Sagittarius Season 2022: Refining Connection with Truth

On November 22, 03:21 AM ET, Sagittarius season 2022 begins. The Sun enters the sign of the Centaur, where Mercury and Venus are already transiting. This shift brings the spotlight on the ongoing journey of refining our connection with our personal truth.

Sagittarius season brings a buoyant and cheerful vibe, lifting our spirits after the heaviness and the deep inner work that took place during Eclipses and Scorpio season. We emerge from an intense period of our lives with a newfound sense of hope and faith and a desire to explore uncharted territory. The sign of the Centaur is all about finding meaning after a crisis: this stage of growth, in the Zodiac, correlates with the moment of seeing the light at the end of the tunnel.


Sun enters Sagittarius: Exploring Uncharted Territory


The transit of the Sun through Sagittarius begins a period of internal and external expansion. Sagittarius season is a time to go beyond the bounds of our comfort zone, let our experiences change our worldviews and beliefs, and connect with our intuitive, spontaneous, and natural selves.

Ruled by Jupiter, the Lord of Luck and Abundance, Sagittarius is all about discovering the opportunities and possibilities that life has to offer. As a Yang, Mutable, Fire archetype, Sagittarius expands in several directions at once as a way to catalyze change, expansion, learning, and inspire us to break free from stagnation.

Sagittarius season represents the time of the year in which we are drawn to go on a quest for meaning after the psychological and emotional transformation that has been taking place during Scorpio season. This time of the year offers us an opportunity to notice how our beliefs are changing after what we have been through in the past weeks.

Sagittarius season inspires us to renew the way we relate to our guiding philosophies and ideologies, maybe question something we believed in blindly, and explore alternative worldviews, teachers, and mentors. Ultimately, the transit of the Sun through Sagittarius is a moment to realign with our personal truth and attune to what our intuition is whispering to us.


Sagittarius Season 2022: Aspects and Lunations


This year, Sagittarius season comes at a particularly delicate time. Eclipse season is coming to a close, and we are still integrating the energies of two powerful Eclipses, one of them in Scorpio and the other one in Taurus. The New Moon in Sagittarius coming up tomorrow, November 23, is the lunation that closes the Eclipse portal, as it is the first New Moon that is not an Eclipse since Eclipse season started with the New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio.

This lunation, happening at 1º37’ of the sign, comes with a strong energy of new beginning: it renews our hopes for the future and fuels our faith, both in Life and in ourselves. The Sun and the Moon are in a trine to Jupiter in Pisces, which is stationary direct as the New Moon takes place. This configuration indicates a substantial prominence of the Sagittarius archetype: it supports optimism, generosity, and willingness to see the bright side of any situation.

The lunar cycle that starts tomorrow is culminating with a Full Moon in Gemini, taking place on December 8. The Moon is going to be exactly conjunct with retrograde Mars, which adds a reactive, impulsive, and instinctual quality to this lunation. The Gemini Full Moon is likely to reveal to us where adjustments may be needed in our style of self-assertion, habitual emotional reactions, or in how we set up communications in relationships and articulate our feelings, desires, and needs.


Sun sextile Saturn & Sun square Neptune


The Sun is going to perfect a sextile to Saturn in Aquarius on December 12. This aspect supports a productive use of our life force energy and inspires us to structure our creative efforts effectively. The Sun-Saturn sextile is a favorable influence for self-discipline and self-determination. It inspires us to invest our energy wisely, thinking about the long-term, and motivates us to take responsibility to honor our commitments and duties.

On December 14, the Sun squares Neptune in Pisces. The Sun-Neptune square can correlate with feelings of lethargy, lack of motivation, and low energy but also with a surge of artistic and creative inspiration. This Neptune-Sun contact can come with a feeling of dissolution of a sense of self or identity we have been relying on. This alignment can be an opportunity to ask ourselves whether we need to create more time and space to slow down in our lives. Maybe, our bodies need more rest and nourishment to keep going and we haven’t been listening as we have been trying to remain functional at all costs.


Sagittarius season 2022: Living in Alignment with Truth


Sagittarius season 2022 inaugurates a time of extensive philosophical pondering, adventurous exploration of life, and expansion of consciousness. The Sun’s journey through the sign of the Centaur encourages us to discover new possibilities, horizons, cultures, and ways of making sense of what happens to and around us.

At this time of the year, we are inspired to deepen our relationship with our personal truth and reflect on the difference between truth and belief, between what feels true in our bodies versus what our mind believes to be true.

The transit of the Sun through Sagittarius invites us to get really honest, both with ourselves and with others, and explore how we can show up more authentically in our lives. This season is a good moment to renew our commitment to living in alignment with our truth and work on gaining awareness and breaking free from automatic patterns correlating with a lack of transparency, inauthenticity, and dishonesty.

Venus enters Sagittarius: Learning from Each Other

On November 16, 01:09 AM ET, Venus leaves Scorpio to enter Sagittarius, where she is going to remain until December 9. This shift increases our desire to learn from each other and explore relationships as a tool for self-development and self-knowledge. The ingress of Venus in Sagittarius inspires us to harmonize our desire for freedom and independent exploration of life with our need for connection and intimacy.

Venus is the first planet that enters Sagittarius in a few days’ time frame, as Mercury, the Sun, and the Moon are following shortly. The emphasis on the sign of the Centaur is going to be strong for the upcoming weeks: for this reason, we have an opportunity to deepen our relationship with this archetype in a variety of ways.


Venus from Scorpio to Sagittarius: Relationships as Catalysts for Expansion


In Astrology Venus, the planetary ruler of Taurus and Libra, is associated with our romantic and social life, with our connection with our bodies, with Nature, and with ourselves, with our relationship with abundance, money, and wealth, with our value systems, with our ability to appreciate our sensuality and the pleasures of life. Transits of Venus reflect shifts in our experience of relationships, values, and finances, as well as in our receptivity and self-worth.

During the journey of Venus through Scorpio, our experience of relationships gets more passionate, visceral, and obsessive. We are drawn to value intense exchanges, we aim to establish intimacy and merge with others on all levels. Our relationship with ourselves has also deepened throughout these past weeks, and we had opportunities to get to know ourselves, our psychology, and our relating patterns in a more profound way.

Venus entering Sagittarius brings more playful and cheerful energy into the relationship sphere and inspires us to value everything that contributes to expanding our awareness, our knowledge, and our horizons. This transit correlates with a desire to embody and be surrounded by authenticity and spontaneity, and it catalyzes an urge to reconnect and honor our natural, most instinctual selves. Venus in Sagittarius inspires us to value pursuits, activities, people, and settings that add a sense of purpose and meaning to our lives, and to focus on our self-discovery journey.


Venus sextile Saturn, opposite Mars, square Neptune and Jupiter


During her transit through Sagittarius, Venus is going to form a sextile to Saturn in Aquarius, oppose retrograde Mars in Gemini, and square Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces.

On December 1, Venus perfects both her sextile to Saturn and her opposition to Mars. The Venus-Saturn sextile facilitates considerate financial choices and investments and inspires us to value clarity, commitment, and consistency in relationships. The Venus-Mars opposition, however, reflects some tension between our needs, desires, and values and those of others. As Mars is in retrograde motion, there is still likely to be some confusion relative to what we desire and why: discussions and confrontations within our relationships may inspire further reflection on the true intentions and motivations behind our choices.

