Decoding The Spiritual Meaning Of 6666 – 666 – 66 & 6

In this article we are going to decode spiritual meaning of the number 6 and it’s sequences 66, 666 and 6666. The numbers 1-3 initiated the first creation cycle, which went through the phases of individuation (1), encountering duality (2), and manifesting a third energy to create wholeness (3). However, this first phase only occurred in the 2nd dimension of ideas, rather than matter.

The second creation cycle in numerology unites spirit with matter (4), transforms and is filled with life (5) (read article about number 5), and then settles into material comfort (6).  The number 6 teaches about the function and purpose of each thing in the Universe and offers insight about how all parts are needed for the whole to thrive.

Once the chaos of number 5 leads to full spiritual alignment, the harmonious number 6 begins to soothe the rocky ride. This number seeks to bring wholeness to one’s material life. 6 is such a significant number because it brings the second level of creation to culmination, integrating the lessons of the mind, body, and spirit into the physical world.


Releasing Old Habits 6


The number in numerology 6 calls you to focus on health and wellness of your entire self (mind, body, and soul). It holds the energy of a 3, but now brings the same lessons at a higher frequency.

When it appears for you, it is a message from the Universe that it is time to willingly sacrifice your vices in order to truly find your center. Living in genuine comfort means that all aspects are balanced in your life.

Seeing 6 indicates that you are focusing too much on one aspect of your well-being and neglecting the other. Mind, body, and soul are deeply connected, and when this balance is disrupted, disease, depression, and doubt begin to manifest in your life.

The energy of the number 6 is calling you to examine self-sabotaging behaviors and make changes to create more wholeness in your life. It is time for you to release these old habits and create new patterns.


The Universe is asking you to no longer have parts of yourself warring with each other. It is time to focus on peace for the sake of your well-being.

Your spiritual path when guided by the number 6 is one of sacrifice. It is challenging to release your habits, but doing so will bring you true satisfaction.

Seeing this number means the time is perfect and you are guided by spirit. The energy of the number 6 will bring you self-love, compassion, and motivation to make decisions that are good for your soul.


Community Building and Nurturing 66


The number 66 in numerology seeks balance and harmony. This is the number of compassion, warmth, understanding, and love.

66 is a sacred number because it holds the energy of the heart space. When this number is appearing, you are filled with tenderness, compassion, and empathy for those around you.

The Universe is calling you to use this nurturing energy to create a feeling of home and community for others. This is your opportunity to offer sanctuary for everyone to feel safe and loved.


Seeing this number indicates that you are naturally aware of the isolation others struggle with. This is because you have the intuitive gift of heart-sight, which allows you to truly understand what others needs.

The number 66 invites you to take on the responsibility of tending to the needs of others and offering your tender care. This incredible act of service brings meaning and fulfillment into your life.

On your spiritual path, the number 66 brings the message that you are a true example of someone who lives their beliefs. Your kindness is greatly valued and you will be soon rewarded by the Universe in the form of a blessing in your home for the selfless deeds you’ve done.


Inspiration Over Competition 666


666 is a message to choose inspiration over competition. This number is often associated with dark energy, though it is not inherently a bad number.

When the energy of this number is channeled in alignment with spirit, it is a sign that fresh inspiration is bringing you to new levels of consciousness. The key is to not let these new revelations and insights bring you to a state of hubris.

Pride and envy can be a downfall of rapid advancement on the spiritual path, much like you are experiencing right now. The ego takes over because it is scared of losing control and begins to active a sense of superiority.

Superiority, which isolates you from others in your community and makes you believe you have nothing left to learn, is the opposite of the genuine spiritual meaning of 666.


666 invites you to cherish your place in your community and honor the differences between everyone. When in alignment with spirit, seeing this number means you recognized the importance every person, place, and thing has to the whole. No part is useless, unnecessary, or without meaning.

Noticing 666 means you are reflecting on your place in the community, and also choosing to look at other’s gifts and talents as strengths for you too, since you realize you are not separate from others.

On your spiritual path, the number 666 indicates you are seeing the gifts of others with appreciation. It’s time for you to value the contributions everyone has to make and enjoy sharing your unique talents for the benefit of the community too.


Energy Healing 6666


6666 in numerology is the number of a true master healer. Seeing this number indicates an extremely strong talent for the healing arts.

The frequency of this number indicates your healing strength comes through the link you’ve created between your mind and your heart. Together, your intuition and intellect make a dynamic duo that allows you bring healing to everyone you encounter, regardless of their spiritual beliefs.


You can easily tune into what is hurting in people and figure out the best method to sooth their aching soul. Seeing 6666 means you’ve got more than one approach to communicating your wisdom, depending on what is the best medicine for that individual.

