Full Moon in Cancer: Path to Empowerment

On January 17, 6:48 PM ET, we witness the first Full Moon of the calendar year, also referred to as the Wolf Moon. This cosmic event is taking place at 27°50’ of the sign of Cancer, the lunar domicile, and it is guiding us on a path to personal and collective empowerment.

The Moon in Cancer opposes the Sun and Pluto in Capricorn, intensifying our experience of feelings and emotions and inviting us to explore the way we deal with them, showing us what we need to transform and alchemize.

To celebrate the arrival of Full Moon in Cancer, on January 17 9:45 PM ET, we are hosting Global Live Full Moon in Cancer Meditation on our YouTube channel. We invite you to join us, and invite others to meditate together with us. Tap here to find our scheduled live meditation.


Full Moons bring clarity and facilitate understanding.


The light of the Sun completely illuminates the Moon, bringing awareness of our emotional world, subconscious patterns, and habitual reactions. At this time of the month, the truth can be perceived, and mysteries may be revealed. We tend to experience a strong emotionality and some degree of polarization between contrasting drives, as the Sun and the Moon activate opposing and complementary energies.

As the intentions we set on the New Moon may manifest, Full Moons mark the maturation and culmination of the lunar cycle. They inaugurate two weeks of slowing down and decreased momentum, a moment to share what we have been working on with others and release what we no longer want to carry. 

full moon in cancer

The Full Moon of January is also known as the Wolf Moon due to the fact that, at this time of the year and in the Northern part of what today we know as the United States, it was very common to hear howling wolves at night. This has inspired many stories and legends of ancient folklore centered around the connection between wolves and the Full Moon. Wolves remind us of the power of community and mutual support and the importance of being part of a Soul family that has our back in moments of crisis.


Full Wolf Moon in Cancer: There’s No Place Like Home


As an intense Capricorn season culminates, the Full Moon in Cancer highlights our need for safety, softness, belonging, nurturance, and comfort. The Moon is at home here. She expresses herself with great sensitivity and incredible intuition while reflecting an urge to withdraw into our private, inner world to come back to harmony.

While the Moon is in the sign of the Crab, we gravitate towards the familiar, the known, what feels secure. There is a spontaneous attunement to the environment and a natural connection to the surrounding atmosphere. Cancer is the sign relative to family and domestic realms: a Full Moon here is likely to bring these areas of our lives into the spotlight, reminding us that there’s no place like home.


Full Moon opposite Pluto: Finding Internal Security


The Moon correlates with memory, particularly with emotional memory. Her condition reflects how we try to get our emotional needs met and generate conditions of safety. When the Moon forms a hard aspect to Pluto, there can be a tendency to do so through emotional and psychological manipulation of others and the environment. Often, we do so to maintain a connection or a sense of predictability, to avoid feeling threatened from insecurity and the risk of not having our needs met. 

Moon-Pluto aspects are about letting go of unhealthy emotional attachments we are dependent upon for comfort and security, and that don’t allow us to develop a sense of safety coming from within. All oppositions bring revelations and understanding, and this Full Moon opposite Pluto has the potential to help us gain clarity on the psychology behind our emotional states and reactions and the expectations we, more or less consciously, place on other people.


Sun conjunct Pluto: Taking Responsibility for our Power


On this Full Moon, Pluto has indeed a prominent role. This faraway planet, considered to be the force of evolution, exposes what is decaying, decomposing, and deteriorating to promote a radical, complete metamorphosis. Since it entered Capricorn in 2008, Pluto has been bringing up all the shadows of society, institutions, and established systems. Meanwhile, this transit invites us to become aware of the conditioning we have internalized due being exposed to these structures.

Pluto is now tightly conjunct with the Sun. The Sun meets Pluto once a year, calling for a deep transformation of our sense of self, purpose, identity, and expression. This alignment is an invitation to take responsibility for our power and don’t be afraid to embody and express it. 

Sun-Pluto aspects encourage us to discover the limits of our will, challenge our fears, and explore matters of personal identity, self-confidence, self-affirmation, and exposure. In Capricorn, this alignment invites us to establish our individual identity in the context of the changing social structures. We may reflect on how to contribute to the creation of systems that allow the full expression of our creativity while generating value for the collective.