On December 4, Venus squares Neptune in Pisces. This aspect underlines the necessity to be discerning and grounded, both in our relationships and in our financial choices. Our imagination and creativity will be highly supported by this transit, and dwelling in fantasy can be more tempting than usual. If our expectations, particularly of other people, are too unrealistic, disillusionment could be a necessary experience for us to realign with Truth.

A few days later, on December 9, shortly before entering Capricorn Venus squares Jupiter in the late degrees of Pisces. Their alignment increases our desire to be out and about, meet new people, be social, and have fun and corresponds to tendencies to overindulge and overspend. The Venus-Jupiter square represents an invitation to be mindful of the risks of excessive idealism and generosity and offers us an opportunity to ask ourselves how much of our giving may be unconsciously rooted in an expectation to get something back.


Venus enters Sagittarius: Learning from Each Other


After an intense Eclipse season, during which Venus has had a prominent role, the changes in values, relationships, and finances that have been taking place are still landing and consolidating.

Venus’s journey through Sagittarius increases our desire to discover our personal truth, honor it, and share it with others. It inspires us to explore systems of beliefs or philosophies that provide us with guidance and help us make sense of our experiences. At this time, we are particularly invested in finding out the deeper lesson of what we are going through.

As a Yang, Fire, and Mutable archetype, Sagittarius is all about expansion. The ingress of Venus in the sign can bring a newfound desire to expand our social circles, get to know a variety of people, and explore unfamiliar social settings. At the same time, it will inspire us to connect with ourselves in entirely new ways, and maybe invest more money, time, and energy into personal growth, self-development, and self-exploration. The relationships we will feel drawn to cultivate and nurture the most are those that enrich us and simulate us, supporting our expansion, our growth, and our self-knowledge.

Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus: Accept Impermanence

On November 8, 06:01 AM ET, we experience a potent Full Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse at 15º59’ of Taurus. This lunation invites us to accept impermanence and welcome change into our lives, during a time of surprising shifts and sudden events that may force us out of our comfort zones before we feel ready for it.

The Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is the second Eclipse of the season. It culminates a lunar cycle that started two weeks ago with a Partial Solar Eclipse in Scorpio and a larger, six-month cycle that began on April 30, 2022, with a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus.

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Full Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus: Pivotal Moment of Maturation


Lunar Eclipses are supercharged Full Moons that happen when the Sun and the Moon oppose each other close to the Nodal Axis, the two points of intersection between the Ecliptic, the apparent path of the Sun from our perspective on Earth, and the Moon’s orbit.

When Full Moons coincide with Lunar Eclipses, they mark pivotal moments of maturation, culmination, and release. They bring things to a head and catalyze revelations, facilitating clarity and new understandings of something previously unclear or uncertain. These events represent a time when we reap the rewards of our efforts and see the results of the work we have been doing.

Lunar Eclipses happen when the Moon, the Sun, and the Earth align in a way that allows the shadow of the Earth to prevent sunlight from reaching the Moon. During the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, the shadow of the Earth will, gradually, completely cover the Moon: the whole process is lasting approximately five hours. This event will be visible from most of North America, Asia, and Australia, as well as from some parts of Europe and South America.


Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, conjunct the North Node: Opportunities for Redirection


The Lunar Nodes are points of destiny, fate, and karma that mark where Eclipses happen. During Eclipse seasons, when the luminaries align on the Nodes, there are high chances of experiencing unexpected turning points and sudden shifts in our lives, according to the areas of our chart that get activated by them. The Moon is currently on her North Node, while the Sun is on the South Node.

The North Node is associated with our evolutionary direction, with paths and ways of being that feel foreign and unfamiliar. It illustrates a way to balance existing tendencies and inclinations that keep us trapped in cycles of repetition. When Eclipses happen close to this point, they catalyze events and awakenings that redirect our path and guide us toward deeper alignment.

Eclipses always invite us to explore how to harmonize our relationship with the two opposing signs they activate. The current activation of Taurus and Scorpio encourages us to meditate on what stability represents for us, what comfort zones we have been indulging in for too long, in what areas of our lives we feel stagnant or blocked, when we unconsciously need to manipulate or control others to feel safe and secure, and in what areas of life we are resisting change the most.


Full Blood Moon conjunct Uranus: Shocking Separation from the Past


The presence of Uranus, tightly conjunct with the Moon and the North Node, is a potent indicator of exponential acceleration of change and disruption of our stability. Uranus is also referred to as “the Great Awakener” and its prominence maximizes the potential for unpredictable, sudden, shocking events, revelations, and discoveries, already high during Eclipse season. This lunation is likely to disrupt our stability in some unexpected way, propelling us into the unknown at the speed of light before we have a chance to think whether we are ready for it or not, without giving us much time to understand what happened.

Both Taurus and the Moon have to do with comfort, safety, security, and nurturance. The presence of Uranus conjunct with this Lunar Eclipse has the potential to catalyze the emergence of shocking truth and surprising revelations that can inspire us or force us to deconstruct the foundation we built our lives upon. The simultaneous oppositions of the Sun, Mercury, and Venus to Uranus mark drastic and sudden changes in our values, finances, relationships, thinking patterns, and sense of purpose.

These days, we may drastically shift our lifestyle as a result of radical changes in values and of a new awareness of how we can meet our primary needs without sacrificing our freedom, our individuality, and our authentic expression. We may experience events that generate abrupt separations from our past and from something that represents familiarity and comfort to us. This Lunar Eclipse conjunct Uranus invites us to explore how to gracefully let go of attachments that are preventing us from growing.


Sun, Mercury, Venus, Moon, & Uranus square Saturn: Massive Collective Shifts


The Moon and Uranus oppose the Sun, Mercury, and Venus, all in Scorpio and conjunct the South Node. All these planets are squaring Saturn in Aquarius, activating the Saturn-Uranus square, the long-term aspect we have been talking about since 2021. We could say that this Lunar Eclipse is marking the culmination of a process that started when Saturn and Uranus began aspecting each other. Key world events that deeply affect global politics and socio-economic factors are likely to take place. These may influence our relationship with the Earth and with Nature, for instance by affecting food production and distribution, as well as the availability and price of energy and natural resources.

This Lunar Eclipse will bring massive changes in our collective values, perceptions, structures, and lifestyles. We will clearly feel the tension between the pull of the old and the known and our urge to break free from it and explore new solutions, experiences, and ways of being.

On a personal level, the important activation of Saturn suggests a high degree of inner restraint, feelings of limitation and tension, and a need to remain in control to feel safe. It can also correlate to the emergence of paralyzing fears and insecurities arising right when we have opportunities to be fully seen, allow ourselves to be vulnerable, and open our hearts to let love in.

To help you harness this energy Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus brings we have created Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus printable channeled “Accept Impermanence” journal and guided meditation audio. We invite you to use these Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus tools: journal and meditate together with Moon Omens Soul Family. Tap here to learn more and gain access to ritual tools.
Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus



Venus conjunct South Node: Repeating Old Patterns to Alchemize them


Venus is the planetary ruler of Taurus, and she rules both the Lunar Eclipse and the North Node. The Goddess of Love is highly aspected on this lunation, underlying and maximizing the emphasis on the shift in relationship models, financial paradigms, and values that has been taking place.