You realize some respond best to knowledge and can have a stimulating discussion that helps one’s mind. You’re also able to sense when someone needs a soft touch and know how to respond with gentle compassion.

When you see this number, the Universe is sending you appreciation for all that you do. The energy of 6666 is apparent in all that you do, and everywhere you go others are put at ease.

On your spiritual path, 6666 is your sign to continue to cultivate your spiritual healing abilities. It is wise to consider Reiki, astrology, or massage. Your energy is flowing with the healing bliss of the Universe.

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In the next article of number series we are going to decode spiritual meaning of number 7.

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The 444 Portal Reloaded – Sacred Synchronicity

On April 4th, 2020 (4/4/2+0+2+0) we experienced a profound 444 portal. The April 4th 444 Portal was the rarest Numerology sequence we will experience in 2020.

As we mentioned in our previous 444 Portal Blog (tap here to read previous 444 article), 4/4/4 vibrates on an extremely high frequency that is synonymous with breakthroughs and answered prayers.

If you find yourself seeing this powerful number sequence, remember that it’s affirming for you that you’re exactly where you need to be and the steps ahead are yours to take.


444 portal is calling you to reflect


9 days ago on 4/4, a seed was planted and a doorway like no other opened. Reflect: Were you making any big decisions during that time? Did you have any revealing moments that brought you a lot of clarity and answers? What were you learning or feeling inspired about? What has unfolded since then?

Often times when we learn new things or make pivotal decisions that we originally felt lead, guided, or inspired to make, there comes a time shortly after when we may feel a little less inspired and clear. This period of time that follows moments of great clarity and realization serves as a phase of consolidating and strengthening the roots of the newly planted vision and idea.

444 portal

The lack of clarity and inspiration we may have felt had little to do with the vision we’re adopting, and more to do with our body’s need for recharging and rest as a lot of energy was previously exerted in a short period of time. We are referring to the ideas, realizations, and perspective shifts that are unfolding on or around 4/4.


Today, April 13th, 2020 (4/13=1+3=4/2+0+2+0=4) 444 portal reopens


This may be where the breakthrough comes in. As a seed was planted 9 days ago and the portal brought a lot of new information and realizations to our awareness. Today, that seed is given the light and energy it needs to fully take root and begin its process of germinating and blossoming over the coming months.

444 portal

The seed we are referring to here is a new version of us that’s been planted to blossom and thrive. A new you that is emerging with all of your learning lessons and accumulated experiences. This 444 Portal is occurring at this very time for a reason and this is far from a coincidence. The social distancing and self-induced solitude have provided a fertile environment for us to grow in ways we haven’t grown in a long time.


444 portal is inviting you to work on intentions


This is a time to work on and reaffirm intentions that you set during previous 444 portal. It’s an opportunity to reinstall these visions and ideas on a deeper level. Think of it as a software update.

If you haven’t set any intentions yet, then this a perfect time for intention setting and surrounding yourself with the very things that you feel inspired to grow in and learn more about. Today as the 444 portal reopens, the simple call to action and reminder from the Universe is this:

“Give yourself time to soak up all that you are learning. Focus your energy on what inspires you, to the new ideas that have been expanding your awareness, and observe the little wins that unfolded daily.”

We hope this article resonates with you and speaks to your unique situation. Leave a comment below and let us know 🙂

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444 portal

Repeating Numbers? Why Do We See And What It Means

Have you ever wondered why you see certain repeating numbers sequences pop up throughout your day?

You might have a habit of waking up at exactly 2:22am or 3:33am or seeing number sequences appearing not only on clocks but also on price tags, addresses, written pieces of paper, license plates, receipts, etc.


Repeating numbers are spiritual sequences reminding you that something divine is happening in your life


They are the calling card of the Universe and are used to communicate with us and send subtle messages of guidance. The Universe’s vibrations at their simplest form appear as math and geometry.

Make note of this phenomenon of repeating number sequences as they are a code that signals your ancient cellular memory and DNA. They are a sign to your higher consciousness that it must awaken.

Utilizing this numerical energy helps to connect you to your higher self. It helps awaken your body, heart, and mind. When you see these patterns, take a moment to breathe deeply and say out loud, “I am ready to receive.”


There are a lot of common repeating numbers sequences people see as they awaken to this numerological language



The sequence 111 signals manifestation.


If you see this, you’re in a place where you need to assess your life. Stop and look around yourself and make a note of where you are and who’s around you. This is a positive wakeup call from the universe and confirmation that what you are doing is meant to be. You may not be at the destination, but you are heading in the right direction. Continuing down this path will allow you to evolve. People that frequently see the sequence 111 are lightworkers and can help to spread love, harmony, and light wherever they go.


