Arcturus Gateway 2020: Remembering Who We Are

The Arcturus Gateway opens every year between October 16 and October 18, but its influence is going to be stronger than usual during 2020. Many of us are likely to be able to feel the effects of this alignment for the rest of the current lunar cycle, which also began on October 16 with the New Supermoon in Libra. These two cosmic events represent in themselves potent new beginnings, and the fact that they are happening simultaneously is enhancing the creative power of both.

Arcturus is a bright, big, Fixed Star: it is always placed at 24°14’ Libra and, on October 17, the Sun joins it there, opening an energetic portal that invites us to go inwards and come back to our hearts. The light codes coming from Arcturus through the rays of the Sun accelerate our healing process, help us find a deeper meaning to what we encounter on our path, and encourage us to remember that things happen for us and not to us. 


The Arcturus Gateway: a Potent Alignment


Ancient astronomers, in particular those from India and Egypt, were well aware of the importance of Fixed Stars such as Sirius and Arcturus and they studied their influence in great detail. Arcturus is the brightest Star in the Bootes constellation, and, traditionally, it has been considered one of the most fortunate Fixed Stars in the sky, associated with luck, abundance, and increased motivation to overcome challenges.

The Arcturus Gateway opens twice a year when the alignment between Sun, Earth, and Arcturus becomes perfect: in April we witness the opposition between the Sun in Aries and the bright Fixed Star in Libra, while in October we experience the effects of their conjunction, which merges their energies.

From our perspective on Earth, during the Sun-Arcturus conjunction in Libra, Arcturus becomes invisible. Yet, its power is magnified through the alignment with the Sun. For this reason, sun-gazing at sunrise or sunset, meditating in Nature, eating our lunch outside, or even simply spending time outdoors, with bare skin exposed to sunlight, can allow us to absorb the higher frequencies coming from Arcturus that are reaching the Earth through the rays of the Sun.


Arcturus Frequency: Healing and Transcendence


Arcturus represents more than a Star: it is home of higher dimensional beings, and it holds a very high frequency that, since very ancient times, has been associated with the transcendence of physical form, emotional healing, and creativity. 

Arcturians are said to represent the highest potential of evolution of the human race and one of the most advanced civilizations of the entire galaxy. Many believe that, at the moment of death, human consciousness passes through the Arcturian realms. These realms are not a dense, physical plane like the 3D reality we are familiar with: it is an etheric plane that has primarily a sixth-density. Arcturians don’t have a physical form, they often manifest to us as angels, and their purpose is to serve humanity by helping us heal and reminding us of our true essence.


The Symbolic Meaning of Libra 25


The 24°14’ degree of Libra, where the Sun and Arcturus are meeting, is correlated to Sabian Symbol Libra 25.

Sabian Symbols consist of 360 specific phrases that contain metaphors and images associated with each of the 360 degrees of the Zodiac. They have been channeled by Clairvoyant Elsie Wheeler who worked with Astrologer Mark Edmund Jones back in 1925. The Symbols have the function to add an additional layer of meaning to each degree of each sign.

The Sabian Symbol for Libra 25 is “The sight of an autumn leaf brings to a pilgrim the sudden revelation of the mystery of life and death”. This phrase reminds us of our innate ability to look beyond what is obvious, beyond what is immediately visible to the naked eye.

This Sabian Symbol is about seeking the deeper meaning of what we encounter on our path and becoming aware of the reason behind the cyclical and repetitive patterns that show up in our lives. Searching for the hidden significance behind what is obvious helps us connect with our Higher Self, and facilitates the access to our inner wisdom and intuition.

Arcturus Gateway

The transition between 24° and 25° of Libra symbolizes our ability to understand the interconnectedness of everything in creation, and the ongoing exchange of energy and information between our dimension, other planes, more advanced beings, and different timelines.

When this Symbol is activated by a powerful alignment such as the Arcturus Gateway, we need to be particularly mindful of what shows up for us during these days. Mundane events we wouldn’t normally pay much attention to may represent a metaphor for something much deeper, that contains important messages for our Soul’s evolution. 


The Arcturus Gateway is Open: Seeing Through the Illusion


These days are going to be filled with incredible synchronicities, sudden insights, and revelations. What comes up at this time has the potential to incredibly accelerate the shift in consciousness we are all experiencing.

Contacting Arcturians, beings from other dimensions, our Angels and Guides, is likely to be easier than usual. Starseeds are going to feel this alignment particularly intensely, especially those of them who spent some of their past lives on Arcturus.