Venus is now in Scorpio and conjunct with the South Node of the Moon. The presence of the North Node ruler on the Lunar South Node indicates that we need to solve, integrate, and gain awareness of something related to the past before we can move forward. This aspect suggests that repetition may still be necessary to fully alchemize a pattern. 

Around this time, pay attention to triggers coming up for you that generate a feeling of familiarity or dejavù. Try to identify past situations these triggers could be linked to, and ask yourself when was the very first time you felt that way, when was the last time you felt that way, and what subconscious beliefs and assumptions might have resulted from and have been reinforced by our experiences.


Full Blood Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus: Liminality of Transitions


As the Total Lunar Eclipse takes place, Mars is retrograde in Gemini and is forming a quincunx aspect to Pluto in Capricorn. This alignment underlines the fact that we are at a pivotal point in our evolutionary journey: the quincunx is an aspect of crisis that brings up the urgent need for adjustments. These days, we may have to acknowledge how desires and urges that are hard to reconcile are generating compulsive and obsessive behaviors that drain our energy and disempower us.

This Lunar Eclipse in Taurus is bringing many questions to the forefront, for all of us, and it is reminding us that this is a time to make radically different choices. How can we release the past with grace? Can we let go of what is no longer aligned with our values without needing to demonize it or destroy it? How can we allow our relationships to organically transition into a different form?

These could be some of the questions we contemplate these days, as we reflect on and renew our relationship with change and with the loss that is inevitable and inherent in all transformational processes. The planets and the South Node in Scorpio remind us of the value of being intentional in grieving what we are leaving behind, what gets taken away from us, and what is no longer sustainable or nourishing.

The Taurus North Node underlines the importance of allowing enough time for new ideas, visions, and desires to emerge from emptiness. This Eclipse is an opportunity to notice how we instinctively try to fill the void that is left when we transition from one chapter of our lives to the next one. It is an invitation to give ourselves permission to simply be and relax in the space of liminality inherent in transitions.

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November 2022 Astrology Forecast: Awakenings and Accelerated Growth

A new month begins as we are navigating the Eclipse Window: November 2022 will be a month full of revelations, awakenings, and accelerated growth. During Eclipses, the veil between worlds is thinner and everything happens more quickly and unexpectedly than we are used to. We are still finding our center amid chaos and uncertainty, we are navigating rollercoasters of emotions, we are letting go of something that represented stability and security and releasing the illusion of being in control.

Meanwhile, Mars has just stationed retrograde in Gemini and is approaching a square to Neptune. Mars retrograde inspires us to question what we desire, why we desire it, and how we act on our desires. It is a shift that slows down forward movement and promotes instead further reflection on our deeper motivations and intentions. The current Astrology reflects a contrast between the restlessness and acceleration brought about by Eclipse season, and feelings of suspension, blurriness, and confusion linked to the Mars-Neptune square, active for the entire month.

Let’s have a closer look at the main transits taking place during November 2022.


Full Moon Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus 

Nov 8, 2022, 06:01 AM ET


The Total Lunar Eclipse in Taurus conjunct Uranus and the North Node of the Moon propels us toward the future at the speed of light, bringing up shocking truths while shaking up the very foundations we build our lives upon, both collectively and individually. The Moon and Uranus square Saturn and oppose a Mercury-Sun cazimi and Venus in Scorpio. This event marks huge shifts in individual and collective value systems, financial paradigms, relationship models, and perceptions of life. It will create opportunities for us to let go of old attachments, identities, and outdated ways of being and get in touch with our inherent resourcefulness and creativity.


Venus enters Sagittarius 

Nov 16, 2022, 01:09 AM ET


Venus is the first planet that enters Sagittarius this month. After the Eclipse and the Venus-Uranus opposition, our values and relationship needs might have shifted significantly and Venus changing signs could bring a desire to expand our social circles and explore different ways to connect with ourselves, others, and life. While Venus is in Sagittarius, we value freedom, transparency, and authenticity, and we feel drawn to invest in our personal growth. This transit inspires us to gravitate towards relationships that can help us achieve more self-knowledge and support us in our quest for meaning and purpose. 


Mercury enters Sagittarius

Nov 17, 2022, 03:42 AM ET


Mercury enters Sagittarius too, just a few hours after Venus. This shift invites us on a philosophical journey and inspires us to expand our mental horizons and discover new ways of making sense of reality. While Mercury is in Sagittarius, we aim to understand life in the context of a larger framework, system of beliefs, or ideology. This transit inspires us to connect with Nature, learn from direct experience, and engage in intuitive processes of observation and correlation.


Sagittarius season begins

Nov 22, 2022, 03:21 AM ET


The Sun joins Mercury and Venus in the sign of the Centaur, and Sagittarius season 2022 begins, bringing the spotlight on our relationship with authenticity and inspiring us to question how we attribute meaning to our lives. The transit of the Sun through Sagittarius begins a cycle of internal and external expansion: Sagittarius season is a time to come back to alignment with our personal truth, with our most intuitive and natural selves. This time of the year offers us an opportunity to notice how our beliefs have been changing and inspires us to renew the way we relate to our guiding philosophies and ideologies. 


New Moon in Sagittarius & Jupiter stations direct

Nov 23, 2022, 17:57 & Nov 23, 2022, 6:02 PM ET


Sagittarius season has just begun and we experience a New Moon in the early degrees of the sign. The New Moon happens while Sagittarius ruler Jupiter is stationary direct in the late degrees of Pisces, its ancient domicile. The upcoming lunar cycle will be colored by a strong desire for expansion and exploration of life and will offer us opportunities to discover new possibilities and directions. The Sun and the Moon trine Jupiter invite an optimistic outlook on the future, inspiring us to believe in ourselves and in our capacity to deal with and learn from whatever challenges we may encounter.


November 2022 Astrology Forecast: Our Invitation


During the first half of the month, we experience an intense emphasis on the Taurus-Scorpio polarity, the axis connected to creation and destruction, gain and loss, holding on and letting go. Throughout the second half of November instead, the Sagittarius archetype gains prominence, bringing our focus on our relationship to our personal truth, authenticity, and quest for meaning. 

Venus, Mercury, and the Sun are going to enter the sign of the Centaur, increasing the prominence of the Fire element and the Mutable modality while motivating us to find the deeper lessons and purpose of what we have been experiencing during the Eclipse season. By the end of the month, the New Moon in Sagittarius and Jupiter stationing direct in Pisces simultaneously close the Eclipse portal on a hopeful note, inspiring us to take advantage of the growth opportunities that any crisis inevitably contains.

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Mars Retrograde in Gemini: Curious Exploration of Conflict and Desire

On October 30, 09:26 AM ET, Mars begins its retrograde at 25º36’ of Gemini, offering us an opportunity for a curious exploration of conflict and desire, inviting us to contemplate the core intentions and motivations that fuel our actions, choices, words, and thinking patterns. 

Mars remains retrograde until January 12, 2023, and enters Cancer on March 25, 2023. This transit will be felt the most by those of us who were born with personal planets or angles between 8º and 25º of Mutable signs Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces, as these are the degrees where Mars is going to travel.