The sequence 222 is surrounded energy asking you to forage ahead, empower yourself, and stand apart.


You are allowed to shine in your own unique way. Keep your personal power even if others are uncomfortable. Use this energy to make a mark on the world. The Universe is telling you to have faith that everything is going to be alright. Pay attention to the people that are entering your life as they can help to empower you and help you on your journey. Often times, if you are seeing this sequence, an important person may be entering your life.


333 signifies that you are blessed, and that the Universe is helping to oversee your life.


This number sequence can come up when work needs to be done to help realign your body, mind, and soul and balance your spirit. The Universe is using its power to help you adjust accordingly in order to have a sense of peace. This sequence is a gentle reminder to continue to be grateful and appreciative of all of the blessings around you.


The sequence 444 helps to indicate abundance and prosperity.


Make sure to pay attention to your inner circle and remember where you came from and your roots. You may be drawn to think back to a valuable lesson from the past that may help you open yourself up to receiving more abundance in the present. Often times this is a sign to declutter your house, surroundings, relationships, etc. as you forge ahead into a more prosperous time.


555 signals a time for advancement.


This number sequence is one of creating forward movement and positive change. You are being granted the momentum that you need to help move in a new direction. Open yourself up to new opportunities and be ready to receive when they come your way. This is a sign from the Universe to not be afraid of change and to be open to new experiences. Take this moment to check in with yourself, trust your gut, focus on self-care, and keep an open mind to the possibilities in your life.


While the sequence 666 often has a negative association, it is simply a reminder to regain your balance.


You may be having reoccurring negative thought patterns. Seeing this pattern is a way for the Universe to ask you to work on quieting your mind and taking care of your body. Be generous with your heart and mind, keep your integrity, remain true to your soul, and be gentle with others. This is a warning against jealousy and resentment and a reminder to remain open both to those that love you and those that challenge you. Be the good you wish to see in the world.


The sequence 777 is a highly spiritual number that helps to signify learning a more conscious way of thinking and being.


This is a contemplative sequence that asks you to stop, reflect, and have patience with everything around you. Walks in nature and a meditative practice may be just the thing to answer the Universe’s request for a more tranquil state of mind. Listen to the messages of the Universe and seek personal development. This is a sign to connect with your spirit and enrich your mind and soul. Discover your soul’s truth.


While the sequence 888 is not sighted as frequently, this number has a very shamanic energy.


It serves as a catalyst for you to begin to deepen your understanding of the Universe. It signals abundance and prosperity and is heavily associated with the law of attraction. By adopting a positive attitude and trusting the Universe, you have so much to gain. This sequence could also be a sign that your finances are about to improve. It is a reminder not to seek money for personal gain or ego. By staying humble, the Universe will help remove any roadblocks. Ask and the Universe will provide.


999 is a master number sequence.


If you see this, there is a profound lesson being taught that will serve to accelerate your soul’s growth. This is a wakeup call from the Universe that what lies ahead will help you step into your most abundant time yet. During this time, it is common to see the end of relationships, friendships, or careers that no longer serve you. It is important to remember that when one door closes another one always opens. By freeing space in your life, these changes allow for new experiences to flow in that better resonate with who you are or who you are in the process of becoming.


The sequence 10:10 symbolizes beginnings and endings.


This number is full of potential and serves as a reminder to stay compassionate and open your heart. Everything in your life is working out to benefit your highest good. 10:10 signals moving into a new beginning in order to step into a higher resonance towards divine consciousness. By keeping your heart open and channeling positivity, you are saying to the universe “I trust you and am open to receive what is needed for my soul’s growth.”


11:11 serves as a gateway to your own awakening.


This energy opens you up to your evolving self and makes you more self-aware of your place in the Universe. It opens an opportunity portal that will allow your thoughts to manifest in the physical realm. This is a sign to better monitor your thoughts and internal self. Thoughts are energy. By being conscious of your thoughts, you can be the creator of your own path and manifest that which you need. When you’re open to receiving, you serve as a channel for the blessings of the Universe and awaken to who you truly are.


The sequence 12:12 links you to your divine path.


The Universe wants to expand your consciousness and help you find new ways of experiencing life on Earth. By stepping into your divine path, you are being asked to be of service to humanity and the planet. Do not allow fear of failure to keep you from your path. Making mistakes is just a part of life and ultimately helps you learn and grow. It allows you to attain your highest potential.


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The Universe is constantly trying to give us signs of guidance to help us on our individual paths of self-discovery. These number sequences and many more are all around us. By being aware of the meanings behind these numbers, we can begin to decode the Universe and awaken our higher consciousness.

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repeating numbers

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