t have to know all the answers but we do have to be aware of the implications of our actions. We need to take a look at the choices we are individually making and assess their impact. It’s overwhelming at times to see the ways we are living unsustainably. We might be seeing all sorts of leaks we want to patch up and fix. The point here is to notice what we want to change and then be open to creative solutions.


Living With Earth


This has everything to do with how we are living on Earth. Better yet, this has to do with how we are living WITH Earth. We are being asked to shift from a belief system that sees nature as something to own or claim and instead see her as our partner.

We might not know how to make the big changes needed to ensure our partner, Planet Earth, is respected but we can take responsibility for ourselves. What changes can we make in our lives? What can we use less of? Can we offer our energy towards serving the Planet instead of focusing on how we can be served?


Uranus and the True Node are Inviting us to Change


For some these may feel like heavy times. Others may feel roaring and ready to go. We are all individuals and it’s crucial to stay in our own lanes. Instead of pointing the finger in blame, may we look in the mirror and get clear on where we no longer want to stay the same.

We hope you enjoyed this article and found it valuable. Please share with us what resonated with you the most. Sending infinite love & blessings your way! – The Moon Omens Team


Astrology Updates for March 2020 – Align & Flow

March 2020 is full of exciting astrological events and fresh starts. We’ve got the end of Mercury retrograde, the beginning of a new zodiac year and much more. In this article we are going to share Astrology Updates for March that we are going to cover throughout this month, so expect many more articles from us!


Astrology can help us make sense of life


We hope this information will help you to align with the cosmic currents throughout March. It’s not that the planets are doing anything to us, but instead we can think of them as collective currents of energy flowing all around us. When we know which way the current is flowing, it becomes easier to swim. Consider this your astrology weather forecast for the month ahead. If we know it’s going to rain and so we bring our umbrellas, our experience becomes less wet and soggy.


Throughout March Moon Omens will be posting (Astrology Updates for March) articles and sharing insights for each of the following astrological happenings:


Super Full Moon in Pisces Season

March 9 2020 5:46 pm UT

This Super Full Moon is going to be a stunner up in the sky. The Moon will be shining and washing over Earth; inviting humans to embrace their spirituality and take it to the streets. This is a time of aligning to our deeper selves and taking action from that place. Tap here to read our Super Full Moon article

Mercury Moves Direct

March 9 4:49 am UT

This is a welcomed shift from the foggy and confusing astrology transits we’ve been immersed in. Mercury retrograde began on February 9th 2020 and since then a lot has been up in the air. This change of pace will allow us to wrap our minds around things. We will begin to get a better idea of how to move forward with our ideas, dreams and intentions. 


Mercury Enters Pisces

March 16 8:42 am UT 

Mercury is the planet of logic and rationality and while it travels through Pisces from March 16th until April 11th. During this time we are asked to remember not everything in life needs to make logical sense. For example, we don’t need to understand the biology of our cells in order to heal a cut on our skin. Whether we “get it” or not our skin will heal. This is a time period of embracing the magic life has to offer, even if it makes absolutely no sense. 


Uranus Sextile True Node

March 19th 10:43 pm UT

Uranus is the planet of change and innovation. The True Node represents what we are collectively learning and heading towards. This astrology transit may shake things up. Here we are asked to let go of control, be open to new directions and be open to surprises.


Equinox: Sun Enters Aries, Aries Season Begins

March 19th 4:49 am UT

When the Sun shifts into Aries we experience a new zodiac year. Although we are nearly 3 months into 2020 we could still feel as if we’re caught up in the old or in a phase of purging. The Equinox is a fresh start. It’s a time to shake off the old and welcome the new. It’s a time of envisioning what we want to paint on the canvas that is our lives. 


Vesta Enters Gemini

March 21 6:06 am UT

Vesta is an asteroid named after the Goddess of home and hearth. Her energy is associated with taking care of ourselves, our family and where we land at the end of the day. Gemini’s energy is about being stimulated and having fun. This transit is asking us to be open to expanding our definition of safety and to enjoy ourselves at home. We can also imagine that home is a place inside of us. As we connect to our inner space, may we flutter around in true Gemini fashion; taking home with us wherever we go.