Mars Retrograde in Gemini: Reevaluation and Refinement of Visions and Ideas


Mars is the traditional ruler of both Aries and Scorpio. In Astrology, this planet has to do with our conscious desires, with how we go after what we want, how we chase what we desire, how we initiate and take action, how we motivate ourselves, and how we embark on unexplored directions and paths. In the sign of Gemini, Mars’ powers are mostly channeled through the mind and the intellect. During this transit, our minds are energized: we feel drawn to question accepted ideas and mainstream ways of perceiving reality, we are eager to expand our mental horizons and think independently.

Mars is a very Yang, outward-oriented, go-getter, active, sharp, and direct force. When the Red Planet is in retrograde motion, this energy is internalized and more available for inner exploration, inner alchemy, and self-discovery. This shift supports contemplation and reflection relative to how we desire to channel our life force energy, our mental energy, our creative energy, and our sexual energy.

Mars stationing retrograde promotes reevaluation and refinement of our ideas and visions, and it may inspire us to question the direction we are walking towards. In the sign of Gemini, Mars retrograde invites discernment and self-inquiry concerning why we desire to learn something, our approach to learning altogether, as well as our communication, assertion, and conflict resolution styles.


Mars Retrograde in Gemini: Curious Exploration of Conflict, Instinct, & Desire


Mars retrograde is an invitation to take time, reflect, and ponder before we act or react. It is a moment to contemplate what we desire to initiate and how we desire to initiate, and to explore how our intentions and cravings can be connected to an egoic desire as well as to a deeper, Soul desire. This shift is an opportunity to question and reevaluate the way we think about desire, perceive desire, speak about desire, and act on our desires.

Mars Retrograde in Gemini

Mars retrograde cycle is a chance to notice the way both our minds and our bodies respond to triggers and what gets activated in us. It is a time to pay attention to fight, flight, and freeze dynamics and to how we feel drawn to instinctively navigate disagreements and release anger, tension, emotions, and stress. It is an opportunity to gain awareness of repetitive patterns that come up in our communications and thoughts, especially in moments of conflict. Mars’ shift of motion represents an invitation to work on our mindset, explore how repressed or misplaced anger affects our perceptions and clouds our thinking, and find constructive ways to channel the energies of rage, frustration, aggression, and nervousness, as well as mental restlessness.


Mars square Neptune & trine Saturn: Dance of Desire & Responsibility


The Red Planet is stationing retrograde in a square to Neptune and Jupiter in Pisces. While the Mars-Jupiter square won’t go exact until Mars enters Leo and Jupiter enters Taurus, Mars is in the process of perfecting a series of squares to Neptune in Pisces and a series of trines to Saturn in Aquarius. The first Mars-Neptune exact square took place on October 12, the second one happens on November 19, and the last one takes place on March 14, when Mars is going to be again in direct motion.

Tense aspects between Mars and Neptune, such as the square, can reflect a feeling of not knowing clearly what we desire, how to act, how to direct our energy, and what to initiate. Confusion is likely to be present around this time and, since Mutable signs are involved, it may result in an inclination to disperse our energy and focus in too many directions.

Avoidant tendencies, issues surrounding boundaries, feelings of victimization, and a need to rescue others or be rescued can be present. Around this time, we are being invited to explore the connection between desire and responsibility, and to keep in mind the impact of the words we choose, of how we express our anger, our instinct, and our sexuality.

Mars is also going to align with Saturn in Aquarius, and their harmonic trine contributes to counterbalancing the effects of the Mars-Neptune square. The first Mars-Saturn trine took place on September 28, the second one is going to be on November 28, and the third one on March 30. The Mars-Saturn trines will support our capacity to be constructive, focused, and effective in channeling our physical and mental energy, inspiring reflection on what we desire to build in the long term, and what actions and decisions are needed for us to get there.


Mars Retrograde in Gemini: Navigating Ambivalence, Nuance, and Duality


Mars retrograde offers us opportunities to renew our relationship with instinct and rethink, reassess, and rediscover how we invest our life force, our energies, and our focus. It is a time to explore how we choose to apply our mental energy and concentration, to question the direction we are moving towards, and to ask ourselves whether that is the path we truly want to take.

Mars retrograde will encourage us to reflect on what we desire to learn and why, to ask ourselves why we tend to communicate in a certain way and to explore different ways of asserting ourselves and our ideas. This retrograde cycle will inspire us to reevaluate our attachment to our opinions, perceptions, and thinking patterns: it will give us chances to change our mindset and the way we inwardly motivate ourselves.

Gemini teaches us to navigate duality, nuance, and paradox as it is a naturally multi-faceted and dual archetype. This Mars retrograde in the sign of the Twins will offer us opportunities to explore how to cooperate with people who hold different perspectives and perceptions and how to deal with ambivalence, both within ourselves and in others. This transit is an opportunity to discover how to navigate conflict, ideological and not, in a connected and curious way rather than a dogmatic one. It will remind us to carefully choose which battles are worth picking and which ones are not.

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Mercury in Scorpio: Deepening Psychological Awareness

On October 29, 3:22 PM ET, Mercury leaves Libra and enters Scorpio after an extended stay in the sign of the Scales due to its retrograde cycle. 

Mercury in Scorpio reflects an inclination to research, observe carefully, and deepen into how things function before we speak or share what we think and feel. This transit promotes and supports a deepening in our psychological awareness, emotional nature, hidden intentions and motivations, as well as a more profound understanding of how other people function.

Mercury remains in Scorpio until November 17, increasing the emphasis on the sign, where the Sun, Venus, and the Lunar South Node are already transiting. 


Mercury in Scorpio: Empowerment through Changes in Mindset


Scorpio is a Yin, Fixed, Water sign, and like all Water signs is connected with the emotional body. It correlates to transformational processes that require us to let something die in order to create space for something else, more aligned with our path’s unfolding. Mercury, the ruler of Gemini and Virgo, has to do with the mind, the intellect, and rationality. The Messenger correlates to how we learn, solve problems, organize, communicate, and deal with daily tasks and obligations.

 The transit of Mercury through Scorpio has the potential to clearly show us how we can empower or disempower ourselves through our thinking, and how thoughts and emotions are intertwined and feed each other all the time. Mercury’s journey through the sign can be an opportunity to explore what needs to shift in our relationship with our emotions to establish solid changes in our mindset, and vice versa, what needs to change in our mindset to establish lasting changes in how we deal with emotions.


Mercury has a Prominent Role during the Upcoming Lunar Eclipse


Mercury is going to be prominently placed during the upcoming Lunar Eclipse in Taurus, taking place on November 8. The Messenger will be in the heart of the Sun and close to the Lunar South Node, opposite Uranus and the Moon. We will experience a potent Sun-Mercury cazimi in Scorpio together with a tight Moon-Uranus conjunction, all on a Lunar Eclipse conjunct the North Node. Revelations, downloads, sudden insights, and new information becoming available at this time could be key for us to move forward, opening new doors, providing opportunities, and quickening the pace of our growth. 

A strong sense of restlessness, erratic energy, nervous tension, and need for speed are also likely. While, on the one hand, the Sun-Mercury cazimi in Scorpio indicates an incredible capacity to focus and concentrates our intellectual powers, the involvement of Uranus and the Moon reflects a more scatter-brained quality as well as a tendency to dissociate, detach from our bodies, and lose ourselves in the realms of the mind, future visions, and possibilities. Technological breakdowns, breakthroughs, and new discoveries are likely around this time. This configuration supports our attunement to future trends and currents, indicating higher chances for sudden revelations and ideas that can bring forth significant innovation.