To align with the vibration of Arcturus, charge in the sunlight your crystals, amulets, tarot cards, or other spiritual and divination tools. This is a wonderful time for conscious manifestation and intention setting, as the energy of the New Supermoon we just experienced and the frequency of the Arcturus-Sun conjunction are enhancing each other and they are both supporting these purposes.

We may feel more intensely than usual the triggers that emerge during these days. Nonetheless, they also offer us great potential for emotional healing, for the integration of complex or traumatic experiences, and the transmutation of stagnant energies into higher vibrations.

The Arcturus Gateway opens a cosmic portal that invites us to come home to ourselves, to the center of our being, and to connect with the part of us that is beyond time and space, beyond the physical form and all the limitations it implies. Ultimately, this cosmic event reminds us of our true nature. During these times of uncertainty and transition, the Sun-Arcturus alignment encourages us to open our hearts, to trust the Divine plan, and to cultivate our innate connection to Source.

Comment below if you’re excited about this gateway, share what resonated with you the most. Also please tap on the heart if you loved reading this. Blessings and love Soul Family!

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Decoding The Spiritual Meaning Of 8888 — 888 — 88 & 8

In this article we are going to decode spiritual meaning of the number 8 and it’s sequences 88, 888 and 8888. In previous article we decoded number 7, if you haven’t we invite you to read it (read article about number 7)

Following the inherent spiritual understanding of how the Universe is connected and operates through the number 7, the number 8 creates a mathematical, logical representation of the spiritual world that can take shape in the 3D material plane. The number 8 is the manifestation of time into space. Sacred geometry in numerology is at its peak at this stage.

8 has much more freedom to create in material reality than the initial material structure of the number 4. There is a greater range of potential to expand into because the form is less rigid. The number 8 has the ability to fully manifest in the material world and is therefore often considered a very magical number.


Strength of Will 8


The number 8 in numerology indicates strength of will. This is the number of mind over matter that teaches how to use the law of attraction.

When this number is appearing for you, it is time for you to become aware of how your thoughts are influencing your reality. What you focus on, you magnify. You are especially potent in your ability to draw things to you, and also gifted at overcoming obstacles that are blocking your creations from taking form.

8 is a karmic number that seeks balance, as symbolized by it’s symmetry. The lessons of this energy are teaching that you must use your personal power, which often manifests through your ego, in order to create the callings of your soul.

The energy of the number 8 will show where your spiritual imbalance is in order to help your soul grow to be spirit driven, rather than ego driven. The problem with ego-driven manifestation is that it usually involves you forcing your will onto other people, either consciously or unconsciously, to get what you want.

Manifesting through the ego disconnects you from spirit because it is based on the belief that you know what is best. In numerology, the number 8 calls you to achieve both spiritual and material wealth through spiritual creation, which honors the freedom of all things.


Seeing the number 8 is a sign from the Universe that it is time for you to bring your powerful will into alignment with spirit. Doing so will create moments of divine timing, synchronistic opportunities, and situations where what is best for all parties is considered.

There is great force within you, and the number 8 does not want you to diminish it. On your spiritual path, the number 8 asks you to continue to use your power to overcome obstacles and manifest in the world in a way that allows you to be a conduit for the Universe.


Material and Spiritual Abundance 88


The number 88 is one of material and spiritual abundance. This number calls you redefine what success look like in the world by incorporating spirit.

The number 88 is a sign that you are meant to be a leader and will naturally attract opportunities for great wealth and abundance into your life. The Universe is inviting you to show others how to create prosperity in their life by making spirit the foundation.

Spirit and matter are not separate, and the meaning of the number 88 teaches that. Spirit is the source through which the physical world manifests. Often people trapped in ego seek fortune and riches in order to achieve social status or fame, but this is a material reality on a faulty spiritual foundation. That type of success is never long lasting.

The energy of the number 88 calls you to dismantle those ego-based associations with the drive for material things. You are learning lessons of creating wealth in order to share with others, achieving success in the material world to do great works for humanity, and seeing prosperity as confirmation of spiritual alignment.


The Universe is naturally abundant. Falling into a mindset of lack, disempowerment, and poverty is simply a trick of the mind. By breaking free of this illusion, you discover the link between honoring your spiritual calling and manifesting what you need in the material world.

On your soul’s path, the number 88 is confirmation that you are generating wealth through your spiritual alignment with the Universe. Others look to you as a role model, who uses their power and influence to make a difference in the world. As you continue to share your abundance and follow your spiritual path, new forms of prosperity will stream into your life because the Universe always provides.