Full Moon trine Neptune: Opportunities to Heal


The Moon is in a Water trine with Neptune in Pisces, a flowing aspect of ease and harmony. This alignment suggests powerful intuition and ease of connection with the emotions and feelings of others. An immense capacity for empathy and compassion facilitates forgiveness and supports our capacity to put ourselves into someone else’s shoes. During these days, increased emotional openness may help us heal and process something still unresolved. 

Full Moon in Cancer

A desire to save another, to be saved or rescued could come up during this lunation. Neptune in aspect to the Moon erases the boundaries between self and other. It increases our inspiration and our desire for creative expression. Channeling our feelings into art can feel incredibly healing and rewarding. During these days, we may also be careful of not self-sacrificing or dismissing our needs in favor of other people’s needs, which may lead to experiences of disillusionment later on. 


Mars square Neptune: Aligning Dreams and Actions


Neptune is quite prominent in this lunation as, besides being aligned with the Moon, is also in a square aspect to Mars in Sagittarius, an energy that has been active for the entire week. Hard aspects between Mars and Neptune always generate some amount of frustration. Squares reflect a tension between two celestial bodies trying to go in different directions and that, in doing so, block each other’s way. 

Mars and Neptune have very little in common. While Mars is about action, decision, reactivity, and sharpness, Neptune is about passivity, blurriness, confusion, and receptivity. Their square can reflect some difficulties matching our dreams, ideals, and wishes with actual actions directed towards a specific goal in the material reality. We may feel unmotivated and lethargic and come to believe that our efforts don’t lead to any tangible result. We may feel frustrated if change doesn’t happen fast enough, or have the impression that our life force dissipates in multiple directions. 

All Mars-Neptune aspects underline the importance of aligning our actions and choices in the material reality with our spiritual path. They challenge us to resolve any incongruencies between our ideals and values, how we act, and what we do. At their best, Mars-Neptune contacts bring out the most exquisite artistry, creativity, and inspiration, allowing us to connect with our capacity to be a vessel for Spirit and reach deep states of flow.

To help you harness this energy Full Moon in Cancer brings we have created Full Moon printable channeled “Path to Empowerment” journal and guided meditation audio. We invite you to use these Full Moon in Cancer Ritual tools: journal and meditate together with Moon Omens Soul Family. Tap here to learn more and gain access to ritual tools.


Full Moon in Cancer: Path to Empowerment


During this pivotal moment of human history, we are becoming more and more aware of what power is and what power isn’t. By witnessing destructive, corrupted examples of authority and leadership, we are being challenged to develop and embody constructive, healthy ones. As we get to understand what we do not want the world to become, we can envision and build a better reality, both for ourselves and for future generations. Everyone is now called to take responsibility to do their part.

We are about to experience two important astrological shifts. Tomorrow the Lunar Nodes change sign and Uranus stations direct, catalyzing an acceleration of events and inviting us to step up to new evolutionary challenges. The Cancer Full Moon reminds us of our task of learning to hold ourselves, parent ourselves, and take care of ourselves emotionally, spiritually, but also financially and materially. 

This potent lunation marks a turning point in our path of personal empowerment and emotional maturation. As we deepen our self-knowledge and our understanding of our internal dynamics, we have a chance to embrace a new level of personal responsibility. Refining our self-regulation habits will help us feel stronger, more grounded, and more self-secure, and ultimately navigate the upcoming changes optimally.

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Decoding The Spiritual Meaning Of 9999 – 999 – 99 & 9

In this article we are going to decode spiritual meaning of the number 9 and it’s sequences 99, 999 and 9999. In previous article we decoded number 8, if you haven’t we invite you to read it (read article about number 8)

Following the infinite manifestation ability of the number 8, the number 9 achieves perfect spiritual structure. The number 9 represents the greatest harmony possible for the world, where there is no more growth left to do.

Numerologically, this is the culmination of the 3rd cycle of creation. The creative forces of spirit are fully linked with the material world. There is union between both worlds, achieving the utmost perfection. From here, the only thing left is to dissolve so the cycle can begin over again.


Service to Others 9


The number 9 in numerology represents service to humanity. This is the number of wisdom, responsibility, and selflessness.

When this number is appearing for you, it is time for you to focus on humanitarianism. The Universe asks you to broad your perspective to understand the experiences of others. You are cultivating empathy by taking a metaphorical walk in someone else’s shoes.

9 is also karmic number of spiritual awakening. When this number appears, you are being called to view the world around you from the perspective of spirit. All is one and one is all; people just separated into a myriad of different identities and parts.