Mercury in scorpio

The Mercury-South Node conjunction can be an opportunity to recycle old ideas or transform projects we began in the past into something new, more attuned to the direction we are going toward. The Moon-Mercury opposition invites reflection on our relationship with memory, how memory can be distorted by emotions, and how emotions affect our perception of reality. It highlights the challenges of communicating our inner experiences and sensations in a way that gives to others a clear picture of them, without being either excessively rational or excessively emotional.


Mercury in Aspect to Saturn, Neptune, Jupiter, and Pluto


During its journey through Scorpio, Mercury is going to square Saturn, trine Neptune, trine Jupiter, and sextile Pluto. The square between Mercury and Saturn in Aquarius goes exact on November 10 and will be already active on the Eclipse. Mercury activates the Saturn-Uranus square, emphasizing the tension between our desire to break free from obsolete outdated thinking patterns and the pull of internalized conditioning holding us back from doing so. This is a good time to ponder and reflect upon how we may unconsciously contribute to silencing or censoring ourselves, and how our relationship with our voice and speaking our truth has been changing.

 The Mercury-Neptune trine involving the signs of Scorpio and Pisces, exact on November 12, facilitates artistic inspiration and creativity and increases our imagination. Storytelling and writing may be particularly inspired these days. Our intuition will be strengthened, and so will our capacity to translate into language the information we receive through sensations, psychic sensitivity, and energetic awareness.

Mercury forms a sextile to Pluto in Capricorn on November 15. Pluto is the modern ruler of Scorpio and this symbolism maximizes the Scorpionic powers of Mercury. Mercury sextile Pluto is an aspect motivating us and facilitating productive action aimed at penetrating into the depths of our subconscious minds and finding out the root cause of our patterns and habits, to gain a more complete understanding of our psychology, desires, and motivations. Finally, on November 16, we experience a Mercury-Jupiter trine, also in Scorpio and Pisces, a tremendous influence for all learning pursuits, teaching, and sharing of information and ideas through different channels. 


Mercury in Scorpio: Power of Persuasion


Mercury’s journey through Scorpio increases our powers of persuasion, our intuitive skills, and our desire for depth of connection and conversation. It reflects an inclination to expose the truth and be transparent even when it’s extremely uncomfortable. This transit offers us an invitation to reflect upon how other people’s values influence our thinking, how our intimate connections and bonds contribute to shaping our perception of reality, and how the way we think and perceive sexuality affects our experience of it. During the upcoming weeks, we may ponder upon our relationship to trust, question what trust means to us, and what contributes to building a foundation of trust in our connections. 

Our way to relate with and make sense of experiences of betrayal and abandonment may also be in the spotlight. Mercury’s journey through Scorpio offers us chances to reframe the way we perceive feelings of betrayal and abandonment by integrating a deeper understanding of ours and others’ psychology, facilitating opportunities to see our inner and outer experiences in a different light.

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Jupiter back to Pisces: Intuition as Primary Compass

On October 28, 01:10 AM ET, retrograde Jupiter comes back to its traditional domicile of Pisces after transiting Aries since May 10, 2022. This is a time to acknowledge how our beliefs are changing and align with the truth that has been emerging, trusting our intuition as our primary compass instead of relying on external ideologies, philosophies, or systems of knowledge.

Jupiter stations direct on November 23 and is going to remain in Pisces until December 20, when it completes its journey through the sign of the Fish. Jupiter first entered Pisces in May 2021, remained there until July 2021, and entered the sign again in December 2021. We are now experiencing the last transit of Jupiter through Pisces until 2033.


Jupiter in Pisces: Exploring the Transcendental Dimension of Life


Jupiter, the Lord of Abundance, the largest planet of the Solar System, is associated with our quest for truth and for the meaning of life, with our desire to see and experience things from a higher perspective. The traditional ruler of both Sagittarius and Pisces, Jupiter correlates to our system of beliefs, to knowledge coming from direct and intuitive experience, to generosity and optimism, and to our ability to find the lesson in each and every situation we encounter. This planet expands whatever it touches, and always aims for more.

Pisces, the last archetype of the Zodiac, has to do with the dissolution of the sense of separate self that formed through the previous eleven signs. When planets transit here, there is a feeling of closure and culmination, as well as a release of energy and information that can now be used in favor of the collective. Pisces correlates to mass phenomena, to the collective emotional body, and to our connection to it. For this reason, what happens in the world and around us impacts us more powerfully when this sign is prominent. Both Pisces and its modern ruler Neptune remind us of the link between us all, of the unity of all that exists, as from a higher, universal perspective there is no duality, no separation.

Jupiter is comfortable in Pisces, where it expresses its most transcendental qualities. While Jupiter travels through its ancient domicile, it supports our desire to deepen our relationship to our intuition and explore a variety of philosophies, cosmologies, traditions, and belief systems that acknowledge the spiritual dimension of life.


Jupiter retrograde in Pisces: Time of Revision and Resolution


When Jupiter is retrograde, it promotes a process of revision and reassessment of our beliefs and worldviews. It inspires us to question what authenticity means to us, whether we are being fully transparent, what our truth is, and how we are honoring it. During this time, there may be relevant changes in our perspectives, perceptions, and overall beliefs. If we have been ungrounded or excessively relying on fantasy or illusions, the fog may dissolve and clear out, leaving space for Truth to emerge and manifest.

jupiter back in pisces

The last months of Jupiter’s transit through Pisces give us a chance to review, reassess, find closure and resolution for issues that presented themselves around April and May 2022, while Jupiter transited over the last few degrees of the sign for the first time. This is a good moment to reflect on what we were going through, revisit what we wrote in our journals back then, and pay attention to any repeating patterns and situations that come up these upcoming days and weeks.

Jupiter is going to station direct at 28º of Pisces on November 23, simultaneously with the upcoming New Moon in Sagittarius, which it rules. At that time, Neptune is going to be at 22º of Pisces, and still in retrograde motion. Their conjunction won’t be exact again, however, the two planets will be close enough for their alignment to be felt. Themes that first emerged in April, when the Jupiter-Neptune conjunction took place, are likely to resurface during the entire time Jupiter remains in Pisces. A clearer understanding of what took place back then could emerge, as when Piscean energy is strong it can generate feelings of confusion and disorientation, and the process we go through is often much easier to understand in hindsight.


Jupiter back to Pisces: Intuition as Primary Compass


While Jupiter is in Pisces, our idealism is maximized and so are our generosity, our willingness to serve, and our desire to do something good for other people and the world at large. Our dreams and visions become enriched and expanded by this transit, which inspires us to dream big, believe in positive outcomes, and trust Life more. Looking at the world through rose-colored glasses and lacking discernment can be risks associated with Jupiter’s journey through Pisces, which could deliver some of its lessons through experiences of disenchantment and disillusionment.

This transit inspires us to ponder on how we can serve the collective, what is needed from us at this time, and what we are able to give and offer. Jupiter coming back to its ancient domicile represents an invitation to pursue experiences that support our connection to the whole creation, allowing us to expand our perceptive capacities and transcend the limitations of the human experience.