Saturn Enters Aquarius

March 21 4:58 am UT

This is a big deal because Saturn only shifts signs every 2.5 years. The last time this change occurred was at the end of 2017. What have we learned since then? What have we accomplished? Saturn’s energy likes to assign lessons and with this shift comes new adventures in the area of Aquarius. Aquarius is all about being of service and helping the greater good. This will be in focus over the coming years as Saturn travels through Aquarius until 2023.


New Moon in Aries Season

March 24 10:28 am UT

A New Moon is a time of fresh beginnings. It’s a time when the Sun and the Moon align and this acts as a sort of reset button. The Sun represents our conscious awareness and the Moon our subconscious. When the two come together on a New Moon we have an opportunity to set our sails and head in a new direction.


Mars Enters Aquarius

March 30th 8:43 pm UT 

Mars is the planet of action and it infuses a dose of “making-it-happen” wherever it transits. Aqaurius is the constellation of the greater good, helping the whole and embracing our inner humanitarians. As Mars transits through Aquarius from March 30th to May 13th we are invited to explore how our individual actions can make an impact on the collective. 


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How the February Super Full Moon Will Affect You Based on Your Zodiac Sign

As we enter into the celestial portal created by our first of two supermoons this year, we will be greeted by the passionate and loving energy of Leo. This cosmic alignment ushers in an exciting time for us as it is the largest Full Moon that we will experience in all of 2020 and as such will shower us in bright moonlight and powerful divine energy.

We will feel more connected to the Universe and to our Higher selves than ever before as we find our focus naturally drawn to finding harmony and balance in our lives. This heightened energy will last for several days surrounding the Full Moon and this alignment will shape the entire year to come. If you haven’t already we invite you to read our latest article on this Super Full Moon here:


This Leo Full Moon will affect us all, but each zodiac will feel this energy differently.


Here is how this Full Moon will affect you:


Aries (March 21-April 19)

With Venus in Aries during this Full Moon, you are likely to see new relationships starting in your life, be they romantic or otherwise. Release yourself of any preconceived notions and allow things to fall as they may. You will feel the extra burst of energy that you need to finish any projects you have been working on. Use the power of this Full Moon to set a few intentions but be open to receiving blessings in unexpected ways.


Taurus (April 20-May 20)

To successfully maneuver the heightened energy of this Full Moon, you need to create a list of goals that you wish to achieve. As your gain increased clarity on your true life’s path, this list of intentions and goals will guide you to where you want to be in life. If you are in a relationship during this time, you’ll feel naturally drawn to trying new things and seeking out adventures with your significant other. If you are single, this is the perfect time for meeting someone new and seeing your love life take off in new and exciting ways.


Gemini (May 21-June 20)

Get ready to receive some much-deserved recognition and praise for the work you have been doing lately. What you are doing is not going unnoticed and you are about to receive a confidence boost. Be wary of using this praise as justification to make major life changes. It’s tempting to splurge or act impulsively but you are being reminded to keep walking down the path that you have created. It is leading you to grand realizations and epiphanies. Now is the time for reconnecting with people from your past that may just help to propel you into your future.


Cancer (June 21-July 22)

Changes in routine and shifts in mindset are welcomed during this Full Moon. You will learn the lessons that you need to create the changes that are needed for you to move forward and make progress. If you’ve been debating starting something new and have been waiting for a sign – this is it. Take charge of your life and don’t be afraid to do things differently. Even a small change in your routine can bring unforeseen blessings. For example, if you normally work at home, take your laptop to a local coffee shop. Be open to receiving whatever or whoever crosses your path.


Leo (July 23-August 22)

Even though this Full Moon is in the sign of Leo, you may enter into this planetary alignment with a feeling that things are not going as you had planned. You are reminded not to give up. You are on the cusp of a major breakthrough. Allow the heightened emotional energy of this Full Moon to guide you as you listen to your intuition and emotional intelligence. The obstacles that you face are not as grand as they may seem. Take a deep breath, make time for reflection, and figure out what your next step is going to be. Don’t be afraid to reach out to those around you for support and guidance.


Virgo (August 23- September 22)

There are limitless possibilities before you. As you exchange old habits for healthier alternatives, you open yourself to receiving divine guidance. You may find yourself more inspired to continue along your health and wellness journey, seeking this out as a way to help you manage stress. This Full Moon will help you break away from your typically structured routine as you feel compelled to pursue more creative outlets. You are being encouraged to let go of your expectations and unearth the incredible opportunities that lie ahead.