Mastery of Personal Power 888


888 is a sign of mastery of your personal power. You are taking on new levels of leadership because you’ve discovered how to balance your drive for achievement with the good of others.

Leading others is special spiritual path. You must guide those who turn to you for direction. It is very easy for this power to corrupt people in positions of power. Often times, leaders succumb to personal interest and selfishness, rather than considering the needs of those they are responsible for guiding.

Seeing the number 888 is your chance to examine how you are using your personal power in regards to others. The Universe is calling for you to use authenticity and transparency in order to manifest your will in sacred co-creation with others. It is time to become aware of tendencies to manipulate others, overshadow others, or assert dominance in order to get your way.

By uncovering this shadow, you strengthen your leadership abilities. This is because you’ve done the spiritual reflection needed to ensure you are being fair and just in how you see your personal power.


Seeing the number 888 means you now are aware of the full spectrum of how you may be inclined to use your power and can do so with consciousness to ensure it is coming from spirit rather than ego.

On your spiritual path, the number 888 invites you to create your own method of leadership. It is time for you to reflect how you can display your spiritual knowing without making others feeling inferior. You have the strength to build others up, while also demonstrating your expertise.


Accessing Infinity 8888


8888 is number of infinity. Seeing this number is a sign that you have accessed a level of consciousness where your creation potential is unlimited. You are able to unite spirit and matter to bring yourself to new levels of abundance and prosperity.

The Universe is gifting you with the experience of infinity. You have infinite time through a state of flow, infinite wealth through feelings of abundance, and infinite love through an all-encompassing appreciation for life.

This is a time for you to allow your spirit to soar without limits. As far as you go, you’ll always return home. Just like the infinity symbol, you will always return to your spiritual center.

8888 is a signal you are raising your consciousness. Only great spiritual masters are able to access the realm of infinity. Time spent in meditation will offer you access to the mysteries of the Universe.

When noticing 8888, you are growing out of limiting beliefs. You are no longer repeating patterns and being stuck with the same results. This time around, you have awareness of the impact of your choices, which allows you to cultivate a new level of consciousness.

The number 8888 gives you the confidence to move beyond your current life circumstances. Nothing is too big for you to achieve, and there is no reason to settle for less than your highest possible ideals.


On your spiritual path, you have access to the knowledge of great spiritual masters before you. 8888 is your gateway to experience ultimate reality, where the infinite potential of spirit is manifest in the world for you to live your dreams.

Leave a comment below with what resonated with you the most and please share this article with others. Sending love & blessings your way!

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444 Portal – 4/4/4 (2+0+2+0=4) – Spiritual Gateway

This 444 portal is the doorway into the New Earth


As the Universe often communicates with us through subtly hidden signs, omens, and synchronicities, a common form for the Universe to convey messages with us is through number sequences. Through Numerology and the vibration of numbers, we can decode today’s 444 portal to discover its hidden meaning and significant message.

The number sequence 4/4/4 is a messenger that urges us to trust ourselves and the gut feelings that we’ve been getting. We’re also being shown the path ahead of us in the midst of a breaking down of an old reality. In other words, old systems and ways of doing things are crumbling while the path forward is opening up.


We can look at this 444 portal as a road sign that is directing us along our life path


We’re in a unique position as a collective, and this sign couldn’t have come at a better time. This rare number sequence is here as a reminder that we are not alone and when life feels overwhelming, challenging or whenever we feel lost, we need to seek guidance and protection from the Universe, spirit guides, angels, or our ancestors.


4/4/4 vibrates on an extremely high frequency that is synonymous with breakthroughs and answered prayers


If you find yourself seeing this powerful number sequence, remember that it’s affirming for you that you’re exactly where you need to be and the steps ahead are yours to take.

Regardless of any confusion or uncertainty that may be felt with everything happening around you, take time to go into solitude, disconnect yourself from the noise, so you may discern your next steps.

Remember, 444 is incredibly rare and there is no coincidence that it’s appearing during these times. Take it as an omen that you’re fully supported and safe to continue pursuing your passion and manifesting your deepest intentions with calmness, patience, and grace.

If you are new to Numerology and number sequences, or maybe you’ve been noticing certain number sequences appearing a lot lately, try this personalized numerology report to decode your birth date and discover your life path number, soul urge number, soul expression number, and birth name number. Tap here or on the image below.

repeating numbers

We are sending you abundant vibes during this time as we all take significant steps forward in the days ahead!

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Love & blessings,


The Moon Omens Team

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