Jupiter in Pisces supports our capacity to surrender and be open to what we encounter on our path, trusting that it is exactly what we need to learn at this particular time. It is an opportunity to release our attachment to beliefs, philosophies, and cosmologies that don’t serve us any longer, deepen our relationship with our intuition, and trust it as our primary guidance system.

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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio: Endings are Beginnings

On October 25, we experience a potent New Moon Solar Eclipse at 2°07’ of Scorpio, a transformative and intense lunation that will remind us that all endings are beginnings in disguise. This cosmic event is going to last for approximately four hours, and peak at 7:01 AM ET.

The Eclipse will be most strongly felt in Europe, the Middle East, Western Asia, and Northern Africa. This cosmic event, which should not be watched with the naked eye, is going to be visible from some of these areas, particularly from the North-East of Europe, Ukraine, Russia, and the Middle East.


Solar Eclipses: Omens of Impending Changes


Since the beginning of times, Eclipses have been considered omens of impending change and have been equally feared and respected. Humans have always been aware of the fact that the light of the Sun is what makes life on Earth possible: for this reason, Solar Eclipses in particular were not considered a fortunate event, as the sunlight is prevented from reaching us. Nonetheless, we know this is just temporary, and darkness does not have to be negative or scary. Sometimes, when the lights go out, we are drawn to turn inwards and we can see more clearly.

solar eclipse in scorpio

Solar Eclipses occur when a New Moon happens close to the Lunar Nodes, the points marking the intersection between the orbit of the Moon and the Ecliptic, the apparent path of the Sun from our perspective on Earth. From our perspective, the Moon and the Sun are conjunct. Astronomically speaking, the Moon is placed between the Sun and the Earth and, on Solar Eclipses, the shadow of the Moon temporarily prevents the light of the Sun from reaching the Earth. Even if the Moon’s dimensions are smaller than the Sun’s, since the Moon is closer to us from our perspective, they appear of the same size due to their particular alignment on Eclipses.

The current Eclipse is going to be partial, as the alignment to the Lunar Nodes is not tight, so the Sun is only going to be partially covered by the Moon.


New Moon Solar Eclipse conjunct the South Node: Purging the Past


As Solar Eclipses always coincide with New Moons, they represent potent new beginnings. However, as this Eclipse is connected to the Lunar South Node, it comes with a flavor or a feeling of an ending. The South Node is the point of the Moon’s orbit associated with our past and old emotional attachments: it represents where we come from, what we already know, and what we are familiar with. The South Node is always opposed to the North Node, describing something unfamiliar, unknown, and unexplored, a path that offers us the key to balance existing tendencies.

When Eclipses happen on the South Node, they stimulate a purging process. The proximity to the Descending Node, also referred to as the Dragon’s tail, is an indicator of the fact that old stories, old emotions, and old attachments are going to come up to be processed, released, or integrated. The past will resurface these days, and we have an opportunity to fully let go of something we used to identify with, something we have been attached to, something that has been holding us back, maybe without us even noticing it. Releasing the past will create the space for something new to come in. In hindsight, we will see clearly that what looked like the end of a cycle was the beginning of a new one.

All these themes are emphasized by the fact that the Eclipse is happening in the sign of Scorpio and is squaring Scorpio’s modern ruler, Pluto, both of them having to do with death and rebirth cycles, with all transformational processes that require us to shed skin or become the butterfly.


New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio: Honoring the Cyclicity of Life


The Sun, the Moon, and the South Node are in the sign of Scorpio, conjunct Venus, and square Pluto.

Our emotional world is more complex when the Moon is in Scorpio, our intuition is powerfully strengthened, and our capacity for emotional and psychological transformation is maximized. This placement is associated with intense magnetism, as well as with instinctual reactions that have the potential to be very destructive, both for ourselves and for others. A risk correlated with the Moon in Scorpio is allowing the intensity of our emotional states to keep us trapped, stagnant, disempowered, and oppressed. Through this combination of energies, we learn that it is necessary to feel the whole range of our emotions, yet we have to take care of not identifying with them or with the story that we associate with them.

solar eclipse in scorpio

Interestingly, Scorpio is the archetype that correlates with Soul evolution and metamorphic processes, nonetheless, it is also one that can express a powerful resistance to change and transformation, due to the strength of its attachments and its emotions. The Taurus-Scorpio polarity is the axis of finances, sexuality, sensuality, intimacy, our values versus others’ values, and our personal resources versus the resources we share. These are the signs where the Nodes currently are and, consequently, where Eclipses are happening. The activation of the Taurus-Scorpio axis teaches us to embrace the dance of holding on and letting go, building and destroying, and to accept that nothing is permanent in the world of form. 


Solar Eclipse conjunct Venus: Transforming Relationships and Through Relationships


Venus in Scorpio is passionate and devouring, and her presence in Scorpio, very close to Sun and Moon, emphasizes the role of transforming our relationships and allowing our relationships to transform us during this Eclipse season. This configuration underlines the imperative to restructure and revolutionize the way we connect with both ourselves and others. Our connections and our relating style, as well as our value system, and the way we value ourselves, will undoubtedly change as a result of the inner and outer transformations that are going to take place these days.

The presence of the Moon and Venus in Scorpio suggests that our need to generate conditions that allow us to feel safe and secure is tied up with our desire to establish intimacy and depth of relating with others. This may lead to, consciously or unconsciously, engaging in power games, push-pull dynamics, trying to manipulate others to keep them hooked to us, or attracting someone who tries to do so to us. If these patterns show up for us, it would be valuable to ask ourselves what is the need or the perceived lack underneath the surface-level desire that we are trying to meet or fill vicariously.


Sun, Moon, and Venus square Pluto: Potential for Substantial Transformation


The Sun, the Moon, and Venus in the first degrees of Scorpio are all squaring Pluto in the last degrees of Capricorn. The alignment to Pluto intensifies the Scorpionic undertone of the Eclipse and motivates us to dig deeper to uncover the motivations and intentions behind the desires and cravings that drive ourselves and others. 

Issues around intimacy, trust, and vulnerability are likely to come into the spotlight during the upcoming lunar cycle, and especially during the Eclipse Window. We may have opportunities to notice how we are dealing with feelings of loss, betrayal, and abandonment, and pay attention to what is triggered from our past when challenging, uncomfortable, or unexpected experiences present themselves.

There is a high potential for a substantial transformation of our sense of identity, our purpose, our values, our relationships, and our way to process emotions around this time. The tension generated by these three squares to Pluto has the potential to motivate us to empower and transform ourselves, it may generate irrational fears leading to a need to remain in control at all costs, or it may contribute to feelings of disempowerment and helplessness. Despite what may be happening these days, what matters the most is what we are learning about ourselves in the journey, and how aware we can remain amid intense change.

To help you harness this energy Solar Eclipse in Scorpio brings we have created Solar Eclipse printable channeled “Endings are Beginnings” journal and guided meditation audio. We invite you to use these Solar Eclipse in Scorpio tools: journal and meditate together with Moon Omens Soul Family. Tap here to learn more and gain access to ritual tools.
solar Eclipse in Scorpio


Entering the Eclipse Window: Time of Agitation


Throughout the upcoming weeks, being intentional in creating moments dedicated to grounding, slowing down, nourishing ourselves, spending time in nature, and simply winding down is going to be highly beneficial for our nervous system and emotional health. The lunar cycle that is starting now culminates in a Lunar Eclipse in Taurus tightly conjunct Uranus, likely to feel quite restless and electric.