Using the energy of the number 9 you can honor both the separation and wholeness present in the nature of the manifest world. The separation only feels scary when you forget the cosmic knowing that you are inherently part of the vast interconnectedness of the Universe.

On your spiritual path, seeing the number 9 means that it is time for you to be of service to those who are in need. By offering others your time, energy, and attention, you bring them back to union with the interconnection the world.


It is through this interconnection that humanity sustains itself. When the number 9 appears, you truly can spread the light with your compassion.


Release to Complete 99


The number 99 is one of surrender. This number calls you to let go and release what is no longer in alignment with your spiritual cycle.

99 is a sacred number because it represents cosmic harmony. As things emerge in life, others must fall away. This is a natural cycle of the Universe.

It can be scary to the ego to let go of what you’ve clung to as part of your identity. Changes in jobs, housing, and relationships can seem disruptive. Losing things of value to you can be painful, but it is through this process of rebirth that you learn how to develop faith in the next stage of your life.

When 99 is appearing for you, it is a period of time when you must hand the reins over to the Universe for guidance. When you are refusing to relinquish control, you will notice your pain and suffering growing. You will be only be gifted with grace when you fully surrender to the flow of spiritual energy.


This is the culmination of your spiritual journey on the path you’ve been walking. The transformation is natural and needed for you to evolve to the next leg of your spiritual journey.

The Universe is sending you the message through the number 99 to release your fear and focus on trust. Everything happening is for the highest good. Ultimately, you will see how necessary the shift happening was to your well being. Continue to have faith until you’ve made it to the other side.


Integrating Lessons For Evolving Humanity 999


999 is a sign that you are integrating your spiritual lessons for the evolution of humanity. Your insight makes you have very special cosmic role in the path of the collective spiritual journey of the world.

The energy of 999 holds knowledge of crisis within it because it knows that ultimately it will be dissolved into something new. The world is in a similar place right now, where major transformation is provoking a feeling of chaotic confusion.

Amid the chaos of the work, seeing the number 999 indicates you are a spiritual light worker who is meant to hold space for the changes, acknowledge what is happening, and help others to process their experiences.


Seeing the number 999 means that you have a sacred duty to educate others on your own spiritual ups and downs in order to help them make sense of their own awakening process. One thing the Universe is calling you to convey is that it is okay for things to fall apart because they will be rebuilt better than before.

Things must reach completion, or else they will go on forever and nothing new would begin again. The lessons of 999 is to honor the conflict of wanting to keep things the same to feel safe with the desire to trust everything will turn out alright. This is a very tumultuous and emotional space for people to be in because it feels like an in-between with no answers or direction.

On your spiritual path, the energy of 999 calls on you to be a lighthouse for others to lead them through the darkness. Continuing to promote kindness, compassion, and empathy is how humanity will successfully evolve to the next level.

The energy of 999 invites you to release the need for perfection. It’s all right to not have answers to everything. Simply being present and holding space for others to have their own spiritual awakenings is all you need to do. You might only impact a handful of people, but on the cosmic level, you are making a huge shift in the consciousness of humanity.


Ascended Master 9999


The number 9999 holds the frequency of an ascended master. When noticing 9999, you are a very special carrier of higher consciousness, and you will naturally elevate other’s mind to see the connection and love in the world.

9999 is a signal that you have reached a very high spiritual frequency. You are both connected to the world soul and the infinite world of spirit. This special link allows you to channel messages from spirit to the rest of the world.

When 9999 is appearing for you, you have come to a very advanced stage of spiritual enlightenment. It is good to notice the intuitive callings you’ve been having and write them down. The Universe is giving you pieces of information that you will need to remember later.


Through the energy of 9999, ascended masters are working through you as a channel for bringing harmony, peace, and love to the world. Opening to their higher frequency through meditation is helpful to merge your consciousness with that of your spiritual guides.

Since 9999 represents transformation, you will begin to feel a sense of transcendence in your daily life. You may notice orbs of light or colors around you, and this is very high frequency energy surrounding you.

On your spiritual path, when you open to holding the energy of the ascended masters in the physical world, you naturally bring others into resonance with the high vibration. You are harmonizing people around you just by allowing your light to shine.

Honor the energy of 9999 with gratitude. The ascended masters know your spiritual devotion and integrity make you the ideal person to hold this frequency. This won’t last forever, for the channels change often, but for now, you are uplifting the consciousness to spirit in perfect harmony.

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