Libra (September 23-October 22)

You are being encouraged to express your love for those around you. Often times those that mean the most to us are the ones we outwardly appreciate the least. During this Full Moon you will feel closer to your friends and family, so make sure to take the time to send a quick message or tell them in person just how much you appreciate them. With the heightened passionate energy surrounding this Full Moon, it is also the perfect time for getting started on a new project. If you’ve had an idea lingering in the back of your mind for a while, now is the time to act on it.


Scorpio (October 23-November 21)

You will feel yourself called to spend more time at home. This is your place of power and will allow you to recharge and reenergize as you get ready to face all of the new opportunities that are coming your way. Take some time to make your home feel like that – a home. Declutter, rearrange, and create a positive environment for yourself. This will allow you mental clarity and will make your home into a place of power. If you have been feeling off these past few weeks, this Full Moon is here to offer you some pleasant surprises in the most unexpected places.


Sagittarius (November 22-December 21)

You are entering into a time of bliss, one in which everything will feel right with the world. Use this heightened positive energy to allow your imagination to run wild and for ideas to flow. You might find yourself brainstorming more than usual as you gain valuable insights into your true self. Your adventurous side will be amplified as well making it a great time for spontaneity. The lesson you are being taught is to not set limits on your being. Allow the energy of the Universe to flow through you and trust that things will work out the way they are supposed to.

Capricorn (December 22-January 19)

You will feel the entire force of this Full Moon as you feel your energy soar to new heights. Under the guidance of this Moon, your personality will shine through unapologetically. You might be surprised by things that you do or say but somehow everything will feel completely and utterly genuine. The spark within you will ignite and the people around you will take notice. The lesson for you during this Full Moon is to speak up and share what’s on your mind. In this season of your life you will begin to realize that the most powerful thing that you can do is to share your truth.


Aquarius (January 20-February 18)

This Full Moon for you will revolve around your relationships. The powerful Leo energy will see you naturally pull towards more social situations. Rather than staying indoors you’ll want to venture out and see what’s out there. This Full Moon is about breaking past your boundaries, be they physical, mental, or emotional. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, let go of the fears that are keeping you at bay, and jump into the water without hesitation. As you realize the divine power within yourself and you step out of your comfort zone, you will notice the incredible spiritual growth that comes with it.


Pisces (February 19-March 20)

During this Full Moon, you may feel more reckless than usual and feel a strong urge to go over your financial limitations. The lesson for you during this Full Moon is to recognize and acknowledge any impulsivity and to take a step back to assess. Envision where you want to be and ask yourself if the decision at hand helps or hinders that vision. This Full Moon offers you the perfect portal for enriching your spirit. Do things that feed your soul and take the necessary time for self-care to avoid feeling burned out by this heightened energy. If handled correctly, this Full Moon energy will allow you to feel refreshed, inspired, and ready to take on any obstacle that comes your way with the utmost grace.


Guided Meditation & Self-Reflection Journal


To support you along your journey and to help you harness the energy that this powerful Super Full Moon is bringing in, we have created a guided meditation and a full Moon journal.

For those that feel overwhelmed with mind-chatter, self-doubt, and uncertainty, these self-care tools were channeled to assist you in discovering the peace and clarity that this incredible Full Moon is inviting you to experience. Tap here or on the image below to learn more 🙂


Comment with what resonated with you the most 🙂

Sending infinite love & blessings your way!

The Moon Omens Team

2020 Chinese Lunar New Year – Year of the Rat & What This Means for Your Zodiac

According to Chinese astrology, the Rat is the first sign of the zodiac wheel, indicating a new wave of energy and a fresh start to a new cycle.  As we move from the year of the Yin Earth Pig to the year of the Yang Metal Rat, we enter into a year of pure renewal, one filled with the opportunity to come into alignment with the truth of who we really are.

From January 25th through February 11th we will be in the bountiful Year of the Rat, ushering in powerful vibrations that will reverberate through every part of our being. As we set our resolutions for 2020 and enter a year of new beginnings, we allow ourselves to start something new, listen to our heightened intuition, and plant the seeds that will continue to grow abundantly even through the year of the Ox in 2021.


The Year of the Rat will affect us all, but each zodiac will feel this energy differently. Here is how this Chinese New Year will affect you: 




The Year of the Rat most closely aligns with the Sun sign of Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. This year is going to be incredible for you as things begin to fall into alignment you start to manifest your grand vision. Be sure to keep setting big goals and intentions and continuing to strive to get better. You will receive recognition and success this year but do not take this for granted. Continue to work hard and cultivate all you have sowed.