During the time leading up to this event, we may feel that everything is happening too quickly and unexpectedly for us to fully grasp its meaning or purpose. We may have the feeling we are losing control over our lives and that chaos is taking over. These transitions can be uncomfortable, and the discomfort we feel is directly correlated with our level of resistance to change. The Eclipse Window is a time of agitation, meant to shake up our reality to allow new paths and directions to emerge out of chaos.

This New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio represents an invitation to honor the cyclicity of life. This cosmic event reminds us that in all periods of loss, transition, and endings the seeds of new life are already being planted.

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If you would like to dive deep together with us and explore the energies and guidance for this Solar Eclipse we invite you watch our hour long YouTube video.

Scorpio Season 2022: Opportunities for Profound Transformation

October 23 is a very active day, astrologically: within a few hours of each other, we experience three relevant energetic shifts. At 12:07 AM ET Saturn stations direct in Aquarius, at 03:52 AM ET Venus enters Scorpio, and at 06:36 AM ET the Sun enters Scorpio, shortly after Venus met the Sun on the last degree of Libra for the Venus Starpoint in the sign.

The Moon is currently dark, in her Balsamic phase, and we are preparing for a New Moon Solar Eclipse in Scorpio coming up in only two days. Today is likely to feel energetically intense: let’s see in more detail what these three shifts are about.


Saturn direct in Aquarius: Time of Maturation


When planets station direct, they offer us an invitation to slowly begin moving forward and implementing tangible changes in our lives according to what we learned and understood during the retrograde phase. Saturn, the Lord of Karma, is the planet associated with our maturation process, with time and space, it is the principle that generates structure by giving definition, containment, and solidity to what exists through the creation of a boundary. Saturn is connected to traditions, with the conditioning we internalize, with all boundaries and limitations, with our relationship with authority and with the rules, limits, and regulations we encounter.

When Saturn is activated by transit, it offers us an invitation to reflect on what we desire to build and create, on how we can make it last through time, and on how we desire to make a relevant impact on society. It is a good time to assess where we are at in our emotional maturation process and what has been shifting during the last few months.

Saturn’s transit through Aquarius represents an opportunity to build alternative systems and structures that are aligned with our deconditioning and individuation journeys. Aquarius, Saturn’s traditional domicile, has to do with breaking rules that are ready to be broken and establishing new ones that support innovation and progress. Since 2020, Saturn has been inviting us to become rebels with a cause and trust our inner voice as our compass instead of relying on external authorities and institutions.

scorpio season 2022

The Lord of Karma stationing direct in the sign of the Water Bearer is inviting us to take responsibility for making decisions that allow us to be in integrity and align the external structure of our lives with the inner restructuring that has been taking place during the retrograde.


Saturn square Uranus & the Nodes, Saturn trine Mercury


Saturn is currently at 18º35’ Aquarius in a tight square to retrograde Uranus at 17º36’ of Taurus. The two planets have been in aspect since 2021 and from now on, Saturn and Uranus begin to separate from each other, as Saturn is in direct motion while Uranus is still retrograde.

The ongoing Saturn-Uranus square has been an opportunity to explore how our past conditioning, fears, and insecurities are still preventing us from building a structure for our life that feels aligned with the person we are becoming. It reflects the tension we experience as we transition from old patterns, systems, and structures to new and unexplored ones. The square of Saturn and Uranus offers us chances to contemplate our relationship with change, the unknown, and the uncertain, during a time of fast shift in personal and collective values, financial paradigms, and socio-political conditions.

Saturn has also been squaring the Lunar Nodes in Taurus and Scorpio for approximately six months and this aspect is still active, even if Saturn now begins separating from the Nodes, which move retrograde for most of the time. Saturn’s square to the Nodes points to the importance of being accountable for how we are living our lives and for the choices we are making and invites us to look at our relationship with commitment, responsibility, self-discipline, and integrity.

Saturn stationing direct could bring full circle a process that has been unfolding since 2021 when Saturn and Uranus began squaring each other. These days, there is the potential to receive practical and tangible insights relative to what to do to move toward the future we envision and desire. Saturn’s trine to Mercury in Libra can facilitate the objective understanding, communication, and integration of the ideas and information emerging at this time.


Venus enters Scorpio: Cultivating True Intimacy


Shortly after Saturn stations direct and just a few hours after the exact Venus-Sun conjunction in Libra, Venus and the Sun begin transiting through Scorpio. Here, the Goddess of Love inspires us to value depth of connection, intimacy, and transformative exchanges. When Venus is in Scorpio, superficial relating doesn’t feel appealing or interesting: we want all or nothing and we aren’t much willing to compromise on it. This transit offers us an invitation to work on deepening our intimacy with ourselves, as well as our intimacy with others.

Venus’ yearly journey through Scorpio is a chance to transform disempowering relating patterns, gain a more profound understanding of the psychology behind human connection, and explore healing processes that only happen through open and vulnerable connection with another human. Something to be mindful of during this transit is confusing intensity with love, getting addicted to high sensation while abandoning ourselves and neglecting our core values and needs.

Venus is transiting over the Lunar South Node on November 2, marking a time of karmic encounters and fated meetings. These days, people from our past may come back into our lives suddenly and unexpectedly, as Venus is also opposing Uranus in Taurus shortly after, on November 5. We may have chances to find closure of something that wasn’t fully solved before, or gain a new, more objective understanding of it. On November 7, Venus squares Saturn in Aquarius, pointing at opportunities to gain awareness of those places where we still feel unworthy and unlovable, or fear intimacy and rejection. The Venus-Saturn square is an invitation to work on scarcity mindsets and improve our receptivity. This aspect motivates us to work hard and invest our energy and time into something we value and believe in for the long term.


Scorpio season 2022: Opportunities for Profound Transformation


The Sun brings the spotlight on the area of the Zodiac it is transiting, and when he travels through Scorpio, the spotlight goes on everything that is below the surface of our conscious awareness. Scorpio season invites us to gain a deeper awareness of our emotional and psychological nature and gives us chances to uncover those patterns of behaviors we unconsciously rely upon to generate a sense of safety and security. Power games and manipulation tactics could be revealed, and we will have opportunities to deal differently with situations we encounter.

scorpio season 2022

The Sun’s presence in Scorpio gives us powerful determination and willpower while reflecting a tendency to gravitate towards fixations and obsessions, as well as an inclination to hide and avoid vulnerability in order to protect ourselves. The emphasis on the Scorpio archetype allows us to access an enormous healing potential and increases our chances for deep personal and collective transformation.


Scorpio Season 2022: Navigating Upcoming Eclipses


Last but not least, during Scorpio season 2022 Eclipses are taking place. On October 25, the New Moon Solar Eclipse at 1º59’ of Scorpio conjunct Venus reminds us that all endings are beginning. This Eclipse is connected to the Lunar South Node and it is likely to bring up past emotions and attachments that we have to let go of in order to move forward without being caught up in cycles of repetition and suffering.

On November 8, the Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Taurus on the Lunar North Node, tightly conjunct Uranus and square Saturn, marks a time of releases and culminations, unexpected turning points, and shocking revelations. The proximity of Uranus to the Moon and the involvement of Saturn in the configuration indicate high potential for potent collective shifts, impactful world events or natural events, as well as twists of fate in our personal lives that will bring to the forefront the need to confront our conscious and unconscious resistance to change.

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In case you would like to learn more about the current energies of Scorpio season, Eclipse season and more, we invite you to watch our most recent YouTube video where Nina will guide you through it all. Enjoy!

Venus Star Point in Libra 2022: Coming Back to our Hearts

On October 22, 5:17 PM ET, Venus joins the Sun in a conjunction, also referred to as Venus Star Point, happening at 29º26’ of the sign of Libra, and offers us an invitation to come back to our hearts and take the time to truly listen.

The term Venus Star Point was first introduced by Astrologer Arielle Guttman, who studied in great detail the Venus cycle and the resulting geometry. The last Sun-Venus conjunction took place at 18°43’ of Capricorn on January 8, 2022, while Venus was retrograde, and the next one is going to be in August 2023 at 20°28’ of the sign of Leo while Venus will be once again in retrograde motion. These conjunctions, over the course of eight years, form a precise pattern that looks like a five-pointed star or a five petals rose. Let’s explore more deeply how the Venus cycle works.


Inferior and Superior conjunctions of the Sun and Venus


In Astrology, we interpret every planetary aspect from a geocentric point of view, which means as it appears from our perspective here on Earth. However, conjunctions between the Sun and Mercury and the Sun and Venus, from an astronomical standpoint, work differently than conjunctions between the Sun and other planets, due to Mercury and Venus’s proximity to the Sun and the Earth. 

For this reason, two types of alignments can happen between the Sun and Venus: the Inferior or Interior Conjunction, while Venus is retrograde, and the Superior or Exterior Conjunction, while Venus is direct. These conjunctions, or Venus Star Points, look different from a heliocentric perspective, astronomically speaking. During the Inferior conjunction, Venus aligns between Sun and Earth, while during the Superior conjunction the Sun is between the Earth and Venus.

If we compare these to the lunar cycle, we can say that the inferior conjunction has a similar feeling to a New Moon, while the superior conjunction instead is more similar to a Full Moon. Venus is now in direct motion, so we are experiencing a superior conjunction: this alignment brings things to the surface and invites us to release old relationship patterns and wounds, facilitating a clearer understanding of our experiences as well as a deeper awareness of our values. 


Understanding the Venus Cycle and its Meaning


Venus’ synodic cycle, calculated as the period between one inferior conjunction to the Sun to the next one, lasts 584 days. Analyzing Venus’ cycle over an eight years period, we can notice that the Sun-Venus conjunctions repeat themselves in the same five signs, forming a pattern of a five-pointed star or five petals rose based on the Sacred Geometric Golden Ratio. The signs that are being activated now are Capricorn, Libra, Leo, Gemini, and Aries. The previous conjunctions used to happen in Scorpio instead of Libra, and we are experiencing the first Sun-Venus conjunction in Libra since 1879: for this reason, this alignment is especially relevant. Moreover, Libra is Venus’ Air home sign, and the Goddess of Love and Beauty is very powerful here.

This Venus Star Point in the sign of the Scales marks a turning point in our awareness of our relationship patterns and dynamics as well as in our awareness of what balance and peace are and what balance and peace are not. Venus’ prominence is always an invitation for us to come back to our hearts, align with our values, commit to self-love, and renew our connections with both others and ourselves. 

Venus Star Point

Transits of Venus and shifts in her cycle inspire us to deepen our reflection on the way we relate to wealth and abundance, as this planet has also a correlation with finances and with the global economy. It is also a time to discover how we can deepen our ability to be receptive, feel pleasure, and let love in, to explore our connection to art and beauty, as well as our relationship with the Feminine, intended as an energetic principle.


Sabian Symbol of October 2022 Venus Star Point: Libra 30


The fact that the Venus-Sun conjunction is happening on the last degree of Libra, the 29º is interesting to notice. The 29º anaretic degree is a significator of closure, fulfillment, and culmination. However, this is also a new beginning as Venus Star Points travel backward when changing signs and the current alignment is the first one in Libra after more than a century. 

Meditating on the Sabian Symbol of Libra 30, associated with the 29º of Libra, can be a useful tool to deepen our reflections about the significance of the current Venus Star Point in Libra. The Sabian Symbol of Libra 30 is “Three mounds of knowledge on a philosopher’s head”. This symbol speaks of embodied knowledge deriving from direct experience, of an awareness that goes beyond mere logical understanding. It evokes a feeling of a quiet, grounded, still presence, profoundly immersed in contemplation.

Number 3 is a sacred number correlated with divine perfection, unity, wisdom, and completion, and it is powerfully represented in many different spiritual traditions, cosmologies, mythology, and esoteric symbolism – just think of the Trinity, the triple Moon goddesses, the three Moiras. Libra 30 Sabian Symbol has a lot to do with integration and balance, and it can be seen as the culmination of the quest associated with the previous Libra 29 Sabian Symbol “Humanity seeking to bridge the span of knowledge”.


Venus Star Point in Libra October 2022: Coming Back to our Hearts


Around this time, we may experience mixed or contrasting feelings. On the one hand, we are gaining a much clearer awareness of how our past and our reactions to what we experienced have been shaping our lives, our relationships, our values, our beliefs, and our experience of existing in our bodies. Nonetheless, on the other hand, we are still in the process of integrating all this information, we are getting to the root of our patterns and working on establishing new ones while learning to inhabit the body differently. It takes time. Transitions are complex and messy, they are often confusing, they can bring things to an extreme before we fully alchemize them, and this shift in the sign of the Venus Star Point can be one of these transitions.

Venus Star Point

Currently, Venus is invisible from our perspective on Earth, and from now on, she slowly shifts from being a Morning Star to becoming an Evening Star. After the upcoming inferior conjunction in Leo of August 2023, Venus becomes a Morning Star once again. Venus becoming an Evening Star is an event marking a transformative and initiatory journey that can be compared to Inanna’s mythological descent into the underworld. This theme is emphasized by the fact that Venus is now squaring Pluto, tomorrow enters Scorpio, and she is going to be tightly conjunct Sun and Moon in the sign for the New Moon Solar Eclipse of October 25.


Venus and Sun square Pluto: Opportunity for Transformation


This Venus Starpoint in Libra is happening while both the Sun and Venus square Pluto in Capricorn and trine Mars in Gemini. The Sun-Venus-Pluto square is particularly interesting to consider as it indicates a need for depth of relating as well as a simultaneous fear of losing ourselves in the other. This can indicate resistance in fully surrendering, opening up to receive, and truly committing to a relationship, as we fear being trapped and devoured by it.

The tension, friction, and need to remain in control can generate power struggles and push-pull dynamics, unconsciously aimed at manipulating and establishing dominance. However, if we don’t resist the immense transformative potential that this configuration offers, we have an opportunity to experience profound transformations in our sense of identity, in our relationships, in our values, and in our purpose, that have the potential to ripple in all other areas of our lives.

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