This is a year dedicated to planning and organization. As you put the effort into carrying out 2020 with greater intention and purpose than prior years, you will see the Universe reward you handsomely. This is a time for letting go of that which no longer serves you, of that which deserves to be left in the past, as you create a game plan and set yourself up for success in the near future. Dedicate this year to taking care of your body and mind and build a strong foundation for all that is to come.




You will finally feel like you are in control of all that is around you during this bountiful year. You will be able to handle any challenges that come your way with grace and feel compelled to rid yourself of any negative energy around you as you instead embrace divine light, positivity, and inspiration. You will be able to handle your relationships and career incredibly well and will remain persistent and committed in achieving all of your aspirations and goals.




You have things from this past year that you did not follow through with and that’s alright. This is a new year of honing your skills and accomplishing your goals. Use this time to create a solid foundation as you take the next steps in your life towards the future that you desire. Take the time to figure out what is and is not working for you. This level of awareness will help shine a light on the path you are meant to take as you begin your journey.




Your past anxiety and fears will begin to melt away this year as you move towards an innate sense of serenity and peace and enjoy the simple magic of the present moment. This is time to remember that the past is in the past and you are here at this very moment for a divine purpose. Push past any lack of motivation that may arise and tackle anything that comes your way. You are being supported and unconditional love is flowing through you.




This year will be one of resolution. The problems of your past will soon be resolved, and your energy will begin to lighten as you are able to set down the weight of the burdens you have been carrying. This is an incredible time for taking care of yourself. You know you have a tendency to put too much on your plate and you can often feel overwhelmed. Take time for self-care and self-love and let the worries of the world melt away.




The ultimate lesson for this year is to embrace the concept of “new year, new me.” You are the creator of your reality. Don’t be afraid to try something new or exciting and instead let your fears subside. Watch how quickly the Universe rewards your boldness. This is the perfect time for releasing bad habits and making the choices that you know are going to lead to a healthier and better you. You will feel drawn to investing in your relationships with those around you as you work on strengthening your bonds.




This is a year of transformation for you. Things are changing and you may feel overwhelmed at first. Remember that every change is for the best, release your grasp, and watch the blessings pour over you. You may have stayed in certain situations that you know aren’t right for you out of convenience. Get ready for newfound determination and motivation as you release that which is no longer serving you. So, take a chance. Pursue that job, that relationship, that home, that opportunity. You will be rewarded.




This year is full of bright, light energy. You are being supported in everything you do and every decision you make. As you awaken to the divine in you, you will notice incredible abundance flow into your life. Financial stability, career growth, and bettered health are on the horizon. This is a year of heightened energy as you feel a pull towards socializing and meeting new people. The people that enter your life will stay with you and bring unbounded joy.




Even though this zodiac sign is ruled by logic, the Year of the Rat will allow you to begin to feel more in touch with your emotions. You will feel motivated to speak your truth and express yourself which will be incredibly liberating. Ask for what you want and don’t be afraid to walk away if you are not receiving what you need. Make sure not to act out of pure impulsivity. Simply allow yourself to trust in the divine process and take action along the way to fully align yourself with your true life’s calling.




This is a year dedicated to open-mindedness for you. You have been mentally stuck for quite some time and something has simply not felt as it should. You will be blessed with a fresh and new perspective that will allow you to see things as they truly are. Let yourself go with the flow and watch the possibilities and opportunities pour into your life. Make the most of this heightened awareness and embrace the opportunities that arise.




For you, this is a year of productivity. There are a lot of things that you wish to accomplish this year and you have already set some intentions. This is the time to tackle your projects head on as you feel a heightened sense of focus. You have your eye on the prize; move forward with purpose. This year will bring you a lot of joy and happiness so embrace all that is to come and enjoy this time. Make sure to pay attention to any minor shifts and changes that may arise as this is the Universe pushing you in the right direction.

The alignment of the Chinese Lunar New Year with the Aquarius New Moon showers us in powerful cosmic energy giving us newfound determination, heightened creativity, and the confidence to move forward on our true life’s path with divine light. You are the creator of your own existence and are now open to receiving infinite possibilities and opportunities.

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Sending infinite love & blessings your way